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Your profile is radical Shell!
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Well, I just sent my second email to him. You guys were right...I am a JABBERBOX! I swear that email was 2 pages long! Oh well..he wanted to know about me, so I told him!

Plus, I told him about my cats and how much I love them. That was the first test. We'll see if he says anything about cats. I say that I seen on his profile that he has a cat and was curious about the kitty. So, now it's another waiting game...

I'll keep ya'll posted!

Thanks Sam for the nice compiment on my profile! Glad to hear that I don't come across as Insane or something!
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Awwwwww! Good Luck Honey! No, you don't come across as anything apart from gorgeous

I have tears in my eyes, I'm so happy to know everyone, especially you Shell

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Oh Sweetie! You're one of the reasons why I love this place so much...It's great having such good friends!

Love ya Sammie!
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I always get emotional , but I never dreamt I would be sitting here typing across the world to someone as great as you!

I wont steal shell's thread- with all the I have..LOL

Love you Shell! { You Always have great advice as well..LOL }
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Originally posted by Shell
First of all, I don't want to sound desperate or anything but I did put an Online Dating Ad on a month or so ago. I figured it worked once (that relationship lasted 3 1/2 years), so it might happen again. I've got a few emails from some guys, but nothing I was interested in. Frankly, there isn't any descent guys on online in Nebraska. I've noticed that I seem to attract men that are MUCH older than me. I'm sorry but I have NO interest in dating a man that is my DAD'S age. EWWWW!

Anyway, I got a email from a nice guy named Ric yesterday. I was nervous about emailing him back, but yet excited too. He seems like a really nice guy and has a lot going for him. I shot off a email to him and I got a reply right away. I'm just nervous about all of this for some reason. The last time I did this, I went on a date with a complete nerd. Plus, that guy looked nothing like his picture. I know that looks shouldn't matter, but they do for me. I have to have some kind of physical attraction...pretty shallow, huh?

I just wanted your guys' opinion on this guy. Here's his link:
He's not exactly what I was looking for in the Physical sense, but he's not ugly by any means. His second pic is kinda funny. He just looks goofy...but in a good way.
Anyway, let me know what you guys think. I know I'm the one who needs to make the decision, but I just needed someone elses opinion.

check you pms.
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Thanks Jason!
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Originally posted by Cabbie
I won't be posting my pic on here ever cuz I look like Homer!!!!
Hey Cabbie,
I checked out your homepage...and you don't look like Homer! You're a very handsome man! Stop cutting yourself so short!
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Originally posted by Shell
Hey Cabbie,
I checked out your homepage...and you don't look like Homer! You're a very handsome man! Stop cutting yourself so short!
Yeah! I agree with Shell - Cabbie you are a handsome man!! No resemblance of Homer whatsoever!!
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hey shell...he looks cool....give it some time and see how things go..even if u can't be a couple, he'll probably be a really nice fren...
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That's what I think is important. I'm going to need all the friends I can get when I move to Lincoln. So even if it doesn't work out, maybe I'd have someone to help me around Lincoln.

We'll just have to see.....
So far, no response to my last email. Hopefully he didn't think I was crazy or anything!
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I didn't see the picture....I just now read this whole thread and I have to get to bed...it is late here and have to work in the morning, but he sounds like a nice guy! Any guy who likes cats can't be all bad! I hope it goes well! I am anxious to hear if you get a reply from him!!! Keep us posted!!!
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Just please protect yourself when you meet him. Don't give him to many details about you, like your phone number address etc.. Keep all that in reserve, because you never know. My sister went through the personal ad binge after she settled down when she divorced her husband. Some of the men that she met were real scary guys, some were downright insane and a few were stalkers. She is even writing a book about her experiences. She always met them away from her home, never gave out to much personal information and played it slow and easy until she met Frank her now live-in man friend. But it took a couple of years and lot of weirdos to find this gem, so just be careful what you share right off the bat.

Good luck too! I wish you the best!
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MA, thanks! You're such a sweetie!
Debby..you too Hon!

Just a little update:
I've been chatting through a couple emails for the past couple of days. Just normal chit chat (hobbies, interests and etc). I did tell him in my first email to him that I wanted to get to know him more before I give out my phone number (my number is not listed in the phone book because it's my folks' number & no one but family and friend have my cell #). I told him about how I was stalked last year and that I've had to learn the hard way about taking precautions. He told me he understood completely and agreed that we should get to know each other before we talk or even meet.

As for my last relationship, I was so NAIVE! I met Bill online and chatted with him for 3 months. Then we decided to meet each other (he flew all the way to Nebraska from Chicago to see me) and that we'd see each other in Lincoln. I really thought I knew him, but actually I barely knew him at all. Here I was with this stranger from Chicago and we planned an entire weekend together! Thankfully, he was sane and not out to hurt me...but what if?! Damn...I was dumb and I'll NEVER be that stupid again.

As for Ric, he seems like a REALLY nice guy. He's got 2 cats, but since his apartment doesn't allow pets they are living with his parents. He loves the outdoors and loves to read mysteries. He's also loves the TLC (one of my FAVES!)and enjoys watching ER shows. He is also just become an Uncle and loves every minute of it (he even said that he'd SHOW me pictures of his neice sometime...so maybe he's interested?). So, it looks like he loves kids...big plus with me! He enjoys all sports especially Hockey and Cycling (...I'm not very familiar with those sports ). He also volunteers with the Red Cross and loves working as a Nurse.

