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Oh Hissy, I am so sorry !I am praying for Racer and for you.Racer get well soon,mommy loves you and need's you well.(((((HUGS HISSY))))
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Racer is in my prayers.

My thoughts and prayers are with you also.
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Oh I was so hoping for better news this morning MA! I didn't see you on MSN so I figured you were with Racer. Poor Racer! Can you give him something for the pain maybe? I didn't approve of pain killers until after the recent C-section with Dan. They made all the difference in the world in getting through the first week after the operation. I wonder if maybe they can help Racer through this crisis?
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Oh hissy, I am so sorry. I wish my father was still alive. He was an expert on horses, especially the legs and hooves. One thing I know is that a horse shouldn't have very much corn in their diet, as that can cause foundering. I just wish I could ask my Dad what to do in a situation like this. He would know the best way to take care of it. He made many a lame horse walk again. They even consulted my father for the horses in the movies.

I am still praying for Racer. Mostly I pray for his pain to go away.
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I'm sorry to hear today is not starting out well for Racer...I hope things improve as the day goes by, that there is an answer for you in all the advice you are being sent. Please try to get a nap in, exhaustion won't help either of you

Keeping Racer in my prayers, and knowing that you will get the guidance from God that you've asked for and the strength you need,
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I will continue to pray for you and for Racer

Hang in there M.A. ((((((HUGS))))))
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Continuing to send prayers for Racer's recovery.
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Sorry to hear the day has not started well for Racer. I hear your agony and exhaustion. Please take care of yourself, so you can continue to be strong for Racer. My prayers are with you.
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Hissy I'm very sad to hear things aren't better for Racer yet. I've been thinking about you and him. Hang in there and you know where we are if you need us.
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Mary Anne I'm so sorry to hear Racer hasn't improved. He's definitly in my thoughts. Lots of love and hugs at this hard time.
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MA, I am so sorry to hear that there's been no improvement, I definitely understand your pain and frustration that Racer's in so much pain. Sending many *good healing vibes* to him.
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MA how is Racer this morning? I hope and pray that he is better I hope that you are okay as well, have you gotten any rest? The boys and I will still be praying for him and for you.
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I'm just getting around to reading this- and wanted to tell you you and Racer are in my thoughts, MA. I'm sending tons of positive vibes your way that each day poor Racer improves and his pain lessens. Keep us updated
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M.A. how is Racer today ? I hope he has improved . And how are you holding up ? I keep you both in my prayers
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Adding my prayers to everyones. I also want to remind you to take care of yourself. Getting yourself sick won't help Racer. Take time to eat and sleep right....please.
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MA, Include me in the vibes for Racer. Please get better fast!!!!!!!
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Sending lots of healing prayers to Racer and comforting thoughts to you!
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I don't know what all you want to hear? I would love to say that he has reached his stability point and he is finally comfortable, but he has gone downhill. The vet was out this morning and was not encouraged either. He says that from all the symptoms Race shows, the inability to want to move, the cowed (bowed) front legs, that Race is probably going to make a liar out of him and be one of those rare horses that don't read the manual. In other words, the vet now thinks there has been rotation on the coffin bone, which if I am understanding this right, in the first instance of founder, this rarely happens. I am to stop feeding him anything but junk hay, his pain killer has been kicked up a notch, he got a pain shot and I am to stop feeding him this special mix called strategy even though I don't feed him but 2 cups of this a day so he can get his meds. x-rays were taken and the vet said he will call. I am to spend creek time with him 35 minutes 3 times a day- and I was given a list of things to watch out for that would mean he is getting even worse instead of better which I can only pray does not happen.

My farrier is on his way out and will stop by today on his way home to talk to me.There is little he can do at this point until Racer stablizes, because touching his legs and feet just results in a lot of pain for him. I wish I had better news- but I don't.
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Oh nooooo , I am so sorry M.A. (((((((HUGS)))))))

I will continue to pray for you and Racer
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Oh, MA, that is depressing news. Well, we'll just keep the prayers coming. Don't forget to take care of you!
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Oh MA, I'm so sorry.
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I'm so very sorry Maryanne! Still sending lots of prayers & good thoughts to you & to Racer!
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Speaking for me, I just wanted to hear how you & Racer were, even if not the best of news.

I wish there was something I could do to help, but since there isn't, just know there are prayers being said for strength for both of you, and healing.
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I just heard- there is no rotation! This is good news, though the vet cautioned me there still could be some. But for right now, the bone is still intact!
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Glad to hear the good news hissy
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Originally posted by hissy
I just heard- there is no rotation! This is good news, though the vet cautioned me there still could be some. But for right now, the bone is still intact!
ah, a bit of good news for Racer, that is nice!
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I am so glad to hear that .

I will continue to pray
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Good News!! We'll savour the moment, and keep bombarding heaven Hang in there!
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Hey Racer, you gotta get well... we are all praying for you here... please respond to medication and everything that helps you to feel better...
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MA, I will also continue to keep you and Racer in my prayers.
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