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The rest of the gang (and MaeMae!)

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MaeMae is growing like a weed.... but she's still so tiny!!!!! Here she is curled up in the bed on top of the box that holds my monitor on the couch in the living room part of the RV......

(And then I'll post a pic of Sheldon sleeping in the same bed!)
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Now check out Sheldon in the same bed, LOL!
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...and since I don't want the rest of the gang to feel left out, here they are!

Our cutie, Tuxedo:
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And Spooky... CLEARLY asking me - why did you bring that little energetic nutbag MaeMae into the house? WHY MOM, WHY?
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...and Lazlo, our first full-time indoor kitty. Compare him now to his image in the box in my signature!
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He still looks like such a feral boy!!!
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AHHHHHH they are cute!
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Aw, Laurie they are all just GORGEOUS!!! I love that pic of Spooky especially. They are so cute when they tilt their heads like that (and they KNOW it too!!)
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You had such a precious family. I'm so in love with MaeMae.
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Laurie, you have such an adorable fur-family! They are all so cute! I want to squeeeeeeze them!
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Laurie, what a gorgeous family of kitties! Maemae is so adorable, and I love the juxtaposition of that picture of her with the one of Sheldon!
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Laurie, your gang is absolutely beautiful, and definately very happy with you and Gary. I love Tuxedo's pic-he's giving sexy kitty eyes!
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they are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!
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Great pics of the gang! Got any more? I just love looking at your lil guys!
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Cute cute cute cute!! Love the tilted head too!
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You already know how I feel about your fur family Laurie! You and Gary are the most dedicated feral rescuers I know. Sheldon is just maemae on steriods! LOL
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwww how adorable!!! they are all so cute! MaeMae is soo tiny!
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LOL!! I love the pictorial, Laurie! You babies are beautiful! MaeMae fits in purrfectly!

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Wow! How the gang has grown! I remember following all their stories last winter, when they were little, too. MaeMae is adorable, as are they all.
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Are you keeping little Mae West, Laurie?

She's such a cutie and so are the rest of your cats, Tuxedo is such a spunky devil

More Pictures Please!
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...and as Heidi recently reminded me - "we couldn't POSSIBLY have more than two cats in here," LOL!!!!!!

Spooky, we finally figured out, is the real troublemaker of the bunch!!! We thought it was Tuxedo - but he just gets fiesty when someone's in a spot he wants. (And that doesn't happen too often ).

We recently opened up 1 1/2 of the cabinets over the couch... and Shelly was quick to "claim" the space.
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...and Lazlo just LOVES being inside of things!!! (Can you tell from all the pics, LOL!) This is one of the many tubes we have rolling around here... it's been on the kitchen floor since MaeMae came home. It provides a route from front to back without having to encounter other cats lying in the hallway.... of course, Lazlo staked it out, and generally guards admittance!
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We take MaeMae's set up out of the shower and bathroom each morning - (so we can shower!).... but discovered that it's a GREAT place to play!!! This pic has Tuxedo in the shower, MaeMae leaping at Lazlo as he leaves.... what you can't see are the three ping-pong balls that zip around in there.

MaeMae and Lazlo spend hours in there each day, batting the balls around. He lies down and just lazily swats the balls with his paw if they happen to roll by - and MaeMae runs around like mad chasing them all. It is SO cute!!!!
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awww that is too cute!!
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Laurie - those pictures are so precious and MaeMae is GORGEOUS!!! I can't believe how tiny she is! Soooo adorable!
Bless you for giving the cats your love!
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Your kitties are precious, and it's so cool that you live in a RV. I wish I could live in an RV, myself. If I did, I'd follow Kiss when they're on tour, and I'd take my fur babies and my home with me. It would be awesome!
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They must add such joy to your life - all that joy in such a cramped space must be exciting!
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HopeHacker - my hubby had been an exec, and had travelled 250,000 airmiles in 1992. He didn't want to leave home anymore! We decided to combine something that we love - travel - with being at home, which we also love. It IS so cool to have your closet with you!!!!!

And Ady - LOL! It SURE does get zaney around here! The worst is when we're on the phone with a customer who doesn't know us that well... but knows we work from home a lot... and Lazlo's meowing for something or other, or they're stampeding around playing hunt and seek or "tag" or whatever it is they play....

Spooky wanted up in the overhead cabinet last night - and kept standing up against the window - but as usual, wouldn't jump. So I put her up there. Here's my view while working away....
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