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Well, got some bad news today.

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My best little buddy for 15 years is not doing good. Took him to the vet for his yearly checkup and he lost 1/3 his weight from a year ago. Dr. was concerned and wanted to take blood tests. The tests came back with high toxins in his blood which means his kidneys are not working and are failing. I knew he had arthritis in his hips and was careful when he sat down but did not expect The Dr. stated that he might have several weeks to a month or so. I have an option to use a dialysis machine which could prolong his life up to a year. The visits for the dialysis machine could be 3 to 5 times a week and cost around $385.00 a week for the treatments. I can't see myself hooking him up to all these machines to prolong his life for myself. I want too but just don't think it's right.

Charlie has driven at least 25 times between NY & FL in 3 Corvettes 89, 94 and my 99. His cat fur I am sure still lurks around in the 89 and 94 somewhere. He also has flown so many times that he has is own frequent flyer miles. Lots o good time with my best friend and I am just gonna love him as long as I can. Today when I herd the news I picked up a Arbys roast beef sandwich and toped it off with whip cream. He loves that!!!

Well, I wanted to let you all know how I feel because I consider this forum as part of my family and have posted Charlies pictures many times here.

If you all have a pet give em a extra hug to let them know you love them because they really enjoy that.

If anyone has had similar happenings or any ideas to prolong things naturally I would appreciate any info that is given.

Here is a picture I just took of him.
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Sorry to hear that Charlie is doing so poorly. He and you are in my thoughts.
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prayers for Charlie
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I'm so sorry to hear of your tragic news about poor Charlie. It sounds like you've spent many happy moments together.

It's a hard decision to make and i can understand how you don't think it's right to put him through the ordeal.

Sending you hugs and headbutts from myself and Rosie.

P.S. I always give Rosie extra kisses and cuddles when i hear sad news like this, so i will give her extra hugs tonight
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I'm so sorry to hear that Charlie isn't doing well. Just breaks my heart, I have always looked forward to your pictures and stories of him. He's got such character, even though I've never met him in person Charlie has a definite place in my heart. Just know that there is love pouring out to him from Colorado too, and I will keep him and you in my thoughts. ((((HUGS)))) to you and scritches to Charlie...
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I am so sorry. Charlie is in my thoughts and enjoy your time with him and give him as much kisses and scritches as he will allow.
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Charlie just seems like such a sweet cat, and I've always enjoyed looking at his pictures. I'm so sorry to learn he isn't doing very well.

I'm keeping you both in my thoughts, and I'm sending you special vibes to help you with the decision(s) you are facing.
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Charlie is gorgeous...just a bit darker than my cream lynx point (American Curl) Patrick. I am very sorry for the news, I remember feeling devastated when I was told Patrick has Chronic Renal Failure. That was almost 2 years ago now.

He still has a very good quality of life by all markers, and we achieved this by utilizing all the information at this site:
Feline ,
and using the information on "as fed" values for most canned and dry cat foods (including the prescription ones for cats with this condition) located at:KatKarma Canned Food Values I think the dry food addy is correct it is:
KatKarma Dry Food Values

plus I joined an incredible group at called feline-crf-support where the folks are going through what you and I are, and are *extremely* knowledgable. I don't think Patrick would be here and doing as well if I hadn't learned what I have from this group.

The primary thing I've learned...treat the cat, not the numbers. There are cats with extremely high values at diagnosis on the list, who do go on to be managed well, have their numbers drop, and have an additional good year or two (some of the list members cats have had an extra 4 to 5 years).

I've not heard of anyone's cat having dialysis....some have had iv therapy during a crisis, with a vet hospital stay and then returning home once stablized.

Patrick is on sub-q fluids several times a week, pepcid ac daily, and was a candidate for Calcitriol use daily. I use a variety of foods to keep him eating, using the katkarma lists to track the protein & phosphorus content of his foods.

Fwiw, Patrick lies on his special bed during his fluid sessions, they are done in under 5 minutes, he gets a treat after and purrs excitedly while waiting for has been "no big deal" he says

Whatever you decide, just know there are perhaps options besides the expensive dialysis, I'd urge you to check out the site I mentioned before making any final decisions...and have a good heart to heart with Charlie. He'll let you know if it's his time yet or not.

best wishes, please feel free to pm message me anytime about crf,
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Your post tugged tears out of my heart. Charlie is indeed lucky to have shared his life with you, and you with him. I can feel your pain in each word as you reflect back on all this cat means to you.

However you decide to travel the last miles with Charlie, know that he loves you and he trusts you to do what is right by him. I know that the love you hold for him will see you through all the decisions, allow you to make some changes to make him more comfortable and that when and if the day comes that you have to decide the final question- know that a board full of people are here to support you.

Pat's Patrick, is living proof that cats can and do defy the odds. I hope you might visit the list that she talks about and learn more about CRF.

You have my heart. I was glad to see your name on the board this morning, but sad to realize why you have returned.

Give incredible Charlie a gentle hug from me, and take care-
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I'm sorry to hear about Charlie, but it seems like there is a lot of hope for him. You and he are in my thoughts.
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I'm sorry to hear about Charlie being ill. I hope things improve for you both.
I always give Rosie extra kisses and cuddles when i hear sad news like this, so i will give her extra hugs tonight
Me too. Jeepers is heading for my lap as I type.

