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Very Touching Website

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My local no kill shelter put this one together. A very touching website. It made me cry!

Homeless Pets
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That was well made, and very touching indeed. I cried...
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Add my tears as well... and I doubt I'll be able to hear that song without tearing up anymore...
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OMG that is sooooooooooooo sad!!!!! I'm going to put a link to it on my website. I also made a small donation. urgh, i need to go hug all my kitties now and cry some more.
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what is the name of that song and who is it by?
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It's Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
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Me Too.
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Val, you are a sweetheart for making a donation! There are so many homeless pets, that donation is going to help them!
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WOW. it was intense. what more can you say with words?
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simply powerful- good job whoever put it together- there are so many out there in the world not just in shelters. Please everyone spay and neuter your pets!
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OMG! That was absolutely beautiful! I of course cried along with it...heck, I started at the very beginning! That makes me want to save every animal I can. It just hit home seeing all those beautiful animals that nobody wants. It makes me think of how lucky my kitties are to have been saved. The thought of them becoming a statisic (sp?) just kills me.
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vary sad
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Maybe I'm not doing enough to help...
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Oh goodness. I didn't even play the song for fear I'd wake up my son. . . . and I got extremely emotional. . . . I love the shot of the cat sleeping on the homeless man.

All the pics broke my heart
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Ok. . . I just played it again. . . this time with the . . .

They should make a commercial for TV with that.
It's very powerful.

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The picture of the cat sleeping on the homeless man brought tears to my eyes too- society's forgotten.

I loved the slogan at the end too- "Don't breed and buy while homeless pets die." That about sums it up, doesn't it?

That song was SO fitting too- I'll never be able to hear it again without thinking of that site- and thats a good thing because maybe it will continue to spur me to do what I can for animals in need.
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for those who haven't seen it
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I agree it's really worth seeing and should be kept in circulation. . . I played it for my son. He was very sad when he saw it.

I also forwarded the site address to my friends.

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Oh my gosh, how sad! I am still crying. I will put a link on my website as well.
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Very well done . . . I cried too . . . going to find Luna and hug her . . . now I REALLY want to adopt another kitty.
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Viva, show that video to Alex...hopefully that will change his mind!
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bumping in case anyone didn't see it i still get all teary eyed.
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Originally posted by Shell
Viva, show that video to Alex...hopefully that will change his mind!
I agree that is why we are keeping trinty and rich wants to bring ashton in
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I'm just now seeing this and it made me cry sooo bad. I wish I could donate, but I'm broke. If I get this job tomorrow then I'm making a donation to celebrate!

I am never ever buying a pet again, ever. I will adopt.

I loved Avril Lavigne and that song before seeing that and now seeing that and hearing that song makes me love that song that much more. Those beautiful creatures deserve so much more.
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Very touching and effective.
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When I first saw that video, I was crying so hard, I had streams down my face and I trying so hard not to sob. The pictures and the song hit like a Mack truck with no brakes. And that picture of the cat curled up on the homeless man was probably the most heartwrenching picture.

They did an exceptional job with this, its bookmarked and will be going on my site.

I agree, a commerical needs to be made. Nothing has hit as hard as this and displayed its message so clearly. Kudos for those who put it together, Kudos to Michael for running such a great program, and I wish I had the money to donate.
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