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Are your cats named after someone/something?

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We all have our reasons for naming our fur babies what we do. But are your kitties named after someone or something in particular? For example, my boys are named Jake and Elwood after Jake and Elwood Blues from the movie "The Blues Brothers" with John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd. What about your love bugs?
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after some of my favorite CLAMP characters!! (Cardcaptor) Sakura and (Syoran) Li....
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Ophelia was named for the character in Shakespeare's Hamlet, which is my favorite Shakespearian play.

Trent was named after Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails because, beside NIN being my favorite band, kitty Trent threw himself around playing the same way that Trent Reznor does on stage.
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Peedoodle came equipped with that name and I liked it so much that it stuck.

Kahu is actually Kahurangi which is also the name of a beautiful national forest in the south island of New Zealand, and that word in turn, means precious possession in maori. He is precious to us and the name suits him so well.
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Tibby was originally named after Renata Tebaldi the famous soprano. The first night I got her she wouldn't stop meowig so I thought she needed the name of a famous singer. However Tebaldi was kind of a mouthful so it somehow ended up becomming Tibby.
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Peaches already had her name when I got her (Peaches & Cream) and I liked it so I kept it. She also gets called Peach, Peachy, Sweet Peaches and Princess!

Henrietta already had her name too but she doesn't respond to it. She responds more to her nick names which are Asad (Lion) and Peanut. My husband started calling her Asad because she is very strong and looked just like a lion when I first got her.

Carmella's name was Zummy when I got her and I just hated it. So someone on this board suggest Carmel or Caramel because of her colors and I liked it and adjusted it to Carmella! By the way.... who was it that suggested that name? I feel terrible but I don't remember now!
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I named Sammycat when he kind of got stuck in the bathroom when he was a baby. He reminded me of "Little Black Sambo" from the childrens book that I had as a child. So I just changed it to Sammycat.

Oscar's name just kind of fit him for no particular reason. He just looked like an Oscar
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Neo, Morphues (moemoe) and trinity are from the matrix

Nimbus, stormy and blizzard are white and when they were born the weather was awful!

Snowwhite is was the queen of the wood behind our house

Granet and Marble were found in a tile warehouse

and sebastian is just a good name for a black kitty

Ashton because he is gray.

and we didn't name lola
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My Joey is named after a baby kangaroo. When I first saw him, that's what his back legs reminded me of.
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Mine are of course, all :mimouse: names. Simba and Nala: The Lion King and Faline: Bambi!
P.S. I really like other cat members' kitty names: Ophelia, Aragorn and Legolas
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Iggy is named afer the Godfather of Punk Iggy Pop, Lucy was named Lucifer because she is a little devil and Zoey because if I ever had a child I was going to name him or her Zoey and because it means Life. She was the runt and we did not think she would make it, so the name fits her purrfectly
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yep all mine are. Kabota was named after a tractor because he and his brother were rescued out of a barn full of old tractors. Squirrel is named because she brings walnuts in from the yard to play with, Taz is a devil, The Trips were all named similiar because they operate so in synch. Whisp, because she only has the whisper of a meow, Cyclone, because he trashed the first room he was confined in, and the others are all named for specific character traits or circumstances.
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Well, I think Toes is obvious. He was named by a retarded boy and Toes' nose and toes were always dirty. Toes' first name was Nose. Tailer, well, her original name was Polka (she's got a dot on her back) and I renamed her Tail (to go with Toes) and she CHOSE the name of Tailer (which I called her affectionately).
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Well, since I got my cat on my birthday which was 9/11 and the terrosists did their awful things, I named her Liberty Belle. Then a year later I got another cat that was doomed to be put to sleep, and freed her, so she is Freedom Belle....keeps the patriot thing going. A gal that works at Petco says my cats have stupid names!!!
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Muddy Waters and Koko Taylor were orphaned so we picked blues singers for them. Their brothers, Jake and Elwood were adopted out but carried on the blues tradition naming within this litter.

Shep was named after George of the Jungle's "faithful doggie Shep".

Tigger was named after the Winnie-the-pooh character cause he had a lot of spring to him as a kitten.

Bogart was named for Humphrey Bogart - suave and sophisticated.

Bob Marley is of course the reggae legend - he is VERY mellow.

Most of the others were named off of colors or physical traits (Stumpy, Scarlett, Pinky, Ruby, Eight-ball).

I had a Boris, Natasha and Rocky named after the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series. My niece gave my Sebastian his name from the Little Mermaid. I've also had dogs named Jethro and Ellie Mae after the Beverly Hillbillies. My greyhound Doug was named for the Farside cartoon "beware of Doug".

