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Dear KittyFoot,

I think your idea was kinda cool...however, I have no problem removing it from my post.
Love &
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BTW Cat...just curious..is that a photo or air-brush art? I'm wondering because of the faint halo effect surrounding the center figure. I've seen many like this featured as van/motorcycle/hotrod art during the 70's. I was never good enough to do portrait type art..stuck to landscape/fantasy myself. Impressive whichever it is.

The thing here is not to concentrate on the nude herself...she is a canvas in this instance. Instead look at the beautiful mix of shade,light,contrasts and design. This is the result of very talented hands and eyes.

As for the appropriateness of the location...well we've already had this conversation.
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ummmm..I thought the pic was very tastefully done.... again to display that tattoo... I couldn't imagine that it would have the same effect if she was wearting jeans and was bareback. But then, Im a guy, what do I know..

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I guess you had to be there.

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[color=royal blue]

Dear KittyFoot and Imagyne:angel2::angel2:

I will be more than happy to send you or anyone a copy of that art work only at your request of course. I think it is safe to say that the subject matter is closed. <wink>

Love , [/color]
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I have 11 peircings, and 2 tattoos.
8 earings butterfly on lower back
1 navel chinese character meaning "butterfly" on my neck
1 septum
1 tounge

my home page:
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"I want to put a streak of pink in my hair for a month or so. Mom actually said yes to that. I just have to find a good dye that will not kill my hair"

If you have light colored hair, use "punky colors" or "Manic Panic" it is temporay dye made from Veggies.
Warning: it WILL rub off on pillow cases.
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Dear WashuSama

I just visited your homepage and was so enamored by it! I've never had so much information regarding bunnies, and I might make mention of your incredible sense of humor! :LOL: :LOL::LOL::LOL: Thanks for the website I completely and enthusiastically recommend it to anyone! I put it in my favorites!
Oh and great pic too!
Love &,

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Hey hey hey! None of that now, Tiptop. You might think you are just "observing human behavior" but I think it was mean-spirited and unnecessary.

Everyone play nice now.

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welcome to the site. I'm sorry you had such a negative reaction to previous posts. Since you just got here you don't know that things are generally harmonious.

Please start a thread in the lounge to introduce yourself, so we can all get to know you better and properly welcome you!!! Can't wait to see pics of your cat(s)

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In defense of both of my gals here: we've had a little bit of recent strife around here. It's not a jealousy issue. We're a little divided about drawing the line about what gets posted. I gotta tell you, yelling isn't exactly the way to enter a room.
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how long have you been hanging around the sites? We have all had our differences, and disagreements, and things do occasionally get ugly, we all manage to put it behind us and become better friends.

I don't think that there is excessive 'ganging up' going on and especially not on anyone person in particular.

I'm sorry you feel that way, which is why I'm curious how well you know our site. I've been a member since February and this place has not historically been a hostile, nasty place to me. It's my understanding (this is the only site that I'm a member of so I'm only going on what others have said)that this is one of the nicer places to be.

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I feel the need to chime in here amd just let you know, in a noncomfrontational way, that typing ALL IN CAPS is considered yelling, and it bothers a lot of people.

Just a friendly bit of advice,

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Hey TipTop,

Unless you're Trent Dilfer, feel free to come clean.
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Yeah, but I was stuck with him longer in Tampa Bay. Do you play football? The mystery is killing me.
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[color=royal blue]

Ahhhhhhhh...much better...How 'bout those 49'rs???????Whew....:angel4:
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Come on, Tip. Don't just hang out there being a wallflower. We're here to converse. I'm starting to look like an idiot talking to myself over here.
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Ok, Tip that was pretty vague. It includes just about any sport known to man. I mean really. I teach elementary school in a not-so-good neighborhood. I run that same risk with 5th graders everyday.
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Hmm, that leaves out Warren Sapp, because I know he didn't go to Fresno, Dennis Rodman, because of obvious jewelry reasons, and Tiger Woods, because I can't really see any "ripping" going on.
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Because now you represent a challenge. Gotta keep that Alzheimer's from setting in!
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Access your private messages on the main forum page. I gave you my best guess without revealing you to the public.
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Well welcome to CS. Tip! Glad you have enjoyed being here. It does get lively once in awhile. I for one can understand your wanting to remain unknown. Dont think I would like to live a public life at all.

