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MA, I'm sorry you and Racer had a little row, and I'm sorry he took his frustration out on you, but like Hedi says, we all do that when we're feeling punk. Frankly, I think you did exactly the right thing -- just what you would have done with a human loved one who took his frustration out on you once too often -- a vehement demand that he smarten up, and then the calmer assurance of love and request that he be reasonable. I hope he's feeling calmer now, and that your wrist is OK. Lotsa prayers and good vibes for both of you.
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I hope you and Racer are both feeling better.
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You know MA, I have a real penchant for putting my foot in it. My mouth, that is. Of course I ask about Racer not having been to the Cat Lounge in ages. There's just something about me and bringing up painful subjects....

Anyway, I've kept Racer in my prayers, and I'm so sorry things took a turn for the worse. He's doing better (and happier) since you let him out? Or is he still mad? I expect Racer is no different than any of us that way. We always act our worst around those we love the most.


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Or is he still mad? I expect Racer is no different than any of us that way. We always act our worst around those we love the most.
Oh, yeah! Ain't that the truth!!
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My stomach is flopping just a bit. In just a few minutes I have an appointment with the animal communicator who has tapped into Racer. My vet I think has just given up on him, only telling me to increase the pain meds when he crashes, which I do reluctantly as the meds are known to eventually blow holes in horse's guts! I have him on licorice root and marshmallow root now to hopefully counteract that. I am not willing to invest in what they call the strasser method, because it would mean taking his hooves and reshaping them into something that no longer even looks like a horse hoof- and to me that makes little sense. Not to mention they would have to be trimmed by the expert every 3 weeks and this expert is coming from 2 hours away and would charge me mileage as well as his normal fee.

I love my horse, and I want to do the best for him, but right now the conventional ways aren't working- so here I go again up the unconventional route!
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I wish Racer and you all the best...you are both often in my thoughts,
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Renewed vibes and prayers, Hissy...I hope the conversation with the communicator is productive.
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Oh M.A. I am so sorry how your vet is feeling about Racer ((((((HUGS)))))). I hope the communicator has some better news for you . Please let us know how things go .

I will cntinue to pray for Racer and you
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Oh, MA, so very sorry to hear about your vet's feelings (wonder how he'd feel if his dr gave up on him?). Still praying and hoping that all goes well for you .
Cindy & Charlie
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MA, I so hope the communicator can help! But what if Racer doesn't actually know what the problem is? Have you had the test for diabetes yet?

Still in my prayers.....

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Cant believe I just read this thread now. I have tears in my eyes.. I cant even imagine what you must be going through hissy.

I'll be keeping Racer in my thoughts.
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OMG, poor Racer!!! I hope the communicator can help!
Sending you lots of prayers for strength.
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I am fascinated by the whole idea of animal communicators. Please let us know what happens and what she(he) does with Racer. I pray that this person is able to move past what the vets can do and can get to the root of Racer's pain and problems.

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Basically I have a whole list of things to give Racer now that he states he needs. Although I am yet to understand how he knows he needs these things, I do have faith in this woman as she has proven herself to me in the past. Most of the stuff is holistic/homeopathic. Mike is just so skeptical about it all because it can't be explained, therefore it must be a sham. There are a lot of things in life that cannot be explained away and that does not make them any less real. I will see what happens here as I start giving Racer this daily dose of *stuff* for lack of a better word.
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hissy I am sure you are willing to try anything. I still believe that Flower Essences aided in my curing of Zoey's biting problem.

Good luck.
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Continuing to send lots of healing energy to Racer! We always say that we need to listen to what our animals tell us, even if it takes a while to figure out what they are saying. You're just going a more direct route.
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Gary's the same way. But I believe "the Universe" is much larger than our ability to comprehend and just because something doesn't fit into our understanding doesn't mean, like you say, that it isn't real.

C'mon Racer... Mom is doing EVERYTHING she can!
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I believe that natural remedies do have the power to heal.

You and Racer are in my thoughts and that this goes away very soon.

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I think the holistic way is the best for animals, myself. I have a good comparison of medical vs. holistic. Our cat and her only remaining sibling had panluek. as kittens and ours had holistic care and her sister had conventional care and some holistic, but she isn't as healthy as ours is now. You'd never know ours was on her deathbed several times through that illness.
So I hope you find a modality to help your horse. There's a lot in naturopathy, but homeopathy takes a lot of study to be good at prescribing the correct remedy and it's more difficult with animals.
This must be tearing you apart inside to see your horse go through this. I wish you the best!
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Well, wouldn't it be nice if we understood everything? Then we wouldn't need vets or communicators or whole bunches of other people. It's a disappointment that the vet seems to be throwing his hands in the air, but if this communicator has been effective before, why would she not be again. It's certainly better than giving up!! I'm glad there seems to be some direction from that process and I really hope and pray that it bears fruit. Thinking of you lots -- you and your boy. Take care.
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Oh Hissy! I am so sorry to hear that things have been so rough. I just read this thread now. I am praying for both you and Racer. But, please, look after yourself as well.
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MA, I agree, just because you can't understand it doesn't mean it won't work. Bees fly, even though scientist say it should be impossible, and many people believe in God without seeing Him. As Hamlet said: There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of, or something like that.

I am sure Racer knows how much you are doing for him, and I am sending more positvie vibes for both of you.
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MA - I hope that this new method will help with Racer. I will keep you both in my prayers!
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He is doing good. He is walking and interacting with his buddy more. He gets his mixture three times a day and has been almost weaned off the painkillers. This morning he was way out in the pasture and when I whistled the horses in Trav came at a run, and Racer came at a good strong walk! I am hopeful that this trend will continue.
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That is awesome MA!!
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WOW , that is great news M.A.
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Holding steady in the founder race is Race-The-Moon. Coming out of the starter gate, it was iffy as the founder passed him on the outside and caused him to lag back a bit. But he got his second wind and broke stride and galloped to the fence to claim his reward! A nice pan of witches Brew! Take this horse to the Winner's Circle!!!
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That is wonderful MA!!!!!!!!!
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