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Please visit your prayers to the Land of Nod tonight

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Noddy is really ill, and I posted about her in the feral forum but I need board magic for her tonight. Bascially the vet suspects that distemper is cooking inside of her. I will know more in the next couple of days, but Dr. Lance said that if he is right, then she will crash tonight. It is going to be a long vigil for us, so please send up a prayer to the Special Land of Nod for this special little girl and her sisters, for if she has it, that means they do too. I will put the coffee on and be away from the computer until the crisis either hits or passes.
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You have my prayers for the little girl. I hope that she and the others will be okay.
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I hope and pray everything goes well tonight. Hang in there.
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Many prayers being sent to Noddy! My heart is just breaking and the tears are flowing for all of you!

God forbid if she does crash, I pray that it's quick and painless. Words can not explain the ache I feel...I can only imagine how you and Mike are feeling.
((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS to Mike & MA))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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please dun worry too much.I'm sure Noddy will be fine.She's a strong girl and she knows you love her loads so she wouldn't bear to leave you yet. Just hang in there and she'll be fine. let us know of any progress. we'll be there for u.
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prayers sent your way, thats so sad, are these rescue kitties?
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I'm thinking of you and Nod, and praying all turns out well! Hang in there Noddy! We love ya'
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lot's of prayer's comimg from Ted & I !!
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tons of kitty healthy vibes coming your way.
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Oh gosh hissy.. you have been through so much lately I'm sorry.

(((((( good vibes for Nod ))))))
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You have my prayers. Poor little girl.

Mary Anne, I really admire you for your strength when it comes to dealing with these kitties. Bless you.
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I'm hoping everything turns out ok for you, you've been through enough.
((((get well Noddy vibes)))))
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Good thoughts and prayers, on the way.

This must be so difficult for you, I am so sorry you and the kitty's have to go through this.
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Thoughts and prayers for all of you.
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I've been thinking of you and little Winkin, Blinkin and Nod all afternoon since I saw the news in the Feral Forum.

*****Please be well little girls, may Bast be with you and give you all strength*****
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Hissy, Hoping the little ones are ok. They are blessed to have you helping them.
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My prayers and good thoughts coming your way Hissy.
I am so sorry.
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Sending be-strong-and-healthy vibes to the little girls.
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Noddy just ate!!! Only a tablespoon of warmed cat food mixed with catsip, but she ate it down. Now the wait begins to see if it stays down!
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My prayers and positive wishes are heading straight for you.
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I'm so sorry Mary-Anne! Poor little Noddy-baby, Sending mega prayers for Winkin' Blinkin & Noddin'

I'm glad Nod ate , I sure hope she keeps it down, Keep us updated.

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Awww.. poor little Noddy. I hope she pulls through. I'll be keeping her and her sisters in my thoughts.
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MA, how is Noddy this AM? Hoping for the best and keeping the prayer coming...
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I would like to know how Noddy is doing...been thinking about him.
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I just now saw this. Sending lots of get well vibes to Nod and stay healthy vibes to Winkin and Blinkin.

I'm glad Nod was able to eat a little. I'm wondering how she is doing this morning too.
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eating is good!! I was sooooo excited when bonnie ate by herself again. Come on little nod cat food is good! You wanna get big and strong and drive M.A. Crazy!
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Hope she is doing fine this AM Hissy. Keep us posted.
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I am so very relieved and happy to report that this little girl has made it through what must have been the worst case of parasites I have seen in a very long time. I will spare you the details, but I will say that she is probably a pound lighter now!

This morning she has eaten better than she has in days, she is romping and playing with her sisters and she is looking better than she has been looking. Thank you all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to spare a prayer, light a candle, or do whatever it took to send positive light this direction.

Yesterday I received a Lallapoolooza Gift Basket from Petsbaskets.com and she had no interest in any of the wonderful toys and treats inside of it. This morning, she has jumped head first into the basket of goodies and captured up Kitty Hoots 15" tailchasers and is throwing this mouse all over the living room as I type this.

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN- had it been what the vet suspected, my rescue efforts would have stopped for at least 2 years. Distemper virus is hard to kill, it lives in the environment quite well and I would not be able to accept anymore cats for at least that time frame for fear of them becoming ill as well. Looks like in this case, the professional was wrong. Thank God! My heart is turning cartwheels this morning....
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I'm so happy to hear that, Hissy!
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This is fantastic new! I am so glad that she is feeling much better. We were all praying for you both. I know that you had a rough night so get some rest now.
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