So I take it you like cats? Do you have cats? Are those safe questions?

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I have my suspicions on your identity, but will keep it to myself for now, because if I'm wrong, which I may well be, I'll risk humiliation and ridicule! (joking here, joking)

So I will leave you to your but please just answer 1 more question...is there a ball involved in your sport?

I feel like we're playing Whats My Line! :laughing2:

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Thank you so much for the compliments!!
Most people don't appreciate my sense of humour :-(
I'm glad you enjoyed it

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We have to stop this bickering everyone! I know I am very confrontational when it involves cats - declawing, behavioral, etc. but this is a fun posting - meant to be light and happy. Catarina is a beautiful and sensitive soul - I remember meeting her when she was losing her wonderful cat friend - and the picture was very tasteful. But I doubt Donna was jealous either - I think we all have our limits and sometimes we forget to allow other people theirs. So I would just like to offer a suggestion for these personal, non cat related posts: everyone knows that we all are diverse and have different opinions - the answer is if you do not want to play nice, don't post. I remained silent through the cyber sex posts because I chose not to take part in the discussions - that is the way to handle these threads. Of course, when it comes to cat questions, I will be the first to answer - even if my answers are unpopular - mostly because I consider myself extremely knowledgable about our feline friends and that is the main reason for this cat site. Anyway, Sandie and I hopefully will be taking a trip next week to get me my kitty bracelet tattoo! Sandie can let all of you know what a baby I am!
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Rene, I cant very well let you get one alone...I am off to find money in the couch,cars,pants,usual hiding places so I can get one with you
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Rene; Thank You for stating , so tastefully, how a lot of us feel. I would like to see the threads such as this one remain "fun" a well as "interesting". I am curious, since I have never gotten a tattoo; how expensive are they? I'm sure it depends on the amount of work and the colors, etc. but for a general idea are they more than $50 for a simple, say, cat paws or butterfly or such. . . .. . .
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Remember the thread about those singing navels? If the young women in that advertisement had pierced navels, would the music be one big lisp? Hey, these are important and weighty questions!

Okay, I knew this guy years ago who had a big tattoo on each arm, both the result of terminal girlfriend-itis. One tattoo was of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character, which was this guy's nickname a la Ms Wonderful. Can you say, "Yuk"? His other arm sported the traditional heart-and-scroll motif. On the scroll was supposed to be the name "Carolyn." Well, it came out "Carloyn." Yikes! As I recall, his wardrobe contained a great many long-sleeved shirts.

Although piercings — like tattoos — aren't for everyone, some people space out on that reality and make a bad situation worse. Oh, well. I do like the vast majority of tattoos and piercings I've seen, on women anyway. Those here who know me will appreciate the fact that my close personal friend (right) Björk has what I consider to be a really-neat tattoo on one of her arms.

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To answer your question, I don't think anything is wrong with having piercings when I have kids. I think that when I get pregnant, I will take the bellybutton ring out. That's my luck that I would snag it on something! And the tongue, well I am starting to get tired of it. I figure when I am ready to have kids, I will have a good 3 0r 4 years to enjoy the tongue ring!! Maybe i won't be able to part with it- who knows?
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I'm such a wimp. I have one tattoo.. as has already been stated. There is no way I could ever get another. The one I have hurt bad enough.. (I'm am a major wimp when it comes to needles) and it bled too. They said that was because it was in a really sensitive area ( about 2 inches below my belly button) *shrug* the whole needle thing just isn't me. I.. however.. don't see a thing wrong with anyone getting a tattoo or piercing. I have my opinion on this. "It's your body, and if you are old enough and mature enough to completely understand the consequences of what it is your doing to it.. then feel free to do it" !! Thats how I feel... if its not hurting others then its your business what you get and I won't condemn anyone for it. I've seen some people have LOTS of tattoos and each and every one of them look really unique and lovely.


P.S. Rene, thank you, my thoughts exactly. I have stayed out of all the bickering.. and refrained from posting anything about it.. trying to avoid adding fuel to the fire.
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