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"Those of who do wish to indulge in a never-ending struggle, look at them."

By them.. exactly who are you referring to? You seem to be referring to those who are over weight, but I think maybe you also should consider those who are in the other side of the spectrum, Bulimic and anorexic individuals who also indulge in the never ending struggle.

"Not only are they obese, but their will to live is dangerously low!"

Interesting philosophy, I suppose now we should camp out at fast food places and offer suicide counseling

"How prevalent obesity is in the masses!"

Yes, it is, but I'm afraid it's a bit more complicated that just those who wish to indulge or not.

"Pitiful souls" .....
That's a scary thought, if you really believe that

..... "that have no desire to believe that there is more to life than chewing!"

Do you really think that the people you have so neatly categorized in your post are actually like this? You really ought to get out more.

"Do you think they think about where their food comes from and what animals may suffer?"

I think that in general, most (and I could be off on the amount) people, overweight or not, don't think about that.

Nor do they spend a lot of time contemplating the conditions of the kitchens in their favorite restaurants.

I think what bothers me most about your post is the fact that you simply weren't aware of the people that you might offend by that little snippet, or that you were aware, and you simply didn't care.
I'm not quite sure which is worse. I do realize that, however thoughtless your post was, it is, your opinion.

Indeed I may have from time to time posted something that may have been read in a way in which I did not mean to convey, but for the life of me, after re-reading your post, there's no other conclusions I can draw.

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Dear Donna and Ken,

After reading my post over again, there were a few things in there that I didn't need to say...it's no wonder you weren't any harsher on me. I am truly sorry. I can't believe a couple of things I wrote myself. How thoughtless and usually I am not. So...with that I'll close and if you want to slam me some more...go ahead...I deserve it.

Food addiction like any addicition is a terrible disease and I'm not judging anyone for any addiction/disease. I was harsh on people regardless and I'm truly sorry for what I said. I can't say anything more...I can barely forgive myself knowing I offended you so terribly and also knowing I posted something so quickly without giving a second thought to read it again before posting such cruel thoughts. Please forgive me.

Most Sincerely,

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Catarina, I just wanted to add that I too was at first offended by your post (as you know, I'm one of these overweight people...), but I didn't react at first because I know you for the angel that you are and I knew that you never meant no offence to anyone. I knew that you would never deliberately hurt anyone's feelings.

So, while I do appreciate the points that Ken and Donna made, I want to say that I do not share the tone. I think that we all should be a bit more careful about each other's feelings. It's sometimes too easy to let your emotions and opinions run wild on the keyboard, but we must always remember that there is a human being on the other side of the monitor. What's more if she/he is a member of the forums, they're probably not altogether bad people (they are cat lovers at least ).

I am trying my hardest to keep this place friendly. This definitely does not mean that people should not express their opinions! Just that we should try and express these opinions in the friendliest and least hostile way, so that everyone can feel at home here. I may be naive, but I do belive we can keep that spirit going.
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No worries...

Friends are friends and, being able to disagree about thoughts and opinions and still be friends is what its all about.

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Dear Anne, :angel2:

Thank you and how precious you are for being more than kind, I am sitting here in tears as I meant not to hurt anyone here certainly not you, or Donna. People I know that care about me and have been so good to me. I am so sorry and it is beyond belief the pain that I feel for this discord. To try to explain what I think I was thinking will only bring up more controversy. I did, however; unknowingly target someone and it was a hit. There were judgmental statements I had made and is a true injustice on any human being. I had no right to say that. My Lord, my hands did run wild and I have no idea why I would say such things. I am running this over and over again in my mind as to what I was thinking. My only hope and I do pray now that I will be forgiven and trusted once again as a good person. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am....this is quite an upset to me too.
I suppose now you will probably want to let this move on. This is a most precious site, with caring, positive people and deserves only the best of thoughts especially among it's members. However, if anyone needs to vent out on me, trust me I would definitely understand. My apologies are offered to every member here on this site for such a thoughtless posting. I am terribly sorry....I truly am...

Most Sincerely,

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Catarina....you had as much right as anyone to state your opinions...you just accidentally offended a couple people...I know you didn't mean to...but we do have to read our posts, and make sure that if it seems we are making a judgement, we expalin it.
We ALL have a right to state our opinions here...as long as we are careful not to step on someone's toes..which can be hard, I know...and I may someday be apologizing for doing just that...but the best thing about this site is...we can agree to disagree, and still love each other.
I was getting ready to make a post here, about how I have seen chickens butchered, and how they first cut there heads off, then they wait awhile, as the nervous system of the chicken is still alive, and the bird will run around, flapping it's wings, headless, for awhile before finally dying.
So Catarina...much as I love you, and your beleifs are your own...it is no better in my opinion to eat beef than fowl.

