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I say pick a little kitty that you fall in love with and bring him/her home. You will be able to deal with an occasional spray or two As much attention and caring as you give Zoey, everything will work out just fine with a new kitty no matter what!

Can you adopt Binky??????
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
Can you adopt Binky??????
LOL yknow, that would be so convenient My fiancee really likes Binky too. I dont know if my neighbor would just GIVE me one of her cats Although she did say jokingly the other day that she could give me Binky then she could go get another cat

She says I just have a way with him.. I know how to approach them. She kind of approaches her cats loud and rough.. I think she thinks they're dogs or something Binky loves to get scritches from me and he always gives me headbonks
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If you are looking for snuggly cats I reccommend a siamese. Being extremely affectionate is a character trait for them. My boys follow me from room to room, and Jake insists on being in my lap or sleeping at my side at all times. Sometimes he'll sit by my feet and howl and howl and howl really really REALLY loud until I pick him up. Then he turns on his motor purrs and rubs his head all over my hands and face.

Lots of cats are affectionate, but from what I understand it is a character trait with Siamese (although you do have your exceptions). You and I need to meet someday. You can meet my boy Jake. Complete stranger or not.. he'll let you hold him all day long if you're petting him and smothering him with attention, oh and don't you dare attempt to give one of my other boys attention if Jake is around. He'll promptly let you know that he is the only one you are to bestow your attention upon. LOL!
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Ok I'm coming over

Seriously you live so close I could be there in 15 minutes
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Sicy , Oriental Shorthair have the same personality like the Siamese cat . Angel and Thailee follow me like dogs around the house .Thailee also fetch his toys and bring them back to me . Angel sleeps with me unter my blanket in the night and Thailee sleeps on top of my back , shoulder or belly depenting how I sleep
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LOL! Well, we should meet and have lunch some time, and then I'll bring you over to my house and you can meet my boys! (Don't mind the mess please)!

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Hey I'm free on Friday afternoons and the weekends just let me know when
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Sicycat- I want to make some comments regarding what u said..
I really would rather get a female, but I just hear males are more affectionate, and less of a threat to females than females.. can anyone confirm this. I really really dont want to deal with spraying though.
I have two boys and two girls and have not had any problems with any spraying or being threatening to others.. I think it really helps when the cats are fixed at 6 months old OR YOUNGER before they start spraying.

All 4 are very affectionate in different ways with me and with each other which leads me to think that it doesn't make a difference in which gender or breed are more likely to be more affecionate. I think it depends on the cat's personality, background, the environment the cat is living in, etc...

Let me explain how my cats are affectionate toward each other AND me in different ways so u can see. All four likes to be in the same room with me so if I move to another room, they will all come following (even if they were in middle of a nap!)67.

Buddy (BOY) likes to cuddle on my chest and knead away at my neck until I look like I have a rash or a hickey on my neck! He also INSISTS on riding on my back/shoulders (even when I am screaming in pain from his claws in my back! )

Spike (BOY) likes to do headbutts and nose rubbings with me especially whenever I'm on the toilet-he'd jump up on my lap and proceed to do nose rubbing with me! He also likes to nibble on my nose when I'm taking a bath. Don't ask me why!

I've noticed that all 4 likes to clean each other and wrestle.. None of them feels threatened by each other...

Pepper (GIRL) LOVES to sleep on my lap ALL the time and will often rub against my legs meowing her head off until I pick her up to pet her for a few minutes. (guess she figured out that I'm deaf and can't hear her meowing so that's why she will rub against my legs and wait for me to look at her before she meows! )

Zebra (GIRL) likes to be petted and will put herself in my way therefore forcing me to stop whatever I'm doing at the moment and pet her. She also likes to sleep with me no matter what time it is or how many cats are already on top of me! As u might remember from some of my other posts, I believe that Zebra learned to be more affectionate and is still learning from the other cats because the only time she showed me affection BEFORE I adopted the boys was when she'd sleep with me. She didn't go out of her way to get me to pet her like she does now, etc..

Who knows, Zoey MIGHT learn to be more affectionate from seeing another cat cuddling with u.

I know how difficult it can be to make a decision regarding what kind of cat to get, age, gender, etc.. However, I know that u will make the right decision regarding getting a cat because u really want the best for Zoey, the "new" cat and urself and u will give them a great home with lots of love and spoiling.
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Thank you Pamela. You are so lucky to have ALL of your cats be cuddle bugs!!

I'm also concerned that Zoey will change with a new cat. I mean she wouldnt even let me touch her when Binky is here. I dont want her to stop greeting me, headbonks etc the cute things she does. I dont know if that's something that she needs to get used to having another cat and then she will be back to her old self or what.
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I highly doubt Zoey will stop with the headbutting and the cute things she usually does with u if u get another cat. It might take her a couple days/weeks before she's back to her "normal" self. Remember she's very interested in Blinky cuz he's new and hmmm she knows she can see u any time

Whenever I brought home a new addition to the family, the other cats would ignore me for a few days and FOCUS totally on the "new" cat then after they become used to the new cat, they'd start acting normal...

