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My whole house smells like pee! Help!!

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My newest male neutered cat that I have brought into my home almost 2 months ago to live with my two female cats just will not stop peeing everywhere. I know this may be expected since he is coming into a home with existing cats and im trying extremely hard to be patient but I am losing my mind! Every day he pees somewhere new. And this is not spraying..Ive actually caught him squatting and peeing right in front of me. My whole house stinks and whats worse...since he started peeing, my other 2 kitties who were the most perfect cats you could ask for, have ALSO started peeing. I have 3 cats peeing in my house! Im so afraid of my landlord smelling it and either kicking us out or making us get rid of them. So I need to know...what products are there that can completely get rid of the pee smell? Ive used natures miracle and the stuff is HORRIBLE! Not only does it reek, it does NOT get rid of the pee smell at all like it claims to. It smells just as strong as ever. Any good products you all have used that truly work the way they say? I have also purchased Cat Attract litter for problem cats and Im going to switch the litter today hoping it works. Im just at a loss..I cant let this go on forever. I will lose it!
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Have you taken him to the vet to rule out medical conditions such as a urinary tract infection? Do you have a Feliway diffuser running in your home? How many litter boxes do you have? What type of litter are you using? Did you have the kitties separated for a week or so until he got used to his new home or did you just throw them all together?

You'll need to get some kind of enzymatic cleaner to thoroughly clean the spots. Invest in a black light to find all the spots and clean each one very well. You can try Nature's Miracle, found at most pet stores, or there's another one that I can't think of the name. Maybe Knockout? or something like that.
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Yea I kept the cats separated for quite some time before they were together. They get along for the most part although the male cat really doesnt want to bother with the other 2. He really keeps his distance. I have 3 litterboxes. 2 downstairs and one upstairs..though the one upstairs is very rarely used. I have been using tidy cats for multiple cats cause its what my 2 kitties were using just fine. Today I bought the Cat Attract so Im gonna try that and see what happens..The Natures Miracle I have used and I really hated it. It has an awful smell to it and once it dries, you can still smell cat pee really strong. And it does nothing to repel the cat from going in the same spot. I just ordered a gallon of Urine Off and Im just praying it will work to get the smell out. It is embarrassing to have people over and all they can smell is pee. The only thing I have not done yet it take him to the vet because he's been like this for years ( my sister had him before I took him) and he always used to pee all over everything but she always just let him do it. Im just trying to break him of these habits and hope that he can do it!
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The other cats started peeing outside the box because it smelled like pee, and they associate that with the litterbox. Until you can get the smell completely gone, they will continue to pee outside the box.

Unfortunately, your sister might have "broke" him by letting him continue peeing all the time (how could she stand cleaning up pee every single day for years?) and he may have forgotten how to pee in the box. You can try crate training him. Get a dog crate that is just barely big enough for a litterbox, food, water, and a soft spot for him to lay on. By being forced to use the litterbox or soil the area where he stays, he will relearn how to pee in the box. It may take days or weeks, but he should learn to pee in the box and then be able to remingle with the rest of the house. You can let him out for supervised play, etc, but all alone time needs to be in the crate so he can't cheat at all.
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I may have to try the crate thing. Hes gonna be miserable for sure but if theres anything I can do to get him to stop this behavior I will do it! And as soon as I have a little money after the holidays I will make an appt at the vet just to be sure theres nothing really wrong with him.
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He really needs a clean bill of health before anything. Was he confined and slowly introduced to the home and others? Can you confine him in a room instead of crating him?
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ugh! He just peed again in the dining room just now... This cat is gonna be the death of me. ..I did have him confined to a spare bedroom with his litterbox and food and water but thats where he started peeing all over the carpet. It just reeks in there. So I moved his box to the laundry room hoping that if he peed outside the box, at least it wouldnt be on the carpet and could easily be mopped up. The problem is, he hasnt peed a single time on the hard floor but has found other carpeted places in the house to go. Its weird because he poops in it just fine. Its not like he doesnt know how to use it, he simply refuses to pee in it and it only seems to be getting worse
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Well, it's probably behavioral because your sister let him do it for years, but it's still best to get him to a vet to ensure he doesn't have a bladder or urinary tract condition that is causing him to do this.

