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I could not help but to pop in here. This is one of my favorite subjects. I am one very down to earth person with lot's of morals and manors. Yet I have a belly button ring, an eye brow ring and 12 tattoos. I will have lots more before I can say I am done. I love every single one of them. I prefer fantasy art and all of my tattoos have to do with wizards,faires or animals. I have a sun and a moon (the moon has a cat sitting in the crook). If I could afford it, I would have one done more than once a year.
As for pain...LOL people ask me all the time. My response is " well yes it's going to hurt". The pain depends on where you get them and your tolerance to pain. People ask about my eye ring more because they can see it. I always tell them it feels like having an ear pierced but the sound was awful. My belly button was the same way but thank goodness I didn't hear anything. I never had a problem with infection or healing. I was very good about keeping them clean and protected. I have gotten them both snagged on a few things, but in general if you keep the ring and ball tight, you dont have a problem. Well, except the time my eye ring was new and I stuck my sunglasses through the ring..LOL.
As for the job aspect. I will not put any below my shirt line, neck or face. If I have to (we all know money can be an issue) I can cover all my tattos up. I can also take my eye ring out during the day. I have been lucky and have never had to cover anything up. As for people in general. If people do not like the fact that I am this way, I dont need them in my life. I too beleive that there is such a thing as too much. However it is not my body and not my life. If someone chooses to have 15 holes in their face, it's their right. Life is to short for what if's and holding back. Tattooing and peircing is not illegal and is pretty harmless (unless you get infections or worse HIV). I would rather have a droopy wizzard or a hole in my eye browe at 90 than be sitting there thinking I should have done it when I was younger. Just my thoughts on the whole thing.
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See.... Seeee......


is exactly why I'm so in love with you........

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This is something I've thought about thru the years and so far have not gotten one. Just when I'd talk myself into it, someone would say something to change my mind. Anyone heard that Hitler loved to have lampshades made of human skin that was tattooed? That stopped me once. My sister has a rose on her ankle and has to "oil" it to keep it looking good, not much oil on ankle and looks dried and withered. And there isn't much flesh there, so it did hurt she said.
I've thought about back shoulder maybe. Then I broke my arm and was off work 9 months, had surgery to put it back together. Now I get shots in joints for arthritis. The whole pain thing is getting to me, maybe I have enough without signing up for more? The age thing doesn't bother me, it's the pain equation.

Enough, I probably will just be satisfied with one hole in each ear and let it go at that. Let the grandkids have the vaious other holes in their body parts.

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Oh God Cat...too funny! :laughing2:

Poor guy though, I wonder if he ever admitted the pic was him to anyone else?

When I had my nipple pierced, my boyfriend did it. His mother worked at the hospital, and had all the gear, and he had done many piercings before. So after a shot (okay 2) of Zylocaine, and a gin and tonic (okay, 3) we just did it!
Was weird, I was so numb I just watched the needle go through and giggled, no pain until the Zylocaine wore off, then it burned like h*ll for 3 or 4 hours.

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Please don't read if you're very conservative. I don't want to insult anyone here!

I've got a great story to tell ya about my first encounter with piercings (other than my ears of course) :laughing::laughing:

I am quite suprised I haven't seen this thread, probably to caught up in other junk...anyway, I love piercings. My first piercing, wild piercing (in my bellybutton) was about 12 years ago! I had it done up in New Jersey at this place called Pleasurable Piercings! Me & my bud were looking at some pics and this guys..you-know-what had all these piercings in it! The guy saw us looking and he proudly announced that that was him! There was a large group of people around us, so they looked as well. Well, this guys..ya know...was rather small and his other things...well, they were rather too big for his small...ya know...so, my friend being the smarta## she is, says "OH LOOK....All fruit and no stem!" I never laughed so hard in my life...this poor guys universe just fell in on him in one second:...the other people including the other men's eyes turned into platters!!! He slinked into some back room never to return ....Until....you guessed it...until my friend was going to get her you know what pierced! <<<The guy Me>>>>:laughing: :LOL: :laughing::LOL: She said "no, way! Get me someone else! :disturbed:
So...they took care of her and she was fine.:LOL: Thank Goodness Then it was my turn :disturbed: This gorgeous hunk of man came in and said...well, you've got a great bellybutton to pierce! I was in loveland...go ahead wwwwooooooohoooooooo pierce away! :laughing: He said well, hold your breath this shouldn't hurt too much. He pierces my bellybutton and I thought I was going to swallow my tongue! :disturbed:
Needless to say...I walked away one hurtin pup and as far as my friend goes she was too! But who cares with memories like that!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: That's priceless!!
Oh yeah, I have my nose, tongue and bellybutton, no tats
Thinkin about getting a few more, but just in the thought stage right now

