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He bit me!!!

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Just a little while ago I was sleeping on my back and Emmett jumped on the bed and bit my cheek!! I went to hold him. calm him down (thinking something startled him) and he started biting my hand and arm. I finally let him go and he ran out of the room.

I don't know what that was about?? I'm worried he is becoming vicious. I had a friend's cat that did that, and soon she had to put it down because she couldn't even go near him.

Emmett is always biting the dog and now he bit me.

What should I do? I'm super worried? I don't want to have to do anything drastic to my kitten. I totally love him
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I can't keep up with all the members cats, is he neutered? Sometimes biting is a stimulant from a pain response, is it possible the dog has hurt him and you are not aware of this?

When my cats bite me, I blow one puff of air in their face and tell them NO- then I scruff them (gently) lay them on their back, with one hand gently restrain them for 3 seconds then release. They rarely bite me after that.

I wouldn't think that he needs to be put down, biting is really a natural reaction for the cat, he could be responding to the stress in your life- (if there is any) and that gets him ancy. I also would everytime you witness him biting the dog, keep a dark thick blanket or towel nearby and gently drop it on him when he is in that behavior. That will startle him out of biting, and make him think it might not be such a hot idea to bite the dog.
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Yes he is fixed. I'll try that towel trick. I'm just worried and it seems to be getting out of hand.
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Do you do the typical play with him? Using your fingers, hands or feet as subsitute play toys? If so, you might want to stop, as it encourages a cat to look at you as prey because of all your interactive parts. Blanket wars (my term for it) scooting your feet or hands under the blanket until he pounces? If you are doing that, he will bite you to say, "Hey let's play!" You can also put him in time out, but really no more than 10 seconds in a small room. They don't need 5 minutes of down time, such as people do to dogs, just a short burst of time-out is usually sufficient. Again, he could be in pain- biting is a normal response for a cat who doesn't feel well-
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How old is he?
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he's only 7 months old.
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It sounded like he was young. It's good that he's young because you can break his bad habits early on
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I'm really hoping to. I'm also hoping that as he gets older he calms down a bit. He used to never snuggle and he is slowly becoming a lap cat. There might be hope for him still
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There's always hope.

MA has given some good tips so I won't repeat it all.

Good luck with Emmett.
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Rosie bites my nose!!. Not as much as when she was a kitten, but i read in cat book i have that it can be a sign of affection?.

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My Tulip sometimes bites for no reason that I can see. Usually though I can see when it is coming as she starts to 'stalk' my arm and her tail gets big and fluffy. I just hold her tight and cuddle her. Stroking and talking softly usually does the trick and she calms down. It doesnt always work but 9 times out of 10.
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Since cats are nocturnal animals, and Emmett bit you while you were sleeping, I wonder if it wasn't just playful agression? My Snowball is 12 years old and he's still the most lively and playful during the night, but also seems to realize that humans don't want to play at that time. My experience with cats has always been that they keep getting better as they get older, and they all seemed to get calmer around the time of their first birthday. I don't think you have a serious problem with Emmett becoming agressive. You need to follow the excellent advice already given in this thread and just give him more time.
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I've finally noticed something in reading the thread again.

Why is Emmett attacking the puppy? I must have missed the thread for this since my visits are sporadic at best. Does the puppy go outdoors?

Is Emmett and indoor kitty or an indoor/outdoor kitty?

And finally, has he always been a biter?
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Emmett is an indoor kitty. I sometimes take him out on a harness to see the wonders of the world.

Angel (the puppy) is an indoor dog. He only goes out to do his business and sticks very close to the house. Angel is also a really passive dog. But on Emmett and Angel's first meeting Emmett rolled on his back in a submissive way. Now that they live together its Emmett who is ruling the place.

It wouldn't be bad if Angel stuck up for himself, but he just runs away and hides. Of course Emmett knows he isn't allowed to attack the dog. If anyone is around he'll rarely do it. The second its just the 2 of them he goes in for the kill.

The other day my mom was telling me that she was in the kitchen and Angel and Emmett were in the living room. I guess Emmett thought they were alone and went after Angel. Well, Angel took off towards the kitchen where my mom was and Emmett came tearing after him. The second Emmett spotted my mom he slammed on the breaks and took off upstairs to my bedroom (he knows that is his safe place)

So its not that Emmett doesn't know its wrong to attack the dog. I think he does it just too be a bully.

The question about Emmett being a biter....yes he has always been one. Its his one bad habit I can't seem to break him of. In all other areas he is a well behaved kitten.

A few people think him biting me was affection or for me to get my butt out of bed. It was during the day, so I don't think it had to do with his nocturnalness.