I love you Catarina!
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I too was first offended by your post because I have always had a weight problem my entire life. BUT I read it over and my thinking was you let your passion carry you away in one direction and you didn't re-read your post before you hit submit. I thought maybe you had a personal issue going on with someone you care about, and they are hurting themselves by not caring for their health, and that is why you posted that.

That said, please don't be so hard on yourself. All of us have said something wrong and one time or another, some have gotten jumped on, some gently reprimanded, but this board is a learning experience for sure and one of the most positive boards on the net. You have never intentionally hurt anyone on this board, so I just blew it off as you were having a bad day and your triggers were worn.

Take care, and remember, if you ask God to forgive you, it is important that you forgive yourself as well.
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talk about 2 bad days meeting each other....I battle food daily, and was not having a good day either, so when I read the post. I was deeply offended, and didn't feel like I could enunciate the depth of my feelings and hurt, so I didn't even bother posting. And I didn't think it would matter anway. I agree that we all sometimes post things that unintentionally hurt feelings, but I think a little common sense can go along way. Anne started a thread about wanting to lose weight, and many members here posted on it about their own struggles with food, and trying to keep the pounds off. Knowing that I was pretty shocked to be referred to as a pitiful soul with a dangerously low will to live.

We all have bad days, the people posting, and the people reading the posts. I respect hissy & annes take on the post, and their ability to disregard it as cat having a bad day, but I was in a bad place as well and wasn't able to shake it off as easily.

I wasn't even going to post about how my feelings had been hurt by the remarks, but since everyone has been weighing in on what they thought & how they percieved it, I felt safe enough to put myself out there & how I felt.

I'm glad we can all talk about these things in a civilized manner.
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Whether it was an intentional play on words or not, your comment about "everyone weighing in" got me giggling. If I weighed in for real, well, you would all feel sorry for my horses having to pull all this weight! Anyway, it wasn't all that easy to dismiss, my feelings were hurt, but there are other pressing issues in my life I need to be more concerned with....
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I am so sorry that anyone's feelings got hurt here...mine were too, actually, in another thread...and I for a minute thought about never coming back....I felt as though the kindness I had showed to this person, meant nothing...but...then I realized how much you all men to me, and how we all say things sometimes, that we either don't mean, or don't realize how they sound.
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please read my reply to that thread.

all i did was express a few suggestions & ideas, and i dont see anything wrong with that.

obviously you took my comments personally and are acting as though it was my intention
to hurt you, even though i had no idea about your past experience.

why would you give me so little credit?

if this is the way it's going to be whenever i stir a little opinion of mine up,
maybe i should be the one to leave.

give me a break.

i give more of myself then you know to this site, and i wont sit here and be judged this way.
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Wow - from furry mice to all kinds of controversy - okay, I just have to put in my views.
The mice - my cats love them and it is often how I make friends with some of my shyer fosters. It says from the wholesale catalogues they are made out of synthetic material - I hope its true, but even if it is not, I am not going to stop ordering them. If it is rabbit, I cannot save all the rabbits in the world and there are other fights that are more important to me. And so I will continue to support the little furry mouse industry!

Eating meat - Kat, you are just like my oldest daughter - she is beautiful, a perfect size 5 - she does not eat meat or poultry - she also tends to preach kind of like you were doing - BUT she doesn't mean to hurt or offend me, as I am sure you do not either. Many of us on the site are overweight - but I am active, healthy and I assure you very happy to be alive. In fact, Sandy, Donna, Michele and I are some of the most active alive (and slightly overweight) people you ever want to meet! Frannie is thin (but I don't hold that against her).

I do eat meat - and it makes me feel bad because I know how the animals are killed. But I do love pork and beef and know I will not give it up so I try to do an alternative to being a vegetarian. I buy my meats from a store that sells only free ranging beef, pork, poultry, etc. This allows the animals a decent existence before they are slaughtered for food.

Everyone here is entitled to their opinions on meat and furry mice - now you have mine too!
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I, for one, will never look at furry mice in quite the same way again.

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I have to agree with Rene on this topic...... I won't stop buying the little furry mice. My cats love playing with them. I eat red meat and chicken/turkey. I know how they are slaughtered, but I am not going to stop eating meat because of that....... I don't like to think of things like that. If you thought about that and the furry little mice, you would drive yourself mad. This doesn't apply, but think of it like this: Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, etc. there is always a chance someone could break into your house. Now, are you going to live your life in fear because of that and think about it all the time? My answer is NO..... So, it sort of fits into the issue with this topic. Those of you who are not going to buy the mice, I don't hold nothing against you That is your choice. Anways, just my opinon!!
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I was going to let this lie until I saw a couple of people thinking that I actually would refer to them as pathetic…which is very hurtful.

