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The Litter Locker by PetMate

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Has anybody here tried this product? I just got mine today, along with two refill cartridges. If anybody has one, I would like to hear your opinions on it. I thought it looked like a nice, clean/sanitary way to remove litter box waste with good odor prevention. Any thoughts?

Cindy W.
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What is a litter locker?
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What will they think of next??

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I saw that at the pet store, its almost like a diaper genie, I guess they should have called it a poop genie!
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Well...after a few days of using it, I kinda like the Litter Locker. We'll see after the first time I have to clean it out, but, for now, what a nice way to get rid of the litter box mess! Easier than always having to use plastic bags. Cindy W.
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Oh good, I'll have to get this one then
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Does it have any odor, or does it keep that contained?
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That is what I was wondering, is it like the diaper genie?
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I personally use the Diaper Champ!

Price: $29.99


Uses any plastic bags--no special cartridges
Simple to use: one-hand flip handle
Odor and germ free
Easy to clean and replace bags

I love it!!! It works great!!
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Hey...I like it! No odor...whatsoever. It is neat, clean and absolutely odor-free. Believe it or not, my daughter (12 yr. old), actually LIKES litter box duties/caring for her kitties. I initially purchased this, because I thought the plastic bag thing was a messy way to take care of the litter box. Now, my daughter has a clean and sanitary way of cleaning the kitty boxes. She likes the Litter Locker also. The cost wasn't all that much, certainly worth it in my book. I just hope that cleaning it when it is full and replacing the cartridges isn't a totally gross mess. I'll write more when I cross that bridge...lol. For now...a definite thumbs up! Cindy W.
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Let us know how the cleaning goes
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I personally have my heart set on the litter toilet. I don't remember the exact name but it hooks up to the stool or washer drain. It washes the "litter" breaking up the solids then flushes them down the drain the rinses with a solution to kill any bacteria. It is a little pricy but considering the costs of litter, boxes and the bother of cleaning and disposing of the waste and litter I think in the long run, if you plan on keeping your kitties inside, it would be well worth it. No contact with kitty waste, no possible medical problems.
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I would love to have one of those! If you get one, let us know how it works out.
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I bought a Litter Locker for my sister, and then wasn't allowed to take it on the plane when I visited (the security people obviously had no idea that such a thing existed), so now I'm "stuck" with it. It is really convenient, and there is no smell or mess, but the cartridges are quite expensive at around $10 for a two-month supply.
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I've had my litter locker for about 6 months now and I LOVE it! The only thing I don't like is the $10 or so replacement cartridges, wish they would cut down the cost on those! But there's no smell and clean up is very easy. I empty mine every week, it's very easy to cut off the bag inside (has it's own blade inside that's protected with plastic so no hazard there), and then I just knot off the end of the bag and start fresh. Once you try it you'll see how easy it is to remove the old. Other than that there's really no other cleanup, I wipe mine down only because it gets dusty from sitting by the litter box. When you go to empty it you just open it up and lift out the wheels, pull them apart over the garbage bag and dump the old (this is all after you've cut off the end of the bag and tied it off). So absolutely no mess and no smell!
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I Love it!!!

Easy clean up. Easy to use. No smell!

I finally had to empty it as it was full. Very easy to do. I am so glad that I bought it. Much easier and cleaner than the plastic bag method! Give it a try!

Cindy W.
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Thanks for the update!
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Do not waste your money on the Litter Free Self Washing litterbox. It is not worth the hassle!!

When my boyfriend and I bought our first house together this past March I decided my housewarming present would be a litter free since I didn't want the stink of dirty litter permeating our new house. I had a hard time finding any reviews online...and the ones I did read were either biased toward the company (paid responses) or seemed jaded and skeptical against the product so I decided to do my own research and invest the money.

I believe we picked ours up at Petsmart if I remember correctly, and the package contained everything we needed to get started. It wasn't difficult to hook it up. We placed it in our laundry room across from our washer and dryer since it needed access to a water line and a disposal line. I was a bit surprised at the look of the "litter". It basically has no function other than tricking your cat into thinking they're burying their waste. That being said, we had little blue and white plastic beads all over the house within minutes of opening the package, definitely not a plus.

My biggest concern came when we opened the cleaning fluid. It was blue in appearance like windshield washing fluid, but I wish I could tell you it smelled even that good. The odor turned my stomach before we had even put the box into action so I was definitely having second thoughts.

