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I am so glad to hear this!I was so worried
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MA -

I just saw this message and I am sorry I didn't see it earlier. I am so relieved Noddy is getting better -- I will still say some prayers!!
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YAY! I am soooo happy for you!
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Thanks again guys- this was taken this morning- I think she will probably sleep all day now!She's the one hanging over the side
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yay I just read this and was so worried.. Glad to see she's doing better!! Thank god it wasn't distemper. I hope she gets lots of sleep and lots of food and is back up and off to mischief asap
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I am sooooo relieved! That is wonderful, parasites are no fun, but they sure beat distemper!!!

Have a good nap-day, Noddy!
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It's so great to read this good news this morning! Three cheers for Noddy!
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Bless her little heart. I am so glad she is better. Scratch her little head for all of us.
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I am soooooooo relieved!!!!!

Indeed, BM works here.
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MA, I am so happy and relieved for you and for the poor little babies. Poor things, they don't know what's wrong and they can't tell us. Its like a detective game sometimes, trying to figure out what is going on.

So, are you happy with this new vet now? Have you found someone who knows something about cats? (ie more than you already know).
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I was almost scared to open this thread. I was so worried that something bad had happened. I'm so relieved that she's much better! Whewww! That was a close one!

Still sending many prayers to you guys!
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Woohoo! What a little trooper.
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Mary Anne,

I was late in coming to this, and am so relieved to see this good report from this morning. I fell in love when you sent me a photo of "winking, blinking and nod", and it just would be too much for one of them to be that ill.

I've had such sad news in the past 24 hours (I do breed rescue for Curls), the chair of my rescue group had a stroke, and we are working, at her husband's request, to place all her Curls.

One never knows when, so hug your cats, your s.o. , and please....be sure you have a file on each kitty...preferably with a photo attached, any registration papers, med history, vet records.
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i am so thrilled about this, i could jump for joy
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I got the notice in email about the 27 Curls that now need homes. Best of luck in this latest mission before you. Twenty-seven cats is a substantial number, but if you take it one at a time, it won't seem so bad. The email went out through the Cat Writers' Association, and those folks are connected, so perhaps someone will come up with a quick solution.

And just to keep this still about Noddy, she is asleep on my lap right now. I wish I could join her, but I have work to do.
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Originally posted by hissy

And just to keep this still about Noddy, she is asleep on my lap right now. I wish I could join her, but I have work to do.
Smart Noddy, taking a nice kitty nap snuggled up on a favorite person.

One of our group's members is on her way to pick up a few of the cats, and we have some positive leads towards helping place others. I'll know more tomorrow about where we stand. I had no idea (but am happy about it) that word has spread this far...wait until I tell the group member who made the initial post to one of her lists
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MA just saw this and was so glad to finaly get to the post that Nod is ok. Yeah!!!! So glad it wasn't the dreaded distemper.
Take a few winks, you deserve it.
Take care.
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That's Great News Mary-Anne

YAY for Nod, I knew you would pull through

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Oh Wow, I'm away for a few days and I hear this. I saw what you wrote, and was scared to read through-out the entire thread for fear of bad news. I was literally struggling to hold back tears while tearing through the thread to find out how Noddy was.

Thank GOODNESS she is better. Talk about a big sigh of relief. Hissy please give her a peck on the head for me and a few scritches under the chin.
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I just saw this, Hissy and I'm glad that Noddy got all of those nasties out of her. No wonder, she felt badly.
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What good news! When I saw this thread this morning, my heart stopped. I'm glad to know the worms are gone and she's resting comfortably with her angel!
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What fantastic news!! I'm so glad she (and her sisters) have been treated and are on the way to being healty little playful kittens again!
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I am soo glad that your kittybaby Noddy is better MaryAnne....
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What a relief! I had a sense when I opened this that it would be good news, and I am so glad I was right. That picture, like the others, is precious.
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I was scared too when I read this, but I am so happy to hear Noddy is doing better!!! Prayers are with you and her!!!!
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YAY NODDY! Keep up the great food and fantastic accomidations and she will be better in no time.
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Hissy, how's Nod doing today?
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Go Noddy, Go Noddy, Go Noddy.....

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