I also think Emmett feels he is being neglected by me. I work all day and when I get home from work I like to nap. After napping I go about some things that need to be done. I don't ingore Emmett, and play with him, hug him, pet him, smuther him with kisses. Its just when we lived on our own we spent more time together. Its not like Emmett is totally alone. My dad and him seem to have created a good friendship (to my surprise)

A woman I work with said her kitten was like that. She stoped the hand playing and he stopped biting her. I could easily stop that. (I have a thing for grabbing Emmett's belly and he hates his belly being touched) but I don't see how that would stop him attacking the puppy.

Well I think I covered a lot in this post.

Thank you all for your suggestions and replies. I'm hoping I can get this settled before he actually really hurts the puppy or even me. I've decided to stop that hand play and only use his toys.

When he would get aggressive while playing I usually give him one of his stuffed animals and he goes nuts on that thing. Should I still be doing that??? Could letting him attack the stuffed animal be causing him to think the biting is okay?

Ok. Thanks again. I'll keep you posted on Emmett's viciousness.
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Ahh most cats dislike belly rubs, and will view the hands as enemies and the person that owns the hand will be viewed the same. My suggestion, stop the belly rubs completely (this is something we enjoy but not all cats like it) Cats over on their belly is their language for true submission. He sounds very alpha and doesn't like the fact that you can overpower him in that way. Next time he rolls on his belly, ignore the temptation to rub it and just walk away. It will begin to make a big difference in your relationship with him.

And it wouldn't surprise me if he stopped biting the puppy as well. The substitution of the stuffed animal is a good thing. Better the toy than you, or your family or the pup.
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My Loki hates to have his belly rubbed and if I try when he rolls around he immediately tries to attach himself to my arm and starts biting andhis little legs start kicking. So I don't!!!

However my moms girl Piper is a belly rub whore (sp?) - she would sell her soul for a belly rub!!!
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Originally posted by Creepyowl
A few people think him biting me was affection or for me to get my butt out of bed. It was during the day, so I don't think it had to do with his nocturnalness.
When I read your first post, I saw the time was 12:42 but I didn't pay enough attention and just assumed it was A.M. Sorry.
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The belly grabbing is just too tempting sometimes

I'm going to stop that now. I'll use all my will power

I'm going to try and have his stuffed toys around when he gets in one of his modes to attack.

I'll fill you all in on Emmett's progress....or mine.

I just love that little darn kitten so much.
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I would also suggest not leaving the puppy and cat alone together for a while. It could turn ugly- the cat could hurt the dog, or the dog might finally get enough and turn on the cat. So if you're not there, keep them apart.
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Originally posted by Eeva
I would also suggest not leaving the puppy and cat alone together for a while. It could turn ugly- the cat could hurt the dog, or the dog might finally get enough and turn on the cat. So if you're not there, keep them apart.
We do keep them apart if no one will be home. Don't need that added stress!!!
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Sorry, I just got the impression from your post that the attacking is still going on, i.e. that they are left alone together. My mistake then.
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Originally posted by Creepyowl
The belly grabbing is just too tempting sometimes

I'm going to stop that now. I'll use all my will power
You can tell by his pics that Emmett is all character and all kitten!! What a sweetie pie!! If you are tempted by the belly, stop yourself and give him scritches on his head instead.

At 7 months old, I wonder if he is trying to play with the puppy as if he were another kitten. He's at that prime age of testing his "catness" and rambunctious play is the norm. When puppy grows up and if dog becomes bigger, you could have a problem on your hands. Don't shoot me, but have you considered getting a playmate (kitten) for Emmett?
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Ha ha ha ha. The puppy isn't really a puppy. He's 4 years old. And he is already the same size as Emmett.

I would LOVE to get another kitten for Emmett. I had planned to get one before I ended up moving back to my parents place, but I couldn't afford it. I didn't want to get a kitten if I couldn't make sure it had all its shots and everything it needed. Now that Emmett is past all his mandatory kitten shots and fixing, when I move again I do plan on getting another cat.

As for getting one right now I don't think my parents would approve!

My boyfriend is planning on getting 2 kittens, I'm hoping they become friends with Emmett and I can bring him over there to play with them.
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Every moring Dori runs in and attacks my arms if they are out of the covers. She bites me, hard. If I hide my hands under the covers to keep them safe she attacks my head. She doesn't bite my face but when she ounces on me her claws get me I have to hide my whole body (including my head) under the covers for a few minutes and she finally goes away. I don't think she is doing it to be vicious, I think she is just playing a game. I probably started it when she was a kitten because I used to wiggle my feet under the covers and she would attack them. When she was a kitten it was really cute! Dori doesn't have a playmate so I try to endure her little kitty games.
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