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Sleeping places

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Hi all

Ijust wanted to know - how many of you have cats that sleep with you? My bugs sleep with me resulting in an extremely restless night, for me, my husband and the two of them I am sure. The one like to sleep on my head and the other at the crook of my knees.

I am hoping that as they grow older and the weather gets warmer - we will all become a bit more restful, but in the meantime, I put up with it because I love snuggling them.
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Our cat sleeps in bed with us, normally on my feet. When he was little, he liked to sleep on my head, which wasn't the least bit restful!
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Fluffy sleeps with me
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I had a cat who used to sleep in the bed with me - but with his head on the pillow and his body under the duvet! It was so cute. When it was hot I used to have to sleep with my arm stretched out and then he would like on top of the sleep and rest his head on my pillow - i used to wake up with a totally dead arm!
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normally they don't. We try to shut the door and keep them out because we wake up with very soar throats when they sleep in there (we are allergic alittle!) sometimes we let them sleep with us though
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So far neither one sleeps with me. At first I couldn't even go to bed without shutting the door because the baby would rampage all over the bed (and me).
Chewy, the baby, will come see me as soon as I start to stir around. I really think I would like them to sleep with me, guess it depends on where they decide they like best. They have plenty of room tho. I have a king size bed with just me in it.
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We can't let ours sleep with us because my husband is allergic. They have their own little cat beds now. I miss them sleeping under the covers with me! One under each arm, and one snuggled between my feet.
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I usually have both of them sleep with me. Trent likes to sleep by my feet, and Ophelia wherever a lap would be (sometimes in the crook of my knee, on the back of my legs, etc.). It's gotten to where I wake up when I shift positions at night so I can do it without disturbing them. LOL Nah, they aren't spoiled!
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We have typically between 8-10 cats on the bed every night. We also have 3 cat condos in the bedroom and a couch and 2 chairs, so go figure they have to all sleep on the bed, and usually on us!
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My two Siamese cats sleep with me, but my Persian doesn't wish to.
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Both Corkscrew and Tibby sleep at the foot of the bed with me. Tibby tries to sleep on my pillow with me, but I usually don't let her because I end up being extremely congested when I wake up in the morning if I let her that close to my head.
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Zoey boo sleeps with me
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Well now that my son sleeps with us, JB usually sleeps around the bottom of the bed or near the pillows (we have a lot of pillows), I usually have a soft comforter for him to sleep on, but when he wants to not be disturbed by my constant moving around, he'll sleep in the other room on his favorite chair. He has certain spots in the house that he sleeps in that are strictly his and if you happen to sit on it, he'll sniff and scratch *with his paws only* that area as if to cover up the smell of our rearends Anyway...when he was a kitty, he used to sleep with us and that was horrendous, I was awake most of the night, like now, with my son JB would lay on my neck or in my hair and constantly wanted to play! Then he would be spoiled because I used to pick him up and carry him to his food. But after a month of this, one early morning, he nipped my toes and I told him to buzz off and find the food himself which he did and that stopped the spoiled behaviour in that department. Of course, now he just stands at the bedroom door meowing since it echos in the hallways!!!! And of course that wakes up my son! Arrgh!!! Oh I do wish to have more kitties running around, but I know JB wouldn't like that Oh well, one is enough I reckon for now.
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Oscar will sleep on my right shoulder with his body tucked down beside mine. He uses me for the pillow I guess After he gives me a few kitty kisses he will purr me to sleep.

Sammycat only gets on the bed when we are not in there or to wake me up in the morning so I can drag myself out of bed to feed his royal highness. One Day I Will Sleep LATE!
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When Spike was a very little baby, he used to sleep up on top of my head. Once he outgrew that, he started sleeping next to me on my bed. The nice thing about that is he doesn't disturb my sleep at all since he's not *on* me. Of course, occasionally he sleeps *on* my feet.
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Otis sleeps with me at the bottom of the bed but stretches himself out so that he is in a diagonal. Not very comfy for me, then early in the mornings he comes under the duvet and lies over my chest. Soooo cute! My sister say's that I'll never get married with a cat at the bottom of my bed
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You'll just have to find a man with a cat at the bottom of his own bed, so you can have two!
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Excellent idea I like how you think!
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One of my babies, Ethel, sleeps with me. She actually gets under the covers with me no matter what time of year it is.

My new girl of one week, Samantha, hasn't really found her place yet. She has been sleeping at the foot of the bed since the first day I brought her home but some time in the night she goes somewhere else to sleep. She does come back in in the morning for some cuddles and pets though which make me more than a little happy
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First Jake and Tatum, the boys come in and pick their spot to sleep. Then the sisters, Brie and Rudy come in and hog my side of the be. So now I an in the middle of the bed and Hubby is a bit crowded. Now Drysi comes in and picks her spot for the night. This leaves just enough room for the 13 week old kittens to jump up and attack our toes. I'm not sure if we sleep, I know that I take naps in the afternoon without any kitties... Go figure!
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Oh yes! Every night is the same routine...Peanut gets in the crook of my hubby's knee's - GoGo lays on my left and Spot on my right, trapping me in my blanket - and Rocko sleeps on a pillow in between Keith and I -- LOL! Six hearts are beating in the bed when everyone gets situated, LOL!

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Speaking of sleeping with cats.....A friend of mine just e-mailed this to me....ROTFL - TOO Cute!

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Peaches sleeps with me on and off! She'll start out with me and then will go off to sleep on top of the alarm clock next to my bed. Seems like she does this once she knows I'm asleep. Not sure cuz I'm asleep! But then I'll wake up for a second and she's come back. She'll kiss my face and then go sleep at my side or at the foot of the bed. It doesn't bother me that she comes and goes though.
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I would feel strange if I had the bed all to myself! Usually when I go to bed, I turn on the TV and WE watch it for at least 30 minutes. Once I'm sleepy, I usually turn over and that they're cue. Tiki crawls up on top of the bookcase headboard, Echo roots around until she gets comfortable (which is usually right between my legs) and Bud occasionally jumps up on the bed once everyone is already out for the count. He's quite rude in the middle of the night though. Since he's such a lard butt, it feels like someone tossed a bowling ball on the bed in the middle of the night. I felt horrible one night...he scared me so bad when he jumped up there, I kicked him right in the snout! He yelped out and shook like a leaf. I sat there crying because I thought I hurt him, but I scared him more than anything. Now I make sure I'm sleeping on my stomach all night so I don't throw my legs up when I get rudely woken up!
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Griffin, my 6 month old sleeps by my head and my 3 and a half month old kittens sleep with us too, they are so sweet and they purr all night! Oh and Alex, my orange kitty sleeps by my side if he gets there first, otherwise he gets mad and goes somewhere else if he's not the first one on the bed. Its so funny, if the others come in and see Alex laying next to me, they stay their distance and sleep on the end of the bed. He doesnt hurt them, just hisses and wants them to get away, he thinks he is the boss.
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I still haven't figured Ivo's sleeping places out, even after two years. Some nights, she'll lie at the head of my bed, half on the pillow. When she's there, she likes to fall asleep with my hand on her stomach. Other nights, she'll lay on the outside of the bed, along my legs. When there, she likes to have my hand on her backside. But other nights, she'll sleep on her kitty condo or on the back of my futon. I guess it all depends on how hot it is, and the phase of the moon
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Boy boy will sleep on my blankie whereas meow meow will sleep on the floor where ever she feels happy...
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