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Originally Posted by Stewball View Post

Well done you.
How are you. Haven't seen you around for a long time.

Yes. Long time no see. I hope you are keeping well. hugs.gif
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I ate poorly, but still got all time lowest weight, it is sometimes bit confusing.

So highest reading in this month has been 4.7kg (10.3 pounds) higher than this morning's all time low, it does not mean that my weight would of decreased that much, there is that 2kg of daily weight change depending how much liquids there is how much waste there is etc.

I was really happy to be less than 100kg some time ago, now it is 94kg, still 10kg to go for a weight that would be considered normal by weird tables health people are publishing.

All time highest during this weight loss project was 109,8kg from that it would be loss of 15.8kg (34.8 pounds), but again it is not quite like so, 2-4kg at least less weight loss might be more real figure.

I have not been able to keep eating properly though and that has made me loose less fat, waist is down only 12cm, of course that is a loss too, I need to get smaller underwear soon because most of mine are from time when I weight 120-130kg, they are quite bit loose already.

Still 5 months to go until I should start to see some signs of abs, but I really need to force myself to eat better.

No matter how much weight you have, it will come down, no matter if you fail here and there, just keep at it and in long term results will come.
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