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Yup but only dry food. At that I was trying to switch Loki to a holistic food and I wanted to know why he was not touching some of the stuff - no wonder it had no taste in comparison to the dry I was feeding him. Found one that was similar in taste and no problem.
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Same here, I used to have this other cat which I had no idea what to feed or what litter to use, etc, my neighbor was one of those 'holistic' women and was telling me the wrong stuff, well at least, for my cat it was not working, the organic stuff was completely stinky, she wouldn't eat it and would poop the most foul smelling poop and she was a bit mental, of course at that time, I wasn't home since I was working and I was completely ignorant of how to raise a cat, which now I regret ever giving her back The things I know now, I never would have given her back. Which would explain why I spoil my JB so much. He's happy now for sure!!
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I have tried Science Diet dry food. It didn't have much taste.
When my s/o was in the Navy, he would bring sardines and tuna for lunch, and the other guys would tease him about eatng cat food. One day he got a can of Fancy Fast and ate it with crackers. He said it made them all sick.
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Suraya, you really shouldn't feel bad anymore with someone eating it for 'fun' and with crackers might I add!! LOL!!! Whew, I bet it was funny to see the looks on their faces!!!!
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Originally posted by Hydroaxe
That's how that young female student in the UK got mad cow disease. Apparently, dogs and cats wouldn't be susceptible to it.
Unfortunately, there have been a lot of cases of BSE/mad cow disease among cats both big and small, in particular in Britain and Switzerland. That's why our cat gets imported and/or organic food.
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I stand corrected. All the other issues are well documented though. Maybe I heard that some animals weren't "as" susceptible to the disease as humans. Dogs and wolves have the most acidic stomachs of all mammals and cats have very acidic stomachs too, but not as much as the dogs.
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Okay! You pushed me to it, I figured out of the 8 people that voted on the poll that ate the cat food versus the 22 who are too chicken (that's right, I called ya 'chicken') to try it, I did it, just now!!!

And my vote is yeck to IAMS which I've been feeding my cat since I first got him at 5 weeks of age, he is now 3 1/2 years old! That stuff is icky yecky grotty but easy on the teeth, at first you taste the corn meal and then it just gets really icky tasting. So then I tried the cat meow mix which I've recently started sneaking in because it's much cheaper and affordable and easily fits into my mini grocery budget and I liked that one much better. you can taste the corn meal and then you taste what seems to be dried fishy/shrimpy taste. It's not bad at all, as a matter of fact I think I might get a few more pieces just to snack on.

So I'm still alive thus far. Next I'll test his treats that he seems to love and gain the most weight from LOL!

So far, two thumbs up for Meow Mix and thumbs down to IAMS!
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You are indeed a brave soul...
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Zoey's food has real pieces of carrots, potatoes and peas..
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I am not brave enough to try the "kid's" cat food.... Cause all we feed them is dry cat food
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Sicy, what food is this that has these real ingredients or do you just feed her fresh veggies? I have several friends from Bangladesh who fed their cats rice and chicken and whatever else they ate. So when they moved here, they almost fell out of their seats laughing because they don't have 'canned cat food' or even 'bagged cat food'. I told them that's probably why most of their cats are pissed off at them! because not too many of them like cats, these are usually street cats, but even the few I know that owns them and cares for them said that these kinds of 'foods' aren't available there let alone vet care. Anyway, my mother n law tried to feed my JB some sweets which is sooo delicious (mostly milk based) but JB is allergic to milk so he just puked it back up. And she left it for me to come back home from work to see and point it out to me. That's what mother n laws are for, right? To show us what we need to clean up?! they drive me bonkers!!!
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It's actually real cat food LOL. Nutro Max Cat.. Lite.. Turkey & Chicken I think

No by products
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I dont think I have the guts to try eating cat food
LOL!! I'm with you Kellye!!
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Me too Kellye!!!!! I can't hardly stand the smell of the canned food. Course, I am not a fish eater to begin with. Never had the urge to eat pet food.
As for the makes and their pits. Years ago I saw a program about Tuna and the allowable amounts of rat feces and hair that the FDA said was ok. I haven't touched Tuna since. I also knew someone who worked in a cannery canning veg and they said the same thing. If we want to eat what is on the shelves, we shouldn't investigate tooooo closely,,,,lol
I laughed myself silly Sicy, those were toooo funny.
I vote no way!!!!
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yeck!! I don't think I could push myself for the canned! Unless its the real tunafish that humans consume
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ya still chickens!!! come on, be adventerous, try it, a little bite, then you can clean your mouth out with a hot cup of java, tea, cold beer, whatever you need. Just try it, come on, aren't you curious as to why your furbaby eats the same food everyday without complaints? Come on. You can do it, noones watching

catfood pusher
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Well, I feed mine a combination of canned and dry. I'm not interested in the dry, thanks, but have often been tempted by the smell of the canned stuff. My beasts willnot eat fish or seafood of any kind -- the real stuff or in their can or in their dry -- nope, take it AWAAAAAAAAY! So, their canned stuff is all meat and poultry varieties. Some of them smell pretty good -- one that I used to buy, I swear, smelled like a nice meatloaf.

So, I don't think it would put me off to try it, however, that'll have to wait, since I'm full of dinner at the moment
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to kind of get an idea of how they will react if I have to give them something..

the first time that I was given Albon for one of my kitties, the vet said to me 'oh, he won't mind it, it tastes like custard' he probably just read that in their literature but I had to taste it when I got home lol. (Mildly creamy/sweet: custard as good a description as any!)
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