Keep us posted (he's gorgeous).
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I have got my act together since last night but then reading all these responses I am getting overwhelmed again.

I can't thank you all enough for all your prayers and sharing of your stories about your loved one.
Thanks everyone. :angel2:

Will keep ya all updated.
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This is so very sad. However, it sounds as if Charlie has had a life full of love and adventures. Even when his body is gone, he will always be alive in your heart.

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Oh, WOE, I am SO SORRY to hear the bad news . I haven't been around much either, I was so happy to see your name until I read the title. I adore Charlie, I always laugh when I remember some of the funny faces and expressions you catch him in and shared with us, especially the one where he's staring up at you yelling for his food.

I don't have any experience with kidney issues to share, so I feel useless except to give virtual *scritches* to Charlie and a *hug* to you. What an untenable situation to be in, struggling to do what's best for him but wanting to keep him with you for as long as possible. Thank you for letting us know, I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.
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I'm so very sorry to hear the news! Hang in there & don't give up hope!

Please give him a big hug & lots of scritches from me and the girls!

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I'm so sorry about Charlie.. please give him extra scitches and hugs from me...please keep us updated about charlie and yourself... my two kids always gets lots of hugs and kisses from me despite the fact that they dun quite like it when i hug them really tight...
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I'm so sorry to hear Charlie isn't doing well.

IV fluids and proper diet can greatly improve the quality of life for a kitty in kidney failure. Your vet should be able to teach you how to administer them yourself. After IV treatments, the kitties are usually feeling much better and they eat better too.
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Charlie is such a beautiful boy, and so lucky to have someone who has loved him so much for 15 years!!! Thoughts and prayers your way...
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I'm sorry to hear about handsome Charlie.

You two have had a wonderful 15 years of life together and he still may have some time to spend with you. Take each precious moment you have together. His physical bidy may be failing but his life presence, memories and spirit won't.

Sending pleasant thoughts and prayers to you both.

Pass Charlie some hugs, kisses, and scritches for us.

Take care and keep us updated.
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Charlie is such a lovely boy. I'm so sorry to hear he's not doing well. There's lots of fine advice in this thread, and I've none to add to it. You two have had a fine time together, it seems; treasure your remaining time with him. It's not easy discerning where the balance point is between helping him have as much good life as possible, on the one hand, and prolonging it for your own sake, on the other; he'll help you with that discernment. I hope that balance point is farther off than you think. And meanwhile, lotsa good vibes heading your way.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie. It hurts so much when someone you love is sick and hard decisions have to be made. Lots of hugs, kisses and best weshies from Kahli, Princess Alexis, KittenKiya and bad-boy Pete.
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Oh how sad for you that darling Charlie is heading downhill. But don't despair. My friend has a cat with kidney failure, and he has been on special meds for a couple of years now . . . he has his ups and downs but he is still hanging in there with a fairly good quality of life.

Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure you will be keeping Charlie's welfare uppermost, and in the end you will do what you feel is best for him.

Give him a huge cuddle from me . . . I will be going home tonight and hugging my 3 kitties for all they're worth.

Massive hugs and positive thoughts of strength go out to you to.
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I'm so sorry to hear the news. How are you doing? Hanging in there? If you need someone to talk to you can pm me anytime. I check my e-mail like 8 times a day. But I have no experience with renal failure so all I can offer is a cyber hug. {{{{}}}}

Guve Charlie a hug for me tonight ok? You guys are in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry- Charlie is beautiful and sounds like quite a character!

I've known for 2 years that my 10 year old Himmi has PKD and will probably die of renal failure- so I've had a lot of time to read up on the subject and think about what I will do when it happens.
She's OK with medication and would probably tolerate subcutaneous fluids- right now I believe I will do no more than that and spoil her rotten until the end.
Hopefully Charlie will have a while longer with you and have a good quality of life- whatever you decide.
My thoughts are with you and Charlie.
Best wishes
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Originally posted by Tamme
How are you doing? Hanging in there? If you need someone to talk to you can pm me anytime.
I am ok. The weekend was stressed but Charlie was in good spirits. He is eating all of his favorite food and seems to be happy. I get a little broken up if I think about it too deeply. This has been hard. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and help, it has ment a lot.
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I just now see this thread

I am so sorry that your baby is not doing well and my heart is going out to you (((((((HUGS)))))))

I will say a prayer for both of you
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Charlie was in good spirits. He is eating all of his favorite food and seems to be happy.
WOE, I was just wondering if your vet recommended feeding Charlie a diet of K/D? This is a cat food that's specially formulated to take the strain off a cat's kidneys. My cat, Snowball was diagnosed with early kidney disease 2 1/2 years ago when he was just 10 years old. He's been on a strict diet of K/D since his diagnosis, and so far, it's kept the kidney disease from progressing any further. K/D can even help improve kidney function. However, I'm not sure how effective K/D is with advamced kidney problems, but you can always ask your vet.

***Just my opinion***
As long as Charlie seems to be happy, and his quality of life is good, it would be worth it for you to check into anything that might benefit him and keep him with you a little longer.
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My prayers are with you and with Charlie. Keep us posted.
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Sorry. I just read this thread. WOE, Charlie and you are in my thoughts. I know how special he is to you, I'm so sorry. He's a beautiful boy. Keep us posted. Take care,
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