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Congratulations! He is gorgeous!
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Oh my goodness, he's so precious! What a sweet little face!
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Congratulations! He's a gorgeous baby!
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Thanks again everyone. Every time I look at him I'm amazed. We had our first check up today and he's doing very well. Eating a lot and sleeping and hardly fussy at all unless he's hungy or dirty. It's really cool to see him awake and trying to look at everything but he's so quiet. He's also finally getting his days and nights straight which we're very happy about.

Wickett actually sat on the couch with is this morning. He still hasnt gotten closer than 6" to little Noah but he'r working up to it. Frankie is still pretending he doesn't exist. Which is fine with me and I'm trying my best to still give them both some undivided attention each day so they know we still love them too.
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My boyfriend's Mum is a midwife (not sure if you have your own personal ones over there?) but when I'm staying at his house I can be woken up at any hour due to new Mummys callings with questions (she's post-natal care). So I guess what I'm getting at is don't be afraid to ask any questions at anytime!! Oh and hey you need to change your siggy now too!
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Congratulations on the new baby boy. He is gorgeous!!
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