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YAY! the first step forward! Makes my heart leap with joy! I hope this woman becomes an asset to your team and helps Racer heal faster!
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MA,I feel your peace, and it lifts and fills my heart. This sounds like something that cannot harm Racer, and has much potential for healing, as evidenced by his improved spirits and apparent eagerness to cooperate with treatment. So many things we cannot understand, and to try to do so is a waste of energy that you can use much more productively in other ways. Listen to your heart. I pray the progress continues.
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I am so happy to hear Racer seems to be doing better! I hope this woman can continue to help him! I looked at the website for Racer's journal, it was so well written...I am sorry you had to give it up for now....but maybe you can pick it up later, and if not that is okay too.We are here for you, MaryAnne, and we love you and our prayers are with Racer!!!!

And also, I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well...I was afraid this would happen, given the stress you are under and the weather outside when you are spending time with Racer....I am sending up prayers that you will get well very soon! **HUGS**
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Wow, I am happy to hear he is doing better. I was just wondering about him. i hope his recovery continues.
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Absolutely Amazing!
I'm so happy he's doing better MA! Now, please take a little time out for yourself, ok?
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M.A. how are you doing and how is Racer doing today ? I hope and pray everything is well , with both of you .
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We had a bad day today, Racer is now confined to the stall, he has started walking out of his feet- that's what the vets call it when his coffin bone has slipped down. He has about 4 feet of soft bedding in his stall (recycled cardboard) and we have a load of sand coming in next week when the rain quits. This condition is maddening, you have really good days and then you have days where you just want to jump off the planet.
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I am so sorry M.A. ((((((HUGS)))))) . Hopefully tommorrow will be a better day for Racer . Hang in there . I will continue to pray for both of you
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MA I was reading all of this with tears in my eyes I am so sorry that you and Racer are going through this. I will continue to pray for both of you. Please take care of yourself.

I just wanted to say thank you MA for taking the time to answer my post the other night when the Sammycat got the Advantage in his mouth. You have so much more to worry about yet you took the time to answer this silly woman's cry for help. Take care of you and of Racer
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Thanks I am trying.

I try to get on the boards but all day I am with him doing whatever I can and just being with him, as well as trying to keep his buddy Trav from becoming to jealous that Race is getting so much attention. The creek was scary this morning as he went down in it and I had a quick vision of him drowning, but we got him up and out of there. Everyone that I have talked to that has had a horse founder all tell me the same thing. It is a roller coaster of emotions and no one really knows how to effectively treat it which is why there are so many diffent camps out there about it. I've just decided to listen to him and take my cues from him, and right now, he wants to be still and rest.
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Sorry the boy has had a rough day, MA. That it goes with the territory doesn't make it any easier to bear, does it. Hope things are looking up again soon. Lotsa good thoughts and prayers for both of you.
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MA I'm just now getting to this thread. I'm praying for your horse. I'm a big horse fanatic. They have to be my favorite animal. I guess I'm a true Texan.

You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers as well as your horse. I have a friend that raises horses and I'll talk to her and find out if she knows of anything, although I'm not sure she'll be able to tell you anything that you don't already know.

Prayers are flying.
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I hope Racer has a better day tomorrow.

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I'm so sorry to hear Racer had such a bad day! I pray today will be a much better day for him! **HUGS**
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Maryanne - I am still praying for Racer and that he improves more and more each day. I know that you have been in the creek and outside in the weather nursing your boy back to health - I just hope that your cold will go away and not turn into anything worse. You take care of yourself, too! (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))
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MA - how is racer today???
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He is holding his own. He couldn't walk hardly at all yesterday and today is better for him. The vet wants therapuetic shoes put on him so I am waiting for the farrier to call to tell me when they are going to do this. I feel like we are just waiting for him to explode or something, him or me!
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Sometimes the waiting is the worst

Keeping the prayers and good vibes coming.
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Oh M.A. I am so sorry . Please hang in there ((((((HUGS)))))).
I will keep praying for both of you
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I'm keeping the prayers and good vibes coming for you and Racer. Will also light a virtual candle, too. http://journey1.org/virtualcandle/index.html
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Just an update-

Digital pulsing only apparent in the right front leg. Vet is thinking abscess is ready to blow any day. In the meantime, we have fashioned these support shoes out of builders foam and duct tape. He looks like he has snowshoes on! He is confined to his stall, and you can see his ears are back, so he is still in a bit of pain. It was a challenge to get these things on him, but he was quite cooperative even though it was clear he was feeling punky. I need to groom him, but everytime I do, he just rolls in his stall and gets dirty again. His Pal Trav is nearby in the next stall but not confined.

Thanks for the prayers and the good thoughts. He has been off bute now for 3 days and on a holistic liquid called BL Solution with Devils Claw.
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Awww he looks so cute with those shoes on
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Awwww look at the big boy. MA kiss him on the nose for me and know that Racer will stay in my prayers.
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Thanks M.A. for sharing that pic from Racer with all of us . It is so much better to have a pic when I pray . I do hope and pray that Racer will go up hill now and not down hill any more ((((((HUGS)))))) to you . Keep hanging girl and don't give up hope .
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Everyone is with you on this journey MA. Hang in there!
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Racer will stay in my thoughts and prayers.... What a beautiful majestic horse.
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Racer is still in my prayers!
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More x-rays were taken today and the results are he has rotated in both of his legs. 10 degrees in his left leg and 5 in his right. The farrier will be out tomorrow to take his toe down and fit him for shoes, and then I will trailer him to the vet so they can test him for Cushings Disease. He will be gone for 2 days then come back home. They inject him with a dye and then take blood work at specific times for 24 hours then watch him for a day to make sure there are no complications. The vet was not encouraged by the lack of progress he has made and so he fit him with some special padded shoes. I have reached out to the animal communicator who helped me last time he was so ill and she is helping me a lot, she is simply amazing.
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Poor racer I'm interested in what your communicator has to say.
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