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PS I absolutely DO consider many of you guys and gals here as friends, I just meant no RL (real life) friends.
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I guess it is cheaper at the holidays without friends. Just have the kids and cats to buy for.

Hubby is wonderful, but he and I are much too grumpy being out of work. He is 9 years my junior. I refuse to marry anyone my age as I was widowed once and would never survive that kind of pain again.
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I'm responding late to this but I have had trouble making friends since I moved to Salt Lake City. I have a couple but that's about it. But I don't drink or like to hang in clubs, I have no family here and basically I work and take care of my home and kitties! I'm happy with that but sometimes I wish I had a couple more friends to do something with occassionally.

When I lived in Michigan I had so many friends it was too much sometimes! Always a lot to do. But it was a small town and I had a little bit of family there too. A few of my friends and I would have "Girlfriend Tuesday" and go out to lunch together once a week.
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Tybalt- you look very handsome, from what I can see of you. You shouldn't be bashful.

Mom of 10 Cats-you have the most beautiful red hair, I've ever seen.
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I am sending out a welcome to anyone who decides to come to the Los Angeles area. Let me know. I don't have a large apartment, but you are welcome to come stay.
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oh man shux!! ohh well, it was worth a try!
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I think tybalt should post a picture of hisself!
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uh sherral he sort of did-
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LOL I new knew that Sue & Tybalt were together!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOHOOOO

Great Pics!!!!!
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Well they're both beautiful, inside & out Love your hair, Sue!
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well I missed it and I don;t know where it is at.
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Thanks for the compliments. You too can have hair this color, it is Feria #75R.
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Ok I found it great picture!
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It's still lovely.
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You have a friend Sue that speaks his mind and I like that
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UNMASK!And I love your hair Sue!
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I know I am late with this post, but, I also have trouble making friends, I graduated from high school 7 yrs ago and I had a ton of friends, but all of them were at least a year behind me so when I moved into my own apartment and went to college I stopped seeing a lot of them and in college it was hard to make friends and I felt left out so I just wuit going after about 2 or 3 months, ever since I have people that I talk to at work or my husbands friends and their wives but no one that I can call and talk to whenever I need them. I have exactly 2 friends right now and one of them lives in Utah, so I only get to see him once or twice a year when he comes home to visit. It has been so nice to be able to come into this website and write about whatever, whenever I want. Thank you all for being so incredibly nice and embracing me into your community.
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I knew you were handsome, Tybalt. What a great picture.
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Yes, that is a good picture. The world could use more handsome & intelligent men like you who love cats - (but don't you have to love cats to qualify as truly intelligent?).
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I think so!
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Tarav we are glad to have you join us here in the land of invisable friends! We seem to have two threads going at once! Ah the diversity of life Please feel free to jump in anywhere and put in your 2 cents.
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However, I know it is a superficial relationship with all of my "friends" except for Jesus and my mother. They are the only ones I trust completely with my life. My girlfriends are very, very self-centered and shallow,BUT they did reach out to me first and always want to have a good time with me, so I have been friends with a very small group for over 10 years even though I can't really rely on them for emotional depth or support.

Men are in a whole different category! I am good friends with my ex-fiancee, but again he is better at surface,child-like relationships and cannot pull himself together enough to pass as an EMOTIONALLY mature adult. Sure, he lives on his own and pays the bills, but he is what I call a dead man walking. He has not a empathetic bone in his body and his emotional state is that of a 13 year-old boy. He only lives to have fun at waterparks, camping, fairs, and eating. When not doing those things he works and sleeps. I believe he suffers from clinical depression, but he has never been diagnosed professionally. He cannot engage in serious adult relationships and he is 37 years old!

Other guy "friends" in my life come and go, and don't really like to do things with me on purpose. If I run into them by accident at a party or something, they are very funny, kind, and friendly (sometimes too friendly!) I also have had LOTS of men bosses and so forth act like complete jackasses, so I have lost any respect for men and don't go out of my way to make friends with any new men I meet.

Basically, sometimes I feel VERY alone in the world and TRUE friend-less, but other times I feel lucky to have a great mother, a great Savior, and brains that I use to go to college, run my own pet-sitting business, and I don't feel so "alone" anymore. Whoa! Sorry about the length! This is good therapy for me LOL!
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yeppers here also. I tend to give a lot into friendships and in return have nothing. The people I used to hang out with, after we moved (15 minutes from where we used to in the same freaking town), all of a sudden don't call or come to see us, but they drive to Houston or Dallas or other parts of the lower Texas, but they can't come over to see me. These are mostly women that I seem to not be able to understand too much, I thought it was a foreign thing but no, in retro, ever since elementary, couldn't really last long with the females, maybe one or two female bestfriends, which is best anyway, better to have fewer friends than alot, right? But with this forum, I have something else to look forward in addition to my son, hubby and my favorite cat in the whole wide world
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Why is it that internet friendships are thought of as being less than a face-to-face friendship? I think they are quite similar-you talk about your life, silly things, gossip, your hopes and dreams, the latest movies and TV shows, your political views, your family and your pets (especially here). You work on projects together and pray for each other and support each other. The only difference is that you are not doing it in the same space at the same time. Just because I haven't met my friends here doesn't mean they can't really be my friends.
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Well, chiming in late, but I do not exactly log in with a ton of friends either. Seems like everytime I do get close to someone, the person moves away. Also, most of my close friends are guys. And it's tough when guys night out does not include girls. Also, some friends are married, which leaves you kind of like the 5th wheel.

My best friend is actually my ex-boyfriend. We dated for 6 years, and to my dismay, I guess forever was just not to be. But, we still get along so well and are so much alike that we remain closer than family, really. In about 9 months, he'll be moving across the country too!
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