I've heard good things about Urine Off but haven't used it. Nature's Miracle never worked for us. I know you've already invested the money in Urine Off, but if you find it's not doing the job, then buy Nok Out. IT WORKS.

For right now, I'd confine him to one room - a guest room, a large bathroom - whatever - to do the litter box retraining. The bathroom would be best if there are no carpets on the floor. I'd give him two boxes if there's room, and I would use the cat attract litter.

I'd also buy a black light, and go through your whole home. You must find ALL the places the cats have urinated, and the black light will help you find it. SOAK each area with whatever product you're using. And I mean SOAK. Cat pee wicks, and unless you get the enzyme product to seep into ALL the places the urine did, it won't work. Let it soak for 15-20 minutes, blot it up, and let it air dry. We put aluminum foil down over the spots until they dry so we know not to step on them. In fact, because this has been going on for a while, I'd just go ahead and give ALL of them a second treatment after the first round has dried.

You can't break the cycle until the pee smell is gone to the cats' nose.

We had a kitty peeing outside the box for behavioral reasons, and it was incredibly frustrating. But by laying the aluminum foil down over the spots (some people used dish pans or laundry baskets turned upside down over the spots), you further discourage continued peeing there (as your other cats are now responding to the scent).

Have you also tried Feliway? This helps for about 70% of cats. I'd get a diffuser for the room he's in (although plug it in as far away from the litter boxes as possible), and I'd use the spray to spray on the aluminum foil or upside down dish pans or laundry baskets or whatever you're going to use to cover the drying spots.

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Given your recent post, I'd confine him to the laundry room for the litterbox retraining. And I would definitely get him to the vet.
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Oh - and while he's confined for the next couple of weeks, do make sure to spend time in there playing with him, or working in there in some fashion - make sure he's not overly lonely.

AND - when you see him use the litter box, PRAISE HIM TO HIGH HEAVEN and give him a treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't scold him for not using the box - he doesn't know he's doing anything wrong. But use positive reinforcement.

Also, if you see him peeing outside the box, just say "no," pick him up and put him in a box. If he finishes going there, great. Praise the heck out of him, and give him a treat.

You may also want to soak up some of his pee with a paper towel and put it in a litter box (mostly bury the towel, but make sure the scent is near the top of the litter. Get him used to smelling his pee in the box. And I would DEFINITELY give him two boxes - one for pee and one for poop as he obviously doesn't like to pee and poop in the same place.
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These are great tips and I will definitely try everything I can. I wish I could confine him to the laundry room but it figures we dont have a door that closes or else that would have been perfect. But Ill try what I can. Also for now, its been impossible to keep my other cats from using his litterbox as well as theirs and maybe thats another reason he wont use it. Hes just so stubborn! If only it could be a perfect world and all 3 could get along and go potty where they should! Thanks for the great advice though and I will put all of it into practice and hope for the best!
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There's no way to stop cats from using any litter box available. There isn't such a thing as "so and so's box" you know? I'd invest in a few more, at least for now. Have lots of them availalbe. Once he's using them regularly, then start removing the ones that get the least use. Also, having them placed appropriately helps.

For a while there we had 11 boxes for five cats. Now we have three for 8. Go figure. But once you break the cycle, and then work on finding the boxes that are used and slowly reconfiguring things, you can get it down to what works.

Is there a doorway to the laundry room? A lot of people use baby gates to create a barrier. And because cats can jump, often they just stack two on top of each other. It's a bit of a PIA for you, but in the meantime, it's worth giving it a go.
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Heck at this point, im willing to try just about anything. Im so glad I came to this site because calling my mother, her solution was "just put him down" which I would NEVER do!! So Im glad these are all things I hadnt thought of before and Im just gonna try my best. As of now he's back in the guest room with a fresh clean litter box with the cat attract litter and his food and water. Im sitting in here with him now just praying he uses the box so I can give him a treat and tell him he's good lol. Oh I hope all these little tricks work eventually...
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I really would give him at least one more box. He's obviously not used to using the same box for pee and poop!

