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What wonderful news!!! You must be so excited. I'm always doubly excited when I catch a female -- knowing that she won't be able to have any more kittens is such a great thing!
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Can't wait to see pictures of Calli.
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She sounds so beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures! Sure hope she is able to relax a little.
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Finally I have a few pictures of Callie. She was by far the most vicious feral I have trapped yet. She was spayed, vaccinated and tattooed. I realeased her a couple hours after she came home. Here she is!




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Awww..she is gorgeous!! I'm glad you were able to get her fixed and vaccinated. Now she should have a much better life.

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I have not bin in here to read up for a while . WOW I sure missed a lot .
My conrats to all of you catching all the poor cats/kittens
The kittens sure are very cute ones and oh boy is mom cat pretty

You are all doing a great job and again my congrats to you all
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Her eyes are wild, very, very beautiful cat. I'm so glad you've helped her out.
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Callie is so beautiful! I'm still so excited about all the kitties your helping!
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Oh Tasha! BIG CONGRATS- on all your hard work. WTG!!!
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I thought I would update you guys on my TNR program. Mocha, the mother cat with the three kittens, got ran over by a car a couple of weeks ago. She had been coming to my door for food and sleeping in the shed for shelter. I recently moved into a basement suite and found out that Mocha gave birth to 6 kittens in the back yard. 3 kittens were found dead, the three I trapped were the surviving kittens. I had no clue!

Here is Mocha...

Boots, the tough guy, has been coming here for food and shelter. I haven't seen any of the other ferals for quite some time, I wonder what happened to them? I am going to start up my TNR program again shortly, I will update you when I do!
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I'm sorry about Mocha...but at least she knew you cared for her.

Please keep us updated on your TNR program.

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Aww I'm so sad to hear about Mocha. may she RIP
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I've never seen this thread before and just wanted to say what a wonderful thing you are doing in helping these unfortunate feral cats. They are sooo beautiful, it's really a shame that they can't be domesticated. Saying prayers for all of them.
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Four More Ferals Are Paid For!

The Vancouver Humane Society has agreed to pay for four more ferals. I have 3 new ferals at my door right now, I gave them some turkey. Now it's just a matter of getting the trap from my moms and baiting it. Keep your fingers crossed, and please send some trapping vibes!
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