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Do You Trust Your Cat?

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For those without cat allergies:

Are you willing to put your hands behind your back, and then put your face against your cat or kiss him or her on the head, knowing that he or she will not hurt you?

With most of my cats, I am - and I do all the time. They just give me head love and would never, ever hurt me. With one of my cats, Thumper, NO WAY! She has a terrible mean streak in her that runs in her family. Sometimes she can be very sweet, but it isn't a good idea to trust her too much.
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Zoey used to try to get me if I did that.. but now she just looks at me weird
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Of course I am!!!! Snowball has a sweet and gentle disposition, and he would never hurt me.
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My cats would feel neglected if I DIDN'T do that!
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Ivo usually ducks away, but will let me kiss her neck or even her feet if they are sticking out (except for one back paw which for some reason she HATES to have touched).
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Of course I'd trust my cats with my life and I know they feel the same way! Twig has a mean streak too but I'd still lean down and kiss him on the nose and then he'd bite my lip like he sometimes does. But he doesn't bite to hard so I'm not to worried about that. I adore my cats, heck they share(share ha! they OWN) everything I have so I give them the trust they give to me!
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Rowdy is an ornery little cuss but, she'd never hurt anyone intentionally. As for Opie and Buddy, they are very mild-mannered fellows.
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Yes with three of them. If I did that with Sasha he would jump on my head for a ride. LOL! He loves to be carried and jumps up whenever he gets the chance
Coco would run away wondering what in the world I was doing to her.
Berkley and Sterling would give me kitty kisses and head butts
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I do it and I have allergies! But I wouldn't let anyone else do it. Peaches is pretty particular!
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All of my boys expect a kiss from mommy but then they act like they want to wipe it off...

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Oh, yes! All of them don't necessarily like kisses, but they wouldn't slap or bite at me. Georgia likes to touch me with her paws. She touches me very gently, claws in, when she wants my attention or when she is being sweet. She will touch me, then turn her little head to the side. It is SO cute.
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I trust my cats completely, and I do the same thing to them everyday. That is one of our displays of affection, when I put my face near them they start rubbing my face with their face. It swells my heart with love everytime they do this. Every now and then Baby Girl will take her paw and lightly touch my face, it is so sweet.
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Yeah Zoey has actually been giving me headbonks lately.. its really a big improvement and so sweet! My heart just melts
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My "kid" Patches usually runs away when I try to give her a kiss....but my "half kid" Tiger lets me kiss her all the time... But my roomie dosnt like it when I kiss her or pet her too much... Cause she says Tiger is "her" cat and only "her cat.
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I kiss and hug and fuss on Trent all the time. He's so laid back, I can do just about anything to him because he trusts me so much. Ophelia, on the other only took her 3 years to allow me to kiss her once or twice on the head. She puts up with me doing it now, but I don't think she really enjoys it.
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I trust all my cats with me, but others I'm not so sure with some of them.
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Absolutely! Although, I'm unsure how much he really enjoys it. I figure it's a small price he must pay for living in kitty luxury.
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Hehe I'm allergic and I trust my boys with all my soul.

Whenever I see them sleeping on the bed I always crawl up there and snuggle their tummy and rub my nose between their ears. None of them object and immediately start purring.

SOMETIMES Jake will try to duck out of the way but then when he finds out that I'm just trying to give kisses he lets me give them. Bastian intentionally headbutts me all the time with the LOUDEST purrs. When Drew wants the kisses he stands up on his hind legs and touches me with his front paws and squeeks at me.

I'm so in love with those three boys.
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Absolutely. They are a very sweet and loving bunch! Tillie gets upset if we try to hold her, but otherwise, she is a little love, just like everyone else.

If I had to make a choice between my cats and my family members, I admit I'd pick my cats. They are the light of my life and the source of so much happiness and love.
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I just tested the theory and kissed Indie on the head, he looked a bit perplexed and is slightly smelly I must admit!
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my cats love to snuggle
and kiss
Mythilee loves to fall asleep on us... hands, feet... in fact as far as she is concerned me and rajesh are just two big walking cat trees.

Bobbie loves it when i put my face in her fur when she's lying down on her side... sometimes when i'm lying down she'll come wrap herself around my face

Zooey was a hair dresser in her last life. She loves to groom. She grooms everyone!! She must be the only short haired cat i know who has furballs... which don't match her fur color!!

I must say though, that we've been blessed with three loving lovely kitties....
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I would do that to Mini is she was sleeping and purring (and she does), but not when she was wide a wake. Marie my outdoor cat I would do it too in a pinch. She would never hurt a soul. She tolerates anything. Milo (my brothers cat) I would do it to too. He loves to head-but people.
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Depends on the cat's mood, but most of the time I can even wrestle with them (and Toes can get pretty rowdy) and not get hurt. Occasionally, however, Toes will get this really weird look on his face and you either have to start saying "No" very severely and be prepared to bop him on the snout or you're going to get bit. I think it's because of the drugs that were in the house he was born in.
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When I do that to Max he lifts his lips to mine. I think it's his way of kissing back. Then he will put his head down so I can kiss the top of his head.
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Fluffy really doesn't have a mean streak in her, but she is just more feisty I should say...I don't trust her 100% completely, but with Rocky, I totlaly trust him..he would never hurt anyone unless of course it was out of defense....
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I do not trust my cat at all! He plays way too much and always thinks everyone is playing with him. He never puts his claws out when he swats and he only gives love bites but I still wouldn't stick my head on his just incase.. I need my eyeballs! My other cats in the past have been much more mild-mannered and gentle so I'm not really used to a playful one like roxy.. I don't think he would ever intentionally hurt me but sometimes he seems like he'll get into playing and not realize what he's doing.. I do love him tho
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I do it with JC all the time, but I would never let anybody else do it, especially kids, because he would definitely bite or scratch them. My husband could probably do it if JC was in a really good mood, but he couldn't trust him 100%. I'm "mommy", so I have special privileges.
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Awe! All the cats here are soo lucky to have owners like all of us
I wish I could give kitty kisses to all of them
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i do that all the time to my 2 boys, they have never tryed anything yet, the only time they get alittle mean is when my hubby plays with them and gets them all crazy.
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