...and quite a few of us know just how frustrating this is! You're a love for wanting to work through this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(BTW, is he declawed?)
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Are the litterboxes covered? When we adopted Bobke the rescue lady said not to use covered litterboxes in multi-cat houses because they don't like being "trapped" inside the box by a more dominant cat. I thought that was ridiculous, I've never had a cat afraid to use the litterbox because it was covered. Then one of our cats started peeing right in front of the litterbox. I removed the lid and voila! He started peeing in the box. Just a thought and an easy thing to test.

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I agree 100% with the other posters....he should get checked by a vet ASAP!!

There are many good threads on this forum with tons of info & tricks to help getting a cat to stop peeing. Take a few minutes and look around on this forum for more tips and tricks that may have been missed in this thread. It may save your kitties life

My sister has a cat that has sprayed for atleast 8 years. She tried so many of the pee removers on the market. Wasting tons of money. Nothing took out the smell ~ just masked the smell. I also have tried all the pee removers on the market as well and agreed with her about the smell just getting masked. That was until we found the following (cheap and simple) solution on the internet. It is absolutely amazing and works so well that we both will not use anything else now. We have saved SOOO much money Here is the solution you may want to try while you are waiting for your pee remover to get to your house:

16 0z ~ 3% Human grade Hydrogen Peroxide
1 Teaspoon dishwashing liquid (we like to use a clear, fragrance free liquid soap)
1 Tablespoon Baking Soda

Mix together in a spray bottle or bowl and saturate area, leave on till completely dry. Re-saturate if need be.
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That sounds like a great homemade solution that I will definitely try! Just an update...I kept Moloki in his room all night with 2 uncovered litterboxes and of course his food and water. When I checked on him this morning, I found that he peed once in each box! Good boy! I was so pleased! I dont know how long I should keep him in there cause I know he wants to come out, but I let him out for about 30 mins and he went right to the dining room and started sniffing around. I got nervous and put him back in the room with the door shut. I know I need to clean up all the stains but its going to take me forever. Im absolutely going to try that peroxide solution that Denali suggested. I just paid 17 bucks for a gallon of PETCO solution and Ive almost used it all already. As soon as I use up the rest of that and the urine off thats on its way to my house, I am definitely going to try this! (and LDG, no he is not declawed )
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I can't stress enough to really saturate (soak) the area. Do not just lightly spray the area. Soak it really good and let dry. Re-saturate if need be.

So far I have used it on carpet, linoleum, a mattress, cat carrier (not sure the material but it is the type that collapses) and every single time the smell has come out (both cat pee and cat spray). I may have had to treat the spot more then once but it came out. Both my sister and I keep these cheap ingredients on hand at all times for as need be situations.
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If you don't live in an area with humidity, the homemade solution with hydrogen peroxide works. And it will definitely help for now. But if this is the only solution you use, you may find that come summer, you have a problem with pee smell again.
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Here is a thread with discussion about why an enzyme cleaner is the only thing that will work in the long run:

I looked it up - and cat pee does have a half life of over six years.
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Let me share my experience of cleaning up cat pee.

Just recently I found an effective way to remove cat pee odor. I mix Oxi Clean (I am not marketing this product) and baking soda with water, rub it on the spot with a sponge and let it dry. The odor is gone almost immediately. After it's dried, I clean up the white residue with a wet sponge. That's it. I have used it on my couch, carpet, bed, etc. and it doesn't affect the fabric. Just to be safe, you may want to first try it out on a small spot.

I found this solution on a website (I don't remember where) and it actually gives a scientific reason (chemical reactions and so on). I don't understand the chemistry part but it has been very good to my household.
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Oxy clean basically creates hydrogen peroxide. It's essentially a pre-made version of the homemade product without the detergent.
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