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Thanks for the tip hissy. It is getting pretty cold here. Tonite she came to the patio but didnt care much for the dry food I put out. I was like well hmmffphh. lol. It was just nice to see her stop by the patio
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Wow Sicy - I've followed Prego's whole story- what a STUNNING tortie snowshoe! You have definitely got a new addition on your hands - she trusts you and soon she will luuuurve you and if she's got that much siamese in her she'll be a real cuddlebumpkin!

My Mom and I tamed a stray who also started contact by playing with pompoms. We used to leave "trails " of cat crunchies that got closer and closer to us while we sat quietly reading. Eventually the trail would end up on my hand which was ever-so-casually resting palm up on the floor. it was not long after that she accepted food proffered on my hand and then stroking while feeding.

We found her a loving home and she now sleeps IN her owners' bed at night she is such a snuggler. The whole process took about a year and a half so you are REALLY winning!
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Prego came over tonite and she was VERY much in the mood to play

She almost looks fat!! So glad she is healthy

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OH Sicy , she looks absolutly gorgeous So healthy and happy .
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She's positively stunning, Sicy -- you've done so well with her.
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SHe's looking great!!!! Nice to see her again.
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Thanks She kept rolling over exposing her belly when she was playing with the feather. She was only like a foot away from me. SO close but yet so far
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Here she is on the patio chair

And I tried to give her a treat.. and I tried to touch her back and as soon as I touched her she jumped off the chair *sigh* I touched her though!!! lol.

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You can tell on the last pic that Prego was ready to jumb off the chair .

Great pics Sicy , Prego is so beautiful
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It's all progress, Sicy -- a teeny touch today, a longer one tomorrow -- she'll relax in her own time, and that seems to be getting nearer. Congratulations on good work. She's lovely.
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Congrads on the great work with her Sicy. She's coming around slowly but she is. She's lovely.

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Prego is so beautiful. I sure wish I could adopt her. I have a feeling she will be a real sweetheart, once she finally gets over her fear of people.
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
Prego is so beautiful. I sure wish I could adopt her. I have a feeling she will be a real sweetheart, once she finally gets over her fear of people.
I have that feeling, too, Hope. It strikes me as more than possible that at this point she's disciplining herself very carefully not to go too fast -- this human certainly SEEMS to be the goods, but she's gotta listen to her experience. The day she decides to take the leap of faith will be a Red Letter Day, indeed.
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Well its been awhile but not much new to report. I can get closer and closer to her though. She doesnt trip off me really anymore. I've had to move my patio chair and her patio chair closer to the door because of the rain. So her patio chair is on one side of the door and mine is on the other.. just 3 feet away from each other and the entrance to the door is in the middle.

So, yesterday she came while I was sitting in my chair and she just looked at me, and jumped into her chair to sit down. She also walked right under me to get to the corner of the patio and she doesnt even move when I go back into the house after I smoke. Her chair is literally not even a foot away from the door.

This morning as I was in my chair and she was in hers I looked at her and talked to her and winked and blinked. She gave me the slow blink back We have done this a few times. So basically I can look into her eyes and she blinks at me back.

Last nite I came outside and 4 cats ran Two tuxedos and another Prego look alike. Prego is the only one that doesnt run
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Wow Sicy that sounds really good that Prego is getting closer and closer . What is awsome is , when you were sitting in the chair for your smoke and after you were done she did not even move when you went back insite .One day Sicy , one day , you will pet her .

So now I guess you have more visiters , what a suprise for you . Do you know if all ferals are neuter/spayed now ? Are they part of the old clan or are those cats you have seen new ?
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Nice developments, Sicy -- especially the slow blink -- not offered to just anyone, so you ARE special to her, even if she's not quite ready for the leap of faith.
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About half of these visitors are the ones that we trapped and spayed. I think there are still a couple that are not or that are new. They usually stay near the feeder though that we set up next door in the dirt lot but I guess when it rains they come to my house for fresh food lol.
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Here you can see the chairs and where the door is.

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Sicy , that is very close . I am so happy , more success with Prego .
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Prego is still around.. still havent touched her yet but I'm not surprised lol.

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she so pretty and looks so healthy! You are doing a great job with her!
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Wow, she looks so much healthier than when you first started posting about her. She is gorgeous!
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Wow! She is gorgeous...though that is a pretty funny expression she has in that picture!
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Shes so pretty
It's a shame shes not letting you pet her yet, she looks like she'ld make a lovely indoor kitty.
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I just went through this entire thread and I have tears in my eyes. The first pictures were beautiful but the last ones show how healthy she has become and she looks so "full" of herself and knows you are taking her pictures. She is a very lucky kitty.
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Thanks you guys

I think in the second pic she's sticking her tongue out... lol cutie! She looks like she's getting fatter. I havent really been doing anything except feeding her and providing a chair with a blanket for her to sleep on. I try to play with her when I can too. I left the feather on the patio and she was playing with it by herself earlier for about a half hour lol.
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Here's the picture of her from September.. before I started feeding her and before she was spayed.

She looks so different now!!
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What a change!! You know Sicy, that's not all you're doing. It comes naturally to you to treat a cat with respect, but that's not something she's had any reason to expect from a human. I think she's moved as close to you as she has, as much as anything, because she knows you won't ask anything of her that she's not ready to give. And one day, that trust will expand to the point where she will no longer be able to resist the impulse to reach out to a hand offered in kindness.
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Thanks Fran. I think you're right. Because now when I sit in my chair she will go eat, go to her chair or even walk behind me or past me slowly and not trip off me. (Unless I move suddenly).
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Wow Sicy what a difference . She looks so much healthier now and so happy . When you look and combare the 2 pics with each other you also can see on the fur how much better she is doing with all the good food she is getting . Also she kind of look stressed in the first pic and by the 2nd pic she is very relaxed . Good job girl
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