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Some things that made me happy today......

It was my bosses birthday and he left early so I got to too!!!!!!!

Friday is my last day of work for two whole weeks!!!!!!

I am leaving for Utah on June 20 for 7 whole days to spend at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and get some peace and quiet and unconditional love!!!

Boy, do I need a break!!!!
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Well, today, I got rid of my "way too big" sofa. (Actually, it's in the garage). My brother's in-laws sold me a more suitable replacement for a small sum. It's actually a hunter green plaid (my color) and fits soooo much better in my living room! It's not a permanent solution, but one I can live with for awhile, anyway.
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Like Kittyfoot I have also just spent the best week of my life If ever there was heaven on earth this is how it would be. Yes I am in love too With a very warm, tender and loving man. It was so hard to get on that plane and leave him but one day we will be together forever. And Debby I met him on the net in a cat chat.
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wearing my new shoes!!!
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YOU GO-O-O-O-O, GIRL!!! I hope they are"Dancin' Shoes" and you Cut a Few Steps for your ole' pal, TLK!!! :pinky: :pinky: :pinky:

Have a GREAT TIME. . . . . . .
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A good day to me is a nice sunny day to wake up to (and not have to work), the opportunity to let my cats out on the screened in porches and to get on the computer and read wonderful things that have happened in everyones lives!
and to check on my fish and see that they are all healthy and happy!
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meme....I am so glad for you and for Kittyfoot! It is wonderful that two cat lovers can meet on the net and find true love!!!
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Thanks Debby for your warm wishes!!!
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My 10-page paper is 8-pages done. My huge sectional is out of the garage and waiting for the trash guys to come pick it up.

And today's biggest news: ta-da! I saw Squirt going wee in the atrium today. That's one less mess I'll be scooping out of the litter box.
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The weather was beautiful today (it's not quite midnight so it's still "today")! Perfect!

I had a lovely birthday party at The Cat Site; and during the wee hours of the morning I had a wonderful birthday party at Hole.Com with all my Hole.Commie cyber-friends from Australia, Canada and the U.K. (and the U.S.A. too).

A People Tree catalog from the U.K. came in the mail (it's neat to receive mail from overseas).

While waiting for the bus outside the grocery store, I had a witty and funny conversation with a lady who works there.

I'm happy because tomorrow is my bi-weekly "book club" meeting at the library; and tomorrow night my friend Kristin is coming over with her little daughter Samantha so they can "make a movie" to send to Kristin's grandparents (I've got video e-mail).

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Well, today I got two Pet of the Week stories written in advance!!! I'm one day shy of leaving for Cape Cod with three of my best friends AND.........my Bubba Dude, Casey is back home! It didn't work out at my friends house. He was hiding under he loveseat for 5 days. He hadn't eaten or gone to the kittybox. The first thing he did when I put him in the carrier was pee!!! The poor guy. He's now safe in my bedroom by himself with the air going, the tv on and his food.
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I just found out that as soon as I qualify (because of limited income and accute health need) I will get an adjustable bed. Totally Paid For and delivered and set up!!! In no time I will have these "Old, swollen legs" in the air!!! (I don't care how that sounds) My circulation will improve and along with it my MOBILITY !!!! So I may not have to face moving out before Diane sells the house and we can find a place on one level where we can all (=^.".^='s included) be happy!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!! :angel2: for answered prayers.

TLK (your "Dancin' Days may not be
over) :pinky: :pinky:
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There are two great things that happened to me today. First, it only cost $100 to get my air conditioner fixed, and the problem is something simple that we can prevent in the future. The second is that the very nice Christian man who fixed it wants one of Muffy's babies! Woo Hoo!!

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I just got into LA & am at our office here in Santa Monica. tonight we have a limo picking up at our hotel & a dinner to go to & then a party at the playboy mansion! I sure am glad a cross that 'thing to do' off my list now!

any way the evening that we have planned makes me happy!
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that is the best news I've heard in a long time!!!!!! even better than my party tonight!

seriously though, that is a load off of my & I'm so glad that things are turning around!
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I found out, by coming here to The Cat Site, that Three-Legged Kat is getting an adjustable bed and won't be losing the companionship of her cats!