I guess I'm heavily into cartoons, eh?
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Ivo's name originally came from an art poster my neighbor has in his apartment. I was looking for names in Gaelic (I'm Irish) that meant "black" or "powerful" but Brian (the neighbor who was involved in Ivo's rescue) suggested her name. As fate would have it, there is a Saint Ivo in the Catholic church who is the saint of orphaned and abandoned children-a very appropriate name for a stray cat who took over my heart.
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Most of ours are named for someone/something. We do have a mythological theme going on here, though...

Midnight just is a "Midnight", no other reason.

Sunshine is named for the song "You Are My Sunshine"

Lilith is named for a Middle Eastern Goddess.

Coal had his name already when he came to us.

Blondie is a blonde, but can be considered named for the band, too

Jules is named for Orange Julius.

Polly is named for being a polydactyl.

Silver is named for being a silver tabby.

Pan is named for a Greek God.

Max is named for Maximus, from "Gladiator". She was the smallest kitten and we gave her a name "to grow into".

Romeo is named for Romeo, of course, cause he is such a lover boy!

Tillie was already named when we got her. We call her The Tillinator, also Talitha, which is Aramaic for "little girl".

Sasha got his name cause he looks like he is bundled up to go outside in Siberia when he has his winter coat!

Phoenix got her name cause we adopted her literally minutes before she was to get put down. She rose from the ashes to a new life!

Khepera is named for an Egyptian God, of rebirth. He came from an abusive, neglectful situation and his life here is like a new start.

Osiris is named for an Egyptian God, as well.
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Patches is actually # 3 we had 2 calico cats when i was
little named Patches
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Originally posted by chelle
Patches is actually # 3 we had 2 calico cats when i was
little named Patches

I also have cat named Patches.... I came up with that name for her because she had white Patches of fur on her paws and her upper middle... Her original name was mary-kate one of the olsen twins.
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Emmett is named after a character my best friend and I named playing Chocobo Racing, who we named after a guy who was in her program in college.
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Drew, short for "Andrew" was named after a friend of Craig's that committed suicide because he found out he contracted HIV. Sad story that I won't go into right now.

Jake, short for Jacob was named after my ex stepbrother who I haven't seen in years but love him like he was my biological brother.

Bast, short for Sebastian was given that name because I like it? And because of the Egyptian God "Bast" as well.
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Clyde was named by the lady who had to give him up for adoption.

We think he was abandoned, and her neighbor brought him over (July 1). She already had adopted a dog, and since the dog was named "Bonnie", it was just natural to name the new cat "Clyde". So you had Bonnie and Clyde. Unfortunately, Bonnie did not get along with Clyde, but he could have cared less.

Fortunately for me, she had to give him up and I adopted him.

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Its nice t read about other names and where they come from - here my lot............
My Mischa is named after a foreign correspondent called Mischa Glenny (a bloke and my Mischa is a girl!) just loved the name and he is a great reporter. Katy just LOOKS like a Katy. poor old Tulip is actually called Fat Tulip after a cartoon on the TV (Roobard and Custard I think) I left the naming of her to my nephew who was 11/12 at the time (now 30). He cam eup with that one! She is a little tiny skinny thing so we dropped the Fat bit. Dirt is called Dirt because he is a mucky so and so!

ps I think Liberty Belle and Freedom Belle are great names - nice to know the reasons for them
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Simon just looked like a Simon, plus it was the one the whole family agreed on after voting. The new kitty joining us on Friday is going to be named Opus unless something changes. Opus in honor of my favorite penguin making his return!
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Sugarly is named after a character in a fantasty nover - Dr. Sugarly Dobbs. He was a vet who treated mythical creatures like unicorns. Merlin and Excalibur were taken from one of my favourite tales - the story of King Arthur. The others were just named based on personality/colour.
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Russell - Named after a good natured guy who after losing three cats to cars decided that he "doesn't" like cats.

Esper - Named after a monster in an online game that we got so heavily addicted to. The monster had fluro orange hair and skirt and was humanoid. And Esper's, ginger coloured so....
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Leo is short for Galileo the scientist
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Max's full name is Maximillian. There was a Roman Emperor Maximillian and also a Mexican Emperor named Maximillian.

I got the idea from the movie Gladiator, however, his name was Maximus (sp), which I don't care for. So I went to the history books and found Maximillian.

It is very fitting, as he is the Emperor of my home.
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JellyBelly because when he was little his belly would drag on the carpet when he ran. And it's also after my favorite jellybean company (hint hint to anyone out there who wants to get me something LOL!) btw my favorite beans are popcorn, toast and peanut butter.
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mine is a yes and no at the same time.
Twig was named that because he was so small you could hold him in the palm of your hand.
Rocket was named that because he never stopped going.
Isis was named that because she was a mother and she lost them.
Luna was named that because she is all gray with a little white moon shape on her belly where the spay scar is.
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