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Nature's Way

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A family in Bend Oregon found this fawn on their steps. Knowing that the mama will leave her baby in perfect camoflauge and come back later, they wisely left it alone. The mom felt that blending the fawn with the wood of the steps and the white apple blossom petals would protect it from predators. A few hours later mom returned fetched her baby and they vanished into the forest-

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What an amazing picture! Mama did a good job picking out the best camoflage for her baby.
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what a adorable little fawn!!
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Wow, Amazing.
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How wise they were. And what an absolutely adorable baby!!
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what a gorgeous picture.
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AAAWWWW how cute
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Mother Nature at her finest!
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That is too adorable for words.

Good for them for leaving it alone! I wouldn't have known that and I would have fallen down the steps to get to it.

Look at it. Just LOOK at it!! AAAH! Cuteness overdose.
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Wow, what a great picture!!
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Oh my gosh, how sweet! Mama did a very good job with the camoflauge.
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I agree with Helen, How wise and OMG it's adorable!
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Truly Amazing!
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that's a great photo!
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What a great photo, and a wise mum!
I was a little bit afraid to read the rest of the story, this baby is too cute to be in a sad story, but of course this was a great story! What a perfect spot to hide the baby in!
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Awwww what a honey
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Awesome Mom did a fabulous job of hiding baby, I am so glad your friends didn't mess with the fawn.
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Great photo hissy. It is amazing to see nature at its best.
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Adorable, I love that picture!
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Okay, I looked carefully at the photo, but I don't see a fawn anywhere. Where in the heck is the fawn!? (just kidding ) That's a neat little photo and story Hissy.
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That's the cutest picture! It's so adorable!
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Momma deer was right in leaving her fawn there. She knew that friends of MA lived there and any friends of MA are animal lovers at heart! Thanks for the adorable picture!
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Now THAT is worth smiling about! Thanks for sharing MA - it's a cute tale made more wonderful by the great pic. Mama deer did an EXCELLENT job, LOL!
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What a lovely pic, and story. What restraint it would take not to succumb to the beauty of that little critter and touch -- very wise, very disciplined people. Please thank them for sharing the baby this way.
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Wonderful picture and story. Glad the people had the sense to leave the fawn alone. So often people grab young animals, usually thinking they're doing the right thing, and take them to be "rescued". I've had so many people pick up baby rabits, squirrels, and birds when it would have been so much better if they would just leave them where they found them. Mom usually comes back and takes care of the babies, but in rehab these particular animals have a low survival rate for babies.
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Just setting the record straight, I do not know these wise people, I just shared the story that was sent along with the photo.
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