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We have a frog in our garage

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He is a little feller too...I hope he doesn't die out there...don't they need water to survive?? I know there are a ton of flies out there, or should I set him free? if i need to set him free, I will have my 6 year old son come out and get him...I just can't pick up a frog...OMG,,,I just can't.. what should I do?
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Give him a little cup of water if you think he needs water. Otherwise he may be a toad and not need that much water. Check out Google on frogs and toads.
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If he made his own way into the garage he can make his way out. He may just want out of the sun.
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I am trying to find a picture of what he looks like, but he is more brown and is really pretty small...he is smaller than the palm of your hand and is about 3 to 4 inches high....
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Sounds more like a toad then who don't really need water.
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I'm just surprised the cats haven't seen him yet.....I wonder what they would do with a frog??
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i think the kitties would consider him lunch
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I say they would play him to death by batting him around.
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aww..he is such a cute little froggie.... he better take cover though because that garage is the kitties domain too..
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I can answer that last question! They pick them up, play with them for a while, and then bring to Mommy to show her this GREAT new toy they found! Meanwhile, Mommy clears half the room in one jump from a sitting postion on the floor to standing on the couch since the toy kitty was carrying jumped! Of course, the best friend (that would have been me in this particular story) who is sitting safely on the couch is laughing hysterically, while kitty (who is now freaked out by the jumping and screaming Mommy) runs out of the room but doubles back because he almost forgot his toad.

That's what happens when kitties find a little toad.
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something about frogs just give me the creeps...please rockers and fluffers, don't bring him in the house!! ohh I would absolutely have a nervous breakdown I think...I don't know what it is about them....
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My cats get ahold of the little green rain frogs all the time, they come in the cracks of our screened porch, and they do play with them and hold them in their mouths and bat them around and finally they will bring them to you! Mine also get lizards too and bring them in from out there, I hate those things, but dont want the cats to kill them. I usually get my daughter to save them from the cats and we put them back outside. Mine have never bothered the toads though, they must have a bad taste or something and they dont bother them.
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Oooo toy for the cat
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Leave the garage door open and when the sun goes down he will hop out. Either that or pick him up carefully and take him outside and set him in the bushes on in tall grass. He won't hurt you, he is just a frog. My cats bring me frogs and salamanders and garter snakes all the time. I try to get to the poor creatures before they get done in by curious teeth and claws.
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My son picked him up and put him out in the pasture behind our house where there is lots of grass....He wanted to keep him as a pet! go figure...
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
if i need to set him free, I will have my 6 year old son come out and get him...
He'll just turn that cute little frog / toad (whatever it is) into a new pet!
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me and bf went to pressure wash the pool deck and it turns out there are thousands of tadpoles swimming in the water on top the cover, and all these teeny tiny frogs hopping around on the deck.. lol! they are smaller then my pinky fingernail, but some are starting to get bigger now.. They are supposed to open the pool today so I hope all the frogs find new places to live!!

When I was pressure washing one hopped up in between my toes!! I screamed like a banshee, but then I picked it up and we became friends..
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If its a toad, you don't want the cats to get it. Some toads secrete bufotoxin, which is poisonous to pets. It can cause seizures and even death.

We have two particularly nasty varieties in AZ: the spadefoot toad and Colorado River toad. In addition to being poisonous, they are big and UGLY!!!
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