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Ok I did it - new kitten

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I swear we JUST got home now after being out since 11am. We went to all the shelters in my area, adoption fairs.. I was just so indecisive it was horrible. LOL. One shelter had sooo many kittens, all different kinds, but they were all getting over the panluk.. whatever virus and I was very wary about adopting from there. A lot of the kitties eyes were watery and a lot of them were sleeping. We werent allowed to touch them. There was a gorgeous siamese male there but my fiancee and I watched him miss his litterbox, and his stool was like water So I ended up going back to the first place we went to. And I ended up with another gray cat LOL! He is so affectionate. He's just 2 months old. Already neutered (yesterday) and has had his first two vaccinations. Negative for fel luk but I guess they cant test for fiv till 6 months. I hope everything is ok with him.

His name is Saki Saki bomb!!!!!!!!!! He was rubbing all over me and just wanted all kinds of attention.. and has not bitten me yet He already ran out of the bathroom once and Zoey just kind of looked at him funny

I have a couple pics. I'd like to keep this thread here in the lounge because I'll probly be coming back here to talk about him every day

I'm going to upload a few pics now..
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Hope it all goes well for you sicy. Just think now you have two cats to tire you out each day!
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"He was rubbing all over me and just wanted all kinds of attention.."

Looks like you got your snuggler Congrats! Looking forward to the pics.
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Sicy got a kitten I am so happy ..... cant wait for pics and he sounds so cute to me .
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Sicy, congrats on your new family member!
I hope your two babies will make great frinds really soon!
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Congrats Sicy! And where are these pics you mentioned? Just think, a brand new baby to Photoshop!
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oh sicy im so excited for ya, i know this kitty got a real good home, i love the name, thats cute... cant wait to see.. congrats. and wish you all the luck with him
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omg he is so :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: cute!! He was just meow, meow, meow, and headbonking my face and hands and just all over me

It's a mini Zoey LMAO!!

His fur is so strange It feels like a RUG.. its so weird. I wonder if he will grow into that.
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I think I'm going to have a million questions. He is neutered but his little pee pee keeps popping out Is that normal?
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One more for now

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awwwwwww what a cutie boy , I want to snuggle him so bad
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He is absolutely incredibly gorgeous....my dearest wish will now be that he and Zoey become fast friends...she can mother him and boss him, and have a culprit in her crimes <G>. I wish you many, many happy years with him! (and Zoey of course!)
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He is sooo cute!!! This is so exciting! Is Zoey still calm about this?
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Hey congratulations on your new "furbaby" hopefully Zoey won't get too jealous and "de fur" him..... Just remember to not be a slacker with attention to Zoey...GOOD LUCK with the kitten.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I think I'm going to have a million questions. He is neutered but his little pee pee keeps popping out Is that normal?
Hee, hee, unfortunately, yes......neutering only removes the ability to reproduce, not the urge to "let it all hang out" . And he'll do it at the most embarassing times too!
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omg, he is a cutie and looks so full of life and healthy, he is a mini Zoey, they will become fast friends im sure, Zoey will probally be the boss though i know you have so much fun ahead of you.
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I'm so glad you found a new addition for your family! Give Saki a scritch, and Zoey a wary pat or two.
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awwww what a cutie!! he looks like my little granet I'm so glad you found a cuddley kitty! I hope zoey likes him!
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Thank you everyone for the well wishes! This is very exciting and kinda scary. I've never had such a tiny kitten before.

Zoey is in the living room. We just let Saki explore the bedroom, now he's back in the bathroom He hasnt gone potty yet. I hope he goes soon

I want to get Saki accustommed to the whole apartment before I let him loose for good. And I want him to explore it while Zoey is in a different room.

I swear the purr motor on this guy is insane! So cute.
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OMG! He is so adorable!
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This is such wonderful news, and I'm really looking forward to seeing lots and lots of posts about him and Zoey! ...and pictures too, of course!
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Congrats on your new kitten.
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That kitten is just the cutest, most precious little guy, I've ever seen, next to my little Simba (let's face it, I am partial to my baby), but I have to say your little Saki is right up there on the same league.

There may be a little grumbling at first on Zoey's part, but she'll get over it, and probably be thrilled to have a new friend to play with, while you're gone.

I think you're just gonna love your boy. I think boy kitties are so much more affectionate and loving.

This is one lucky little boy, to have you for his new mama. I can't wait to see how you spoil him.
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Congratulations! He is just adorable, I am crossing my fingers that he and Zoey get to be fast and inseperable friends...

Looking forward to lots more pictures!!!
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Congratulations Sicy! You finally got another little furbaby, he's soooooo cute that I would love to cuddle him.

I'm curious though, you said he was 2 months old and already neutered isn't that too young?

I know you will have fun with him, stay on your toes!
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this is such an exciting and anxiety ridden time! I just went through the whole introductions not to long ago, in fact we're only about 5 weeks or so into it.

I was a nervous mess but it all worked out and and now they are fast friends. It was the right thing to do for my little copeland, and it was worth all the anxiety that i felt.

good luck and not to worry, you have the collective wisdom of TCS to draw on!
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Originally posted by SkyKitty
I'm curious though, you said he was 2 months old and already neutered isn't that too young?
That's what I thought but this specific shelter fixes them at 2 months

Zoey is in a bad mood Prego the stray is outside, and she doesnt like her.. then we've got Saki smells on me and fiancee.. and my neighbor just came over and played with Saki then tried to pick up Zoey and Zoey hissed at her I tell her over and over, Zoey doesnt like to be picked up!!! She's never hissed at a person before though. *sigh*
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Give Zoey a few days. When I brought Nala home, Ashley hated her. Hissed and hissed and hissed some more. After about 2 days, Ashley watched over Nala like a hawk. Her motherly instincts took over and they became almost inseparable.
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Aww... Saki is soo adorable.... Love to Miss Zoey too.
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Cats usually hiss and get upset for a couple of days or so, when a new one comes in. Zoey may even growl at first, but don't worry, they will get adjusted to each other, and pretty soon, they may become really close, and love each other.
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