Like I said...just normal chit chatty stuff. He's not much of a talker...his emails are short and sweet. While mine on the other hand, tend to be long and I tend to kid around more.
I'm starting to run out of things to chat with him about with out revealing too much. Any ideas? I haven't done this in so long...I'm a bit rusty when it comes to stuff like this.
Thanks everyone..wish me luck!
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on-line dating is the way to go now, or so it seems. I met my husband thru an IRC chat one day. We'll be married for 6 years in September. I talked to him on the phone for a few weeks, before meeting him in person.
I have a friend who meets people thru some christian web site. She met one guy who lives in California, who she visits frequently.
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Hey Shell, It doesn't hurt to chit chat a little and see what he's all about. YOu never know! He might be THE one!
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I'm trying...but I'm running out of topics. He's just not a big chatterbox in his emails. He doesn't seem to ask me any questions. I think I'm just going to be kind of blunt and ask him if there's anything he'd like to know about me. I try to word my emails so that maybe we could "feed" off of each other's thoughts and etc...but I'm still the one asking all the questions.

We have things in common, but he just doesn't go into much detail about things. He's a super nice guy, but I don't know if I can handle a guy who doesn't talk much. My mouth barely stopping running all day!
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I know the feeling... you have to be able to carry on a conversation with each other! Maybe he's shy.
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take it easy shell.. like what mzjazz2u has said, maybe he's shy... he'll open up soon....
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Originally posted by Shell
We have things in common, but he just doesn't go into much detail about things. He's a super nice guy, but I don't know if I can handle a guy who doesn't talk much. My mouth barely stopping running all day!
Hey, sometimes that can be the best combination. As long as he's a good listener!

Emailing can be so difficult for some people. I've known people with shining personalities in person who are not verbose at all in email. They even come across as somewhat dull. I don't think you'll be able to get a good idea of his personality until you speak to him on the phone - and maybe not even until you meet him in person (if you decide to do so.)

However, I work at a hospital and we have a fair amount of male nurses. One thing they definitely are is good with people. All of the ones I know have excellent, caring personalities and a good sense of humor. I wish you luck!
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Blah, I keep seeing this late and miss seeing the picture everytime. Shell, it sounds like you got a decent fella there. Keep us posted on him.

I have to agree, anyone would be a fool not to want to get to know you.
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I had to remove the link to the pic because it was logging me in every time and people could see my account info. If you want to see, you can go to www.match.com & then search username. His goofy name is WildandRomantic.

Last night I didn't write him an email mainly because I wasn't sure on what to write. He sent 3 back to me this morning asking if I had lost interest and he was sorry if he bored me. Plus, he started asking questions about the things I like and etc. So...maybe there is hope after all for him!
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He sounds like a pretty fun guy Shell, and I think he's rather cute. Keep us posted please.

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Hey Shell please be carefull . A friend of my husband has signt up for match maker and he is married . He just having fun geting e-mails from woman and is a big flirt . So what you read in a profile may is not all true . Yes not all man are like that . So please be carfull . Sorry girl I had to post that . I don't mean to be a Party Pooper . Just be carefull ..
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my stupid ex bf who i was living with met girls on the net and was all "i can't wait to meet you" and it really ticked me off tho he never actually did. They thought he was sooo sweet and caring and compassionate but he was a liar and a cheat!!

Personally I have made one personal ad on the net just for fun, but I never answered the guys that emailed me because I got in a relationship in real life.. But I would try it again and probably will when I'm single.
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Just an update:

I got an email from him on Wednesday saying that he had a headache and was going to bed. Haven't heard from him since. I've sent 3 emails to him. The first one was another normal chit chat email and hoping that his head felt better. The second one was about how I was wondering if I offended him or if I lost his interest. And I just sent the third and it was how I am assuming he doesn't want to chat anymore. I wasn't rude or obnoxious, but I did tell him that if he doesn't want to chat with me anymore at least have the decensey to let me know. I also wished him well and told him that it was nice chatting with him.

Bummer, huh? Oh well...maybe it just wasn't mean to be. I'm not heart broken or really bummed out...I was just hoping to find a new friend with possibly more.

Thanks again everyone for the encouraging words! You guys are great!
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Shell- I'm sure he just hasn't been on the net for a few days, He'll email you back, I know he will!
Sending Good Luck! *purrz*
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Well, I checked out his profile and it said the last time he logged on was 24 hours ago. Hmmm...I think he's blowing me off. Oh well...it's his loss!
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Oh Well Bugger for him, You're right His loss! Hang in there girl the right man is out there!
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&^%@! I just got a email from him. He said that he had to leave town because his Grandma was in the Hospital. He did say that he was not blowing me off and that it was sudden thing that he had to leave. I feel like such a Bi***! I emailed him back and told him I was sorry for being rude and witchy! I also tried to get some brownie points...I wished his Grandma a speedy recovery! Honestly...I did mean that!

So now it's a guessing game once again...hopefully I didn't ruin my chances!
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