Well, take care and have a great weekend!
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Ok Cat, stop that!

I replied to your post, then you removed it and reposted it...so now it looks like I'm a mindreader! :laughing2:

Oh well, everyone thinks I'm crazy anyway...let Madame Cleo tell you the future! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

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:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I hit submit then quickly hit preview and it went straight to preview...so, I didn't think twice about it! :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Till I saw your posting and thought....:laughing::laughing: Okay, let's play with Cleo today :LOL: :laughing::LOL: :laughing:

Did it trip ya up? Someone did that to me before and I was "HUH"

It's cool...we know we're all a bit eccentric around here
We have to be! It's a cold world out there! :laughing:
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Well I have 9 piercings. I did have 10. I have 4 in my left ear, 3 in my right. I have my navel pierced and my tongue. I did get my eyebrow done but my fiance FREAKED out!! So I took it out.
I have no tatts, though. I get tired of stuff quickly so I don't want anything permanent. However, I have had my piercings for 3+ years. But still, I plan to take them out (tongue and belly button)when I have children.
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OK..time to confuse the troops again by asking the conservative type question. Given that there will be many pictures of your young selves around...what are you going to do in a few years when it's your teenagers who are wanting to do something outrageous and you are doing the Mom/Dad thing? If you say no,I'm sure someone will trot out the photos of you at that age...probably your mom and pop.:LOL:

Just wait and see what YOUR kids come up with. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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My son is 22, and has more tattoo's than I do! :laughing2:
He went through the piercing stage too, but has removed all of them...I hated that stage, he pierced his own lip, eyebrow, and nose...was horrible! The fact that he had them pierced wasnt so bad, but he used a DIAPER pin! Its a miracle his pierced parts didnt rot and fall off!

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Hmmmm....well my first question for Chloe111 is why do you feel a need to take them out when you have kids? Unless you are just plain tired of them, I really don't see a need to take them out for kids (no harm meant).
As for my kid. I have a 7 year old and her mother has her 11 tatoos and piercings. When she is 17 she is more than welcome to do what she wishes with her body. If she feels strongly enough about either, I will go with her and check the place out and sign the concent. I would much prefer her coming to me first than going to a second rate place getting something like either done. My daughter will be able to what she wishes as long as it does not involve breaking any laws or causing harm to anyone.
Of course if she brings home a man 13 years older than her, I am not sure how I will take it, but I can't say no because then I would be saying it was wrong of me to marry her dad
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AWRIGHT SANDIE!!!You go girl! Hey Ken, care to tell us where YOUR tats are??? Better yet, care to show us????

I've been thinking about having another tattoo done. Hey Rene, want to go together for moral support??

I love Sandie. She's my kinda girl. The amazing thing is she's the same age as my kid! But so much more mature.

Thanks for the Frooties guys.


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LOL Donna, you are welcome for the fruities, however I stopped and got them on the way out instead of carrying them all over "P" Town..hehe.
I plan to go with Rene and will get one if the $ is there. We can have a tattoo party
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LOL!! Are you making fun of me???? If you are you forgot to mention the bazillion pound cat feeder in a box. Remember when I asked Rene to watch "it" while we were in the restaurant? That turned a few heads.

