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NO not yet...my freind wants me to name her lazurus...because of last nite...but she is a girl LOL
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So true! Well, her name will come with time.
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You could name her Easter-
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thats pretty hissy...

I also like
anastasia...one who will rise again
and azelia...saved by jehovah
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I am so sad to update this for Lorie-

But several days ago, Lorie gave Willow the wings she needed to get to the Rainbow Bridge. The diagnosis was a portal shunt, and basically what that is is a malfunction of the routing of the blood to the liver and the body would periodically fill up with ammonia and the seizures, and the other symptoms would occur. When the ammonia was gone, the kitten "appeared" to feel better.

The decision made was agonizing for Lorie to finally achieve, but it was the right thing to do, and no one should fault her for it. She is now being told that she is "wasting to much time in grief over a kitten she barely knew." But she wore that kitten in a pouch next to her heart, and she sacrificed her time to try and sustain this kitten and give her a chance. No one creature could ask for a better caretaker than what she has managed to do. She truly did give this kitten a quality to life-
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Beautifully worded. We honor Willow's precious yet too short life, and commend Lorien for the extremely painful, loving decision to put Willow's feelings above those of her own and send her to the Bridge to live in perfect health as she joyously awaits the day she can be reunited with her cherished mommy.
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Lorie I am so sad this has happened. Little Willow had a lot of love from you and I am sure you are broken hearted. She will be waiting without any pain.
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I am so sorry of your loss ((((((HUGS))))))

RIP sweet little thing
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Thank you all for the support and the kind words. I am sorry i did not update you earlier ...i just couldnt bring myself to write about it.
I still can barely think about it without bursting into tears and i miss her so much.
I had her for not even two weeks and her prescense effected me more than any animal i have ever had...and being an animal lover ...i have had several in my life.
I will miss her sweet kisses and her furry little head against mine...
I think part of it being so hard was seeing her in so much pain and so confused...
willow has taught me and my daughter a very important lesson...in the fact that sometimes we cannot hold on to our selfish needs to have them with us...if we really love them we will let them go...
and be in peace ...
It has also taught us to have so much respect for the people who choose to spend their time and emotions on saving these blessed creatures that have been left behind...
It really is a huge emotional undertaking...i never realized how much...
But you know she also gave us a few blessed moments when she could play like a normal kitty and chase our feet across the floor and slide and do a little dance...and love us with every fiber in her little body....
I am glad ...i am glad i had her for the short time that i did...
Also i want to say Thank you to hissy who has stood by me and helped me to understand that it was time to let her go....and offered her heart when i was down...
Thank you hissy...
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I'm so sorry. {{{Many Hugs}}}

RIP peace sweet Willow.

She'll be waiting for you free of all of her pain and suffering with open arms. SHe knows you did what you could for her and she's watching over you now. She's now one of the many guardian angels.

Take care.
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You are sadly welcomed. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try or how hard we want, some of the little ones are not destined to be in our lives.

She apparently was in yours to teach you many things. Some lessons you have learned already others will be apparent down the road-

A wise friend told me something long ago and it always sticks with me. "When we release them from their pain, that is when ours begins.." Hugs for you and your daughter-
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I'm so so sorry-
I hadn't checked this thread since you posted she was doing better.
You did all you could for the poor baby
((Hugs)) and sympathies
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You are in my thoughts and prayers Lorien. God only lends us our furrbabes and He sent little Willow to you because He knew you would love her for the short time she was allowed to be with you. Next time you meet Willow she will be perfectly healthy. She must love you so much for all you have done for her.
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I just rechecked this thread and I am so sorry for your loss.

Sometimes the only decision we can make for our pets are the hardest and most heartbreaking decisions we'll ever have to make, and no one has the right to tell you how you should feel...a few members of my family are that way and I cannot understand that attitude!

Even though you've had Little Willow a short time, she will be in your heart for always.
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