Before we could allow our cats to use it we were advised by the directions to run the cycle at least once to make sure everything was properly working. It sounded like the washing machine as it was filling up with water and that was probably the quietest step! As the machine began rinsing the beads it sounded like a jet plane taking off in our laundry room. Best part was it needed to run at least 15 minutes to clean and dry the beads properly. We close the laundry room door and waited out the process.

Our cats, Cali and Chase, took to using the litterbox easily enough. I didn't follow the directions that suggest mixing your cats regular litter with some of the training beads to get them used to the texture. I just took their old box away completely and forced them to use the Litterfree (I'm impatient hehe What can I say?).

Once the Litterfree began it's first official duty things got pretty disgusting. I'll spare you all of the graphic details, but suffice it to say, having your cat's feces mixed with a nasty smelling cleanser and swished around for 15 minutes is not something you want to be privy too. Even worse than that, the beads were not completely clean before the drying process began so I'm sure you can imagine just how fragrant cat waste gets as it's essentially being heated with a blow dryer.

Refusing to give up, we tried using it for about 2 days before I just couldn't stand the smell anymore. The beads were becoming increasingly dirty and it really didn't seem to be working as well as their advertisements claimed. At that point I would have jumped at the chance to have a stinky litterbox to replace it.

Being the conscientious consumers that we are, we went through the process of cleaning everything (beads, box, you name it) so that we could package it up and get our refund. It was quite embarrassing trying to explain not just to the cashier, but to the manager, why we weren't satisfied the product. They seemed to want details hehe and I just wanted to dump that thing off.

Rather than taking a full cash refund, we exchanged the Litterfree for a Littermaid and Littermaid carpet and within minutes of getting it home I could tell we were going to be thrilled with it. It requires much less work than the old standard litterbox but worked a hundred times better than the litterfree. I would much rather empty the litter receptacle2x a week than endure the smell and sounds of the "first ever cat toilet". I think it's a great concept but it definitely needs some more improvements before I'll even consider giving it a second try.

But that's just my two cents


PS...It wasn't more than 2 weeks later that my boyfriend and I were in a different Petsmart location and we saw a litterfree on display. My guess is, we weren't the only ones that were less than thrilled with it's performance and someone else's return had received new life as a display model :P
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I have never heard of a litter locker before
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I just bought a Litter Locker from Target a few weeks ago. I love it! Im going to buy another one soon for the other litter box in my house. It is so convenient to just open up the top and pour the used litter and feces in. Turn a little crank to cover the mess and TADA! No mess, no smell (from what Ive heard) no problem. I just wash the little black ring thing on top once a week when I do the litter boxes since it does come in contact with gross litter. But it is so easy and so convenient!! So much easier than using plastic bags each time.
Now I dont have to triple bag everything at the store to sneak some extra bags home
My refill cost $6 which is a bit pricey, but worth it IMO. Im still on the first set of bags so I havent used the refills yet. Speaking of it, I do need to go get my second Litter Locker this weekend. I want one on each floor so both my litter boxes are so easy to clean.
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Thanks for the great review of the Litter Washing thing.. .very entertaining. When I first saw these advertised in the back of a cat magazine, the concept really grossed me out. You confirmed it.

Sorry you had such a horrible experience, but hopefully it will prevent other people from having the same yucky stuff to deal with.
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I found the Litter Locker on sale for $16.99 and the refills for $5.49 at http://shop.store.yahoo.com/pet-guys/-029695225010.html I don't know when the sale ends. Corina
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They're on sale at our local Target right now for $19.99 - it looks like they're being clearanced out, though.
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hey thanks for posting those sales on the litter locker and liners! dummy me didn't even think to look somewhere else besides Petsmart for my replacement liners! I certainly will shop more wisely from now on!

Thanks again!
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Pet Mate Litter Locker Plus $14.99 at Pet Club

The ad says price effective 10/22-10/28. I think I'm going to go try it after all the great reviews
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Well I got my second Litter Locker for upstairs, and also stocked up on extra bag filler things. I love having one for each litter box. It makes it so much easier to scoop, turn, forget about it for a week, then empty it all at once.
I love it
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I love mine too! I think they should have named this LitterMagic! cuz it works so great.

One of the litter boxes is right by my computer and the Litter Locker sits by and doesn't have a bit of smell — even when kitty makes a bad stinky.
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Heidi your adventure made me laugh! Thanks for sharing it, and not going into to much detail-
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I just wanted to give my review. I have had my litter locker for a couple of weeks now, and I love it! Now that we are a two cat household I think the litter locker is a must. My husband has commented on how nice it is when he takes the trash out hehe no more smelly grocery bag "litter bombs" to stink up the trash.
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