I hope you guys will wait till I get back from Michigan to have the tattoos done. I'd love to have a tattoo party. Then we can all drink to excess to kill the pain. Whattdyasay??
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Ok, a statement and a question for Sandie.

First off, I as much as anyone believe in a person's right to pierce and/or tattoo as much as he/she wants. You're absolutely right, Sandie. It's your body. I do wonder about 18-19 year olds who go to extremes with tattoos. Participation in fads like blue hair or piercings can be changed/removed if later, one decides that isn't the look desired any more. Tattoos are a one way street.

Second, if I was thinking about getting just one tattoo, as I have indicated that I have seriously considered, where (on the body) would you suggest? I, too, have to be concerned about maintaining a conservative outward appearance for the sake of my job. Teachers get held to a little bit stricter standard than the rest of the general population.
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Well, as far as the extreme goes, yes there are some real extremes out there. Then again I guess one could say a favorite expression is live and learn. I started getting tattood at 16 and I really doubt I will ever regret or change my views on any of them. Of course this is only my view. Of course I cant imagine why anyone would want gang signs or devil warship material on them forever.
Okay, as far as the best places to conceal if need be would be first the bikini lines. This way you can always cover with underwear. However, if you are only concerned with people or kids you work with you can put one on your back below a tank top line, your outer thighs, your chest below a tank top line or your lower back. This way they will be covered with just minimum clothing like tank tops and shorts. I have them all over and I have to wear pants and a short sleve shirt to cover them all. This way if need be for a job I can hide them at all times (hopefully they would have air conditioning).
Oh...I forgot in my previous posts, This weekend I was in Province town in Mass and found a belly button ring and the ball is a very cute teal cat face....I can't beleive I found it..I just love it!!
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Well, a couple of those areas are ones I'm not overly anxious to attract attention to. Let's just say that the thighs, for example have seen thinner days. What about the upper back? At school I wear stuff that covers there. I thought about ankle, but I really just want to avoid the leg area altogether. I don't have the most stellar circulation going on in the lower legs. The only thing about the back is that I'll never see the damn thing, so what's the point?
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I have both: both of my ears are pierced just once, but I rarely wear earings!! As for tattoos, I have 3. I have a rose on each outside ankle. They are the same design, but the left ankle is a purple rose, and the right one is a blue rose. The other is on my left shoulder. It is a red heart with my husband's name in the middle; the outside has flowers. I rarely even notice them, which is a good thing.... I didn't want a lot of attention, which is why I have them where they are at My husband has 3 tattoos, as well. On both arms, he has The Crow logo from The Crow and The Crow Part II; he also has another tattoo above the one with a gargoyle with my name on it

At one time, I did think of getting either my nose or eyebrow pierced, but then I decided against it. My brother had a tongue ring. The funny part: my parents didn't even know he had gotten it until he blurted it out when we were with them at a restaurant for his My mom didn't believe it, so he stuck his tongue out!!:tounge2: :ooh I don't think he has it in anymore, but she did tell me that he swallowed the barbell!!
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I am not real sure on how a tattoo would effect circulation. The ankles are a great place for tattoos. I have 2 on one and 1 on the other. The only drawback would be that to hide it you have to wear socks or pants. I have one on each arm above a shirt line, but again a drawback would be no tank tops at work and such. What about your chest? You would be able to see it and cover it too.
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Tank tops at work are a severe no-no at school! There are some schools where you can't even wear backless shoes.
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I have 3 tattoos....I have a little devil on my lower abdomen...well at the top and side of my bikini line and I have a sea horse on the top of my thigh...I had that particular one done with my best friend...It just marked a time in our lives (literally) and I have a lizard at the base of my back....I think there is a photo of them some place I will have to dig them out and post them.

I have my nose pierced...just coz i like it and it suits me and I have my tragus (sp?) pierced - that is the part of the ear which is next to your face - does that make sense I had that done because I only saw one person with it done and it looks real nice I wear a tiny gold hoop with a little gold ball. I also have my conch (sp?) peiced - tat is the inside of my ear at the top - I know that really must make no sense at all.

i did have my belly button done but I was out and a kid fell (or rather was falling) until he grabbed my shirt along with belly ring...

