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A Note to ALL from Anne

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Last night Anne started to have contractions. Her due date is not till November 20th. At times they were 8 minutes apart, then went to 40 minutes, 12 minutes, all over the map. She tuffed it out and we spent the majority of the night talking. I tried to get her to go to the hospital, but she wanted to wait until her regular docter was available.

She finally went this morning to find out she is completely affaced and 1 cm dialated! They put her on medication to stop the contractions, and strict bed rest. The pills she is taking leave her weak and lower her blood pressure so she won't be available for awhile.

Please send her your best thoughts during this time. If I hear anything else I will let you know.
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I am sending major WAIT BABY vibes. I really hope that everything is ok. If you talk to her tell her not to worry about us and to take care of herself. My prayers are hers!
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OMG! I hope she is ok now! Anne is in my thoughts, get well and rest hon!
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Sending lots of prayers
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Sending good thoughts Anne. Take care and get lots of rest!
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Oh no!! I hope everything goes ok *sending good vibes and prayers*
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Well, I already posted in the mod lounge, but repeating myself can't hurt, right?

Good baby vibes to Anne and her little one. I hope he waits a bit longer until entering this world!
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Oh my gosh! I hope everything is okay. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts, and sending 'wait baby' vibes as well.
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Oh boy! Now that is scary! I will be keeping Anne in my thoughts and prayers! Poor thing!!
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That is scary! Sending Anne my positive thoughts! Baby - wait!!!
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Hold on little baby!

Get well soon Anne!
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My prayers and positive vibes are heading Anne's way.
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Sending all the wait baby vibes/energy/prayers I can muster. Please wait little one and stay in your mommy's womb where it is safe.
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OMG! Sending tons of healthy baby stay in vibes!
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Sending' baby come later ' vibes to Anne

Also lots of *hugs* and love for Anne at this time!

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I too will keep Anne and babe in my thoughts.
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Sending lots of "Wait Baby" vibes to the baby and "Get lots of Rest" Vibes to Anne!
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Sending mega "hold on Baby" vibes your way Anne! Please take care of yourself & that little bundle in the oven!
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I will be in prayer for Anne and her baby
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i hope the baby will be able to wait!! Just a little bit longer....
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Sending lots of **good vibes** to Anne and her little baby that just cannot wait to get out! Wait a little, just a little bit longer now, hon, still need a little more strength from Mommy first!
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Positive thoughts and prayers heading out to Anne, baby, and the whole family.
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Sending prayers for Anne and her baby...

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A friend of mine went through something similar. The major stress here should be....."when the doctor says bed rest the doctor MEANS bed rest". My friend hated it but she stayed off her feet and her son was born perfectly normal and very healthy 2 weeks before his due date.

I'm adding my prayers and sending happy thoughts and warm wishes.
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OMG! That's so scary! Take care of yourself Anne, and don't worry about us! Sending major "healthy baby-wait to be born" vibes!
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I just saw this! I am sending prayers and positive Anne's way for a healthy full-term baby!
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Hey, there, li'l person , we're anxious to meet you, too, but hang on, OK? And, Mum -- take care of you and don't worry about us. Lotsa good vibes and prayers on their way to you both.
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The best thing for her is the bedrest and staying *well hydrated*. The 1 cm is no big deal, but the effacement means those contractions were having some effect, so here's to the medicine, bedrest, *liquids* (strong hint, drink, drink, drink that water!) and all the prayers giving her another 3-4 weeks.
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Sending prayers her way
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Sending postive healing vibes to Anne and the baby from me and the boys
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