Yes, I definitely remember Anne's thread about losing weight. How can I forget. I wrote up over 12 programs with diets for our members and was more than happy to do so. I received email with pictures of many members here that were not even what I'd call overweight, however our own society establishes such guidelines that are more than extreme.

During my tenure as a personal trainer, I've worked with women that were 50-100 lbs. overweight and I never considered referring to them as pitiful souls! All of them were filled with life, extremely witty, intelligent and it was more than my pleasure to know them.

There had been an actual reason for what I said and I should have been honest about it from the get go. I train (or I did train, I'm not any longer as of 3 days ago) a woman who is over 300 lbs. She came to me desperately seeking help on an exercise and diet regime. I had told her that I would be happy to help her but there's more to training than just an hour a day in the gym. The rest is up to the individual to do their homework. I called her up to 3 x per day everyday 7 times a week…only out of the goodness of my heart, as I did feel how deep her desperation was. Maybe someone that could help her see that she was indeed capable of getting through this. Her life was miserable, or so she said. She told me she was a food addict. I have read up on this stuff, I've been in the fitness business for over twenty years now. So, I'm familiar with what food addicts are supposed to stay away from. Flour and sugar are a major no-no; caffeine is also not a great idea either. However, that can be allowed only in small amounts. I've worked with a few that I know of. Many won't give you a clue if they are or not. What I do understand of this disease is that like Donna has mentioned, you just can't give food up. You have to eat to live. I also have learned that once someone removes the sugar and flour from their diet, it is much easier to live with. So, there is much hope for food addicts. The problem being is that it isn't easy. You must have lots of support.
Unfortunately, the whole thing blew up in my face because she is not seeing results fast enough and the reason being is that she is not following my diet that I had written out especially for her, there are no flours or sugars in her diet but, she refuses to give them up.
She then tells many members of the gym, including my clients that I'm using her for her money, and a bad trainer trying to discredit me for the work she has been sabotaging herself. Thank the Lord that I have a very reputable business and my clients didn't believe a word of it, but that still doesn't make it easy to digest (no pun intended).
I don't need her money that bad! I have work as a carpenter. I do training in the evenings and weekends. I love it and it's a way to help others get the result they want instead of wandering aimlessly in the gym without a clue as to what to do, when and how to do it.
So, with that I did get extremely hurt, as well as very pissed off at this person. Now that still doesn't give me the right to say what I said, but I was angry. I have been training her for the past 5 months and I really put myself out for this person.
I guess the only reason why I'm bringing this up is because there are a few of you that I had spent time writing programs for believe that I was fingering people out on this site! Or that I have no courtesy whatsoever to those who treated me with kindness through some of my darkest days this past year.
Those of you that know me know there must've been something else involved. You're not mindreaders and aren't supposed to be one. But, give me some credit here. I would never do that…ever to any of the people that I feel have been such genuine human beings to me. Not to mention, I had made some personal relationships I wish not to burn! Come on you guys...I do care and I although I shouldn't of said what I said, it wasn't about you. I didn't want to mention what happended only because I thought it would appear like I was whining and feeling sorry for myself, which I totally hate, but that blew up in my face too. Damn I can't win for losing!

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If if helps any, I think you are a great person. I will never forget the support you gave me when my cat Andy was missing. So to me you will always be a very caring and compassionate person.

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Catarina, please stop beating yourself up over this. Who among us hasn`t said something they have regretted? Unfortunately the printed word is harder to erase. You are a kind and caring person. I, too am overweight, and, at first took offense at what you said....but I..got over it, especially when you stated what you meant. Please put it behind you.
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OH MY! I had no idea about this and the furry mice. My cats love them.
The thought of people killing animals really upsets me and I don't understand why things like this happen.

After reading this post I called my mom and we have decided to make our own mice. We are going to buy fabric and cut out a pattern, then stuff the mice with pillow stuffing with a little catnip in it.
This is just an idea for those who aren't going to buy the fuzzy mice. I know I'm not going to anymore.

The first mice my cats had were made out of some kind of fabric and they loved them too. Who knows maybe I can start selling them myself, if my cats approve.
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You guys are so sweet :angel2::angel2:...Thank you and I really do care. :angel2: This means so much to me to have your forgiveness....

Love &
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My cat eats the tail of those fuzzy mice. We had to quit buying them. He would have it eaten before we knew it was gone. I looked for the tails but never could find them so I guess he did eat them. He never got sick but we avoid the ones with long tails. He likes this ball that flashes when you hit it and of course any cat nip toy.
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