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Originally posted by jcat
Hunters, not cats or dogs, have managed to eradicate hares here. The only wildlife you can really talk about would be wild boar, deer, foxes, and hedgehogs, none of which I've ever heard of a cat killing.
Indeed! That would be some cat that threatened any of them!
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I use a break-away collar on Scotch that has not one-but two bells on it. Now that he is older, it isn't that important, but when he was younger I could always here him if he was somewhere he shouldn't be (such as scailing the ladder to my roommates loft) (She is allergic, so we try to keep him out of her bed). I live with 4 other girls, so it is helpful to hear where he is, but other than for that and identification, I see no real reason to have a collar other than for decoration...

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