Donna about the nose blowing and picking - it is simple...nose studs come either hooked of thin and straight so you can put it in and bend it up so blowing and picking is no problem what so ever and when you remove a nose stud to close over there is hardly any scar what so ever
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Ever since I read this thread, I've been thinking about what I would get if I were to get a tattoo (my mom would NEVER go for it, but it's fun to think about). I really like the idea of an angel...that's one that I don't think I would ever regret. Unless I up and become an atheist, which I don't think will be happening. I also just came up with getting a pair of toe shoes on my ankle. But I my have to put these off until after my dance career (the career I'm hoping for, anyway)...do they allow that sort of thing in profesional companies? oh well- it's a long shot anyhow. but it's fun to think about...
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I find it interesting how wwe humans can willingly poke holes in ourselves and inject foreign substances into our skin...but let us get a cut or scratch and we go banannas. I have sat and picked a splinter from my hand and noticed all the painful expressions on anyone watching.

I'm not criticizing here folks...just commenting on the human condition.
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LOL Kittyfoot...I am actually okay with some pain but anything that has to do with the eyes makes me cringe!! However, if I had a choice of poking more holes in my body or getting stuck with ink and needles over giving birth again...I would be getting tattoo's or piercings!!
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I had my tongue, belly button and eyebrow pierced but I took them out. I had to take my belly button ring out when I had my daughter last year that is also when I took out my tongue ring. My eyebrow didn't last to long it hurt to bad when I slept. I also have my ears pierced 3 times.

I also have 3 tattoos. One on my shoulder of Tigger, one on my lower back it is trible and one on my leg of a fether, a rose, and a peace sign.
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Dear Kittyfoot :angel2:

I totally understand what you're saying. Tattoos used to scare me...but now, if someone wants to do that; it seems so "right"...or I guess I feel happy if that's what makes that person happy. I vasillate too much on what I think I'd want...there's too many decisions! :confused3:


I have no children except of course my furbabies , however, it amazes me how women can have children because I know it's so sooooooo painful...I think Gosh, how brave!!! I really admire them. Of course the baby is wonderful and we can't replace that Gift! But, I would have to agree since you obviously know this first hand! Whew...what a choice!

Amanda My Sweet! :angel2:

OH MY LORD!!! How in the world did you do bear the pain of that guy pulling on your belly button ring!!????
I think I would've passed out or vomitted (s'cuse me folks) or both. You poor girl...Did it heal well??? By the way, how are you and when are you leaving for the states?

Dear Simon's Mommy :angel2:
I would get to where I'd want to remove mine too, but I'd be so stubborn no matter what the pain, because I felt that I knew if I took it out, I'd have to repierce it...YIKES so...that idea was short lived for me. I understand that some can go without their peircing for months. I can go without an earring forever, but not my bellybutton, nose or tongue. Those have to be left in or I'm asking for trouble.

Dedicated to those who love their tats
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I did have my tongue redone 3 times before. However I have not had it done since the last time I took it out.
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You Cattarina,

Could you PLEASE lay off the nude pictures in your posts?? First of all your contradicting yourself with this God thing you got going on. Second and most important...they're inappropriate and...THEY'RE GETTING ON MY NERVES!!! I would appreciate it.

Peace Be With You, Hon

P.S. Where's Gayef when you need her???
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Hi, I have to admit that was the most painful peiercing of all (for me) it wasn't the actual peircing itself, it was because of the placement and you had to eat! Thereby, irritating it! I think I lost about 5 pounds maybe more after that one! :laughing: You are one brave woman!!

Take Care

Love &,
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That pattern in the pic got me thinking...NO,not about that...!! How's about starting a new style...getting tatooed with the color patterns of your favorite cat? Just think...tiger stripes,tabby,tortie. Of course hairstyles to match. I haven't figured out tails yet.

Now if anybody makes a million with this I claim 5% right now.

(please note...I'm joking,don't hit me!!! I'll tell Mom)
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