Yeah it's great that all 4 are "cuddle bugs" but sometimes it can be challenging, risky and a bit annoying. Meaning, often, I'd be trying to rush around getting ready to go to work and end up tripping over the cats because they felt they needd more affection, etc. It also can be really difficult to sleep with 2-3 cats trying to knead, rub and just be on top of u!

Last nite I didn't sleep good at all due to having all 3 cats sleeping on me on the couch (I really need to get a queen sized bed SOON since my old bed is BAD!) so I took a nap today and it wasn't good either! Due to having 3 cats sleeping on me again. (usually it'd be 1-2 cats but not all 3 and they chose weird places on me to sleep on last nite and today!)

I wouldn't trade them and their "cuddling" for anything though!
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I've had many cats throughout my life. My experience has always been that the boys are the most (consistently) cuddly. And, for what it's worth, out of all the male cats we've had, only one has been a sprayer.

Our alpha female, Princess, has never and will never be cuddly. She tolerates our other cats, but not too well. However, our alpha male Rocky cuddles with everything - human or animal. He even cleans our kittens and is not threatened by anything ever. My kittens, Max and Vladimir, are both snuggly as all get out, although Vladimir is more so than Max. He'll follow you around and meow at you until you pick him up. Pretty much every male tuxedo I've come in contact with is that way.

The only reason I'd be hesitant about this decision (if I were you) is because Zoey sounds a lot like Princess in terms of attitude and behavior. Princess isn't really bitchy (for lack of a better word) but she likes to do her own thing and has a lot of independence. She also loves the window perch and spends most of her day lying on it doing nothing. Zoey may never forgive you for bringing another cat home *OR* she might be happy to have more space. I'm not sure if Princess acts the way she does because she doesn't like other cats or if that's just her personality. She does get along better with males than females though - she's scared of other females and whenever we've taken them in from time to time, she would hide on top of an armoir. She was so scared that we had to feed her up there and put the female cats in another room so that she could come down and use the litter box.

I would definitely *not* get another female, in this case. But I think a male kitty that's been around other cats would be a good idea, if you do decide to go ahead with your decision..

Good luck.. any cat would be very lucky to have you as an owner. The love you have for Zoey is felt by all of us and I think that's why your neighbor says you have a way with her cats.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Well it would be a good idea except, Zoey never reacts after I've touched another cat. I come home after playing with ChiChi at my parents house all day and Zoey could care less.

Kim that's pretty amazing. I dont think I could picture Zoey cuddling with any other cat though.. I mean she doesnt even cuddle with me

Ginger, I sit at the comp all nite, she could come up on my lap if she wanted. She just chooses not to. She loves attention, but only when she wants it.. and she doesnt like me all up in her face

I really would rather get a female, but I just hear males are more affectionate, and less of a threat to females than females.. can anyone confirm this. I really really dont want to deal with spraying though.
Now that I have alot of boy and girl cats I think it just depends on the cat. Most of my cats are very cuddley. The only one that doesn't like to snuggle is granet the solid gray one, but even he is starting to come around. Knock on wood, I have never had a problem with spraying. I say get the kind of cat you want. I think zoey will adjust either way male or female. I used to prefer males but know I it doesn't really matter to me anymore. I love my little princesses just as much as the boys
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So..... did I miss something? Any decision? Did you bring home a kitty and I missed it??????????

And a couple of posts or pages ago, you mentioned Zoey's not her normal head-butty self when Blinky's around.... THAT is normal!!!!! It takes our kitties here anything from a few days to a few weeks to get back to their purring or playful selves when we bring a newcomer home. All you'd have to do is give Zoey LOTS of extra attention (not that she doesn't get enough now, LOL!), greet her first, etc.

So? So? So?
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LMAO! Noo new kitty yet

Trust me you'd know, cuz I'd be posting a million pictures
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When?? Lol
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont know
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Better be soon!
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Binky is over playing right now! This is so entertaining. He's chasing a ping pong ball all over the house and Zoey is deciding if she wants to play or not She will run up to him and make her "bprrr!!" sound like she does when she plays, but then she kinda stops in front of him, not quite sure if she should or not. And they have both raised their paws at each other like in playing attack mode it is so cute and funny. I think she feels more comfortable around him!

Yet when she sees the stray girl outside she isnt as happy.

Ok I'm getting a boy
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any pics of this fore-play? ooops...uh...okay I'm leaving
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Zoey looks really interested! Binky is adorable, all that soft fur!!!
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looks to me Zoey is enjoying the visits
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Theyre so cute together!!
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Looks to me as if Zoey is doing splendidly with this little experiment.
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I have to agree!! It's like each time it gets better
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Sicy.. but what is Zoey gets attached to Binky then will be no way you can stop there visits!, KITTEN KITTEN KITTEN
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I know! LOL! Binky already runs straight from his house right into mine
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Awww! Omg how cute is that!

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OMG!! Sicy - Binky is too much!!!!!! I love him - he looks cute with Zoey. Was Binky's mouth opened in that pic because he was meowing or was he panting? What a funny shot! LOLOLOL!!!

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