That's plenty of good news for me, for one day.

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The best thing about my day was when the vet called. I was waiting to hear some results for Simon. I was told it would take 5 days and they called today. I found out that he is FIP negative. That is the best thing I could have heard today and I did.
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Today...the best thing was after franticly searching to see what my Lunette had cut her paw open on (looked like blood everywhere) I realized she had just stepped into my liquid popouri!!!
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I went in to have a root canal done today and ended up not having to have it because the decay in the tooth hadn't hit the nerve.
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That is the best news I've heard all day! Nothing I could come up with could top that! I am sooooo happy for you!!

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I had a good day. I have really been stressed lately and decided I wanted to get a new haircut. I went in and got the haircut and a few highlights and the girl gave me a free hand massage and a deep menthol scalp treatment for free!!!! Yahoo!!! There is nothing better than feeling pampered!
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Yaaaaay Simon's mommy! Glad to hear Simon is okay!!!
3LK....how cool you can get the bed you need and keep your cats!!!! I am SO happy for you!! *hugs*
Sandie...glad Lunette was okay! Glad it was only popourri!!

And Kezzer....I am SO glad to see you here!!!!! I haven't seen you in so long....not since frappydoo I don't think! I don't get out much anymore.... I mainly stay here at the catsite! SO glad you are here!!! and glad you didn't have to have a root canal!!!!
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Had a great cycling class at the gym this morning. Rode and sweat for an hour, and then went to lunch and ate back all the calories I had burned. At least I was proactive!

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Oh....I got so excited about everybody else's happy things, I totally forgot to tell you mine for today!!!! :laughing:

Got my central air fixed today...free of charge, cause it was still under warrenty!!! YaaaaY!!

Took half a day off work, met my friend Shannon at Pizza hut for lunch and had a wonderful time!
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wow, what a great thread. I have had so much to be happy about lately, but I'll try and keep it quick.

~It's summer vacation!!!!!

~My best friend, Kari, who moved to Cali 3 years ago is up visiting

~tomorrow my daddy and I are going to have a daughter-daddy day for Fathers' Day

~I went to Kari's Grandma's house where she and her family are staying while they're here today. We swam in the pond, despite the not-incredibly-warm weather, and made daisy crowns from the daisies we found in the horses pasture. and I got to have her mom's meatloaf...it's great to have her back! I also got to meet her grandma's cats again. They have two beautiful kitties...I took a liking to Friskies, a Huge black and white that just crawled in my lap and stayed there the whole time I made my daisy crown

(last one!)
~I went to the lap swim at the pool today to start my summer training. I didn't want to go at first, but once I got there, it was so nice to be back in the water. I can't wait for water polo season to start!

wow, now I feel so happy. this is a great thread. so much for keeping it quick!
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I met my dad today half way between where I live(Memphis) and where my family lives (Fayetteville)and we ate lunch together. We had such a great time!
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Went out to see my guys this morning to feed, and they were clear at the back of the pasture. At my whistle, they lifted their heads and snorted in unison. Then they both squealed ( I hope in delight) and came galloping towards me. I love it when that happens!
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I stole a little container of bubbles out of my sister's room to see what Sateycat would do. Just blowing bubbles made me giggle a lot, like a kid.
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Have you guys ever tried the catnip bubbles for kitties? My cats love them and they are a hoot!!!!
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Ok...here's my day so far. accidentally set the alarm clock an hour early. When it went off I knocked it off the table and it hit me in the eye. While I was holding my eye the phone upstairs started ringing. When I jumped up I stepped on the alarm clock. Ran into the doorjamb trying to put pants on while holding injured foot. Staggering upstairs stepped on cat's tail..now have Mad Cat. Finally got to phone..a ****** telemarketer with a cheery good morning. Manfully resisted telling her what to do with her morning. Out of coffee.

Why am I happy?? Cause ain't nothing killed me; yet....
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