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It's not a dumb question. They use sound and body language to communicate. The meow for us, though. Oh, and scent to ID each other.

It is possible that he isnot picking up on Nicky's positive signals ... it may be b/c he was a bottle baby or it may be from his fear and uncertainty of the new place, new animal, smells, sights, sounds, etc. He is also still a baby.

I have a foster right now who has his own room b/c he is afraid of the other cats. I have been trying to desensitize him but he doesn't seem to read the friendly overtures of the nicest, sweetest cats among my fosters who want to interact with him. Unfortunately, some cats are like that.

ETA: I wanted to add that you and everyone involved need to give the situation time.
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I think it's a sign that Tiger is supposed to live with *you* - forever

Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. I v. much enjoy hearing the latest on your baby.
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I'm so thankful for everyone's help over the past many months. Tiger is doing well. He's still not over to the apartment yet, but it still may happen. They just hiss and growl at each other.
I saw a Cats101 show the other day and he said it was normal for them to do this. As long as it doesn't escallate, then I'll just have to get used to it.

Anyway, Thanks for all your help from Tiger and I.
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And a big thank you to you and your family for rescuing this little guy - I think there's a Jewish proverb about saving one life saves the world entire - and you all have done that - making our world a little brighter.
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Well he is currently spending his first night away from home. And, yes, this will always be his home, at least for me. He of course is really pissed. He did spend some time roaming around the apartment. Then he settled down and hung around us growling and hissing. Fortunatly, the older cat took it all in stride. She did hiss and growl a bit, but made no other moves. I tried to convince my brother-in-law to lock him in the bedroom, but he is a cat guy and has had several cats and interactions with other cats. I feel he'll do the right thing, at least I'm praying that he does.

I'm more concerned that this changes the cats personality. His next stop will be my son's house when he finally gets one. (soon we hope). I don't want to turn a psychotic cat on him.

Yes, I'm a big worry wart. He is my baby.
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You've done such a great thing, I hope you know that. I'm sure it isn't easy to give the little guy up, but he sounds like he's in good hands and that must be reassuring.

Please continue to update us.

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I hope the two will get along. When I introduced my 2 boys, it didn't go all that well even after a slow introduction but in about 3 or 4 days they got along well. Now, I'll find them cuddled up together sleeping on the couch sometimes. I doubt his personality will change. Toby acted sort of distant and aloof for a while after I got Zeke. I guess he was just jealous since he was used to being the only cat. Now he's back to himself again. Even if Tiger doesn't act like it now, he'll probably appreciate the company of another cat.
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I'm hoping that he warms up to the mama cat.

I went and visited yesterday and things were much better. Tiger/Sassy seems to be adapting to the new environment. My BIL said that he was sleeping in the bedroom where we setup his bed. We also left his container on the floor with the door off so he would have a 'safe' place to go. He doesn't seem to be cowering from the mama cat and is getting a bit bold at times. When he gets close to her he will hiss and she will hiss back but that's about as far as it goes. She will leave him alone and so far he hasn't done anything stupid to cause an physical encounter.

He actually accepted my picking him up without an attitude which made me feel better. I was thinking he may still be mad at him.

We dug out a couple of toys and put them on the kitchen floor. He spent a good hour playing with them before collapsing. It was great to see him play again.

If they do become friends, or accepting of each other, he may stay there as it gives my BIL a bit more excitement in his day, (which he needs).
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Update d+1week

So far no dramatic encounters from either cat. My BIL seems to enjoy the kitten attitude of Sassy as opposed to the 'old cat' attitude of his cat. Sassy will follow him around and explore every inch of the apartment, playing with things along the way. The 2 cats still have stare down hissy fits, but that's about all. I think they have come to realise that they are not threats to each other.

I picked him up when I last went over there and he allowed me to 'mother' him for a while before finally wanting to be let down.

BIL has a small fiber optic christmas tree, Sassy loves it, but hasn't broken anything just yet.

My Son got his house. We're in escrow. Yay!
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That's awesome news! I'm glad he is settling in his new intermediate home.. Congrats again on raising that cutie pie!
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Does sound like all is going well - best wishes to you all that it continues getting better and better. What a lucky guy your little man is.
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Another update:

So far so good. I so miss my baby. Held him for a while tonight. He was fine with that. I think he misses me too.

Mushy stuff aside, he seems to be coping with the Mama cat well. We think she's about 14-18 years old and apparently very wise.

An example was my feisty little guy saw her heading for the food bowl and decided to plop down right in her path. He laid there watching her walk towards him. Neither one was getting excited. Mama went the long way around and arrived at the food bowl with no encounter whatsoever. on her way back to the couch, she went the short cut right by the little monster and still no encounter. They both use the same food bowl (and litter box from time to time) with no issues. They still hiss at each other from time to time, but nothing more.

My BIL and I built up the cat tree I made so it was tall enough to see out the window. Sassy now has a new favorite spot. Even if they never get to be buddy's, the kitten seems to have made everyone's life just a bit more interesting, which is good in this case. And for me this is the best since I'm over there at least 2 times each week.
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Glad to hear it's working out so well - to me, if mama cat is getting used to this new little upstart so quickly, that's an excellent sign. My two still hiss at each other from time to time, and they're close to the same age and adopted around the same time. I think your little Sassy is still working his magic.
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Well another month has gone by. So far no major altercations between the 2 cats. Minor tiffs end up with Sassy running and hiding. The line has been drawn, and Mama is the boss. He gets his licks in to a point and then she says that's it! For the time being, he's staying with the brother in law. If something changes in that household, we may move him to by Son's house, but things are going well and he provides some interesting interaction to an otherwise unexciting home.

For those of you looking for a worthy cause to help Haiti. Some friends of mine have built an orphanage and schools in Les Cayes. They are finding that many orphaned children are showing up at their doorsteps. You can find out more information at:
This is the real thing. 100% of all donations go to help the children in Haiti.

Thanks so much for helping my little orphan and maybe even some others.
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I've been wondering how everything turned out with this kitty?
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Thanks for asking. Sassy, Tiger, and now known as "kitten" is doing quite well with my brother in law. He can't remember the cats name so he just calls him Kitten since his other cat is quite old.

They tend to steer clear of each other with occasional spats which sends tiger running. He knows his place and he does quite well. He's been let out in the back patio a few time and sometimes like to explore using the roof. But so far he comes back and it hasn't been a problem.

We built him a cat tree that he hangs out and looks out the window. It's a bit high for the old cat and so it's his 'spot'. Youth outwitts old age and trechory...

Thanks again.

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Thanks, Dan! As you know, we LOVE success stories here. What a job you did!
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I was so excited to see an update - your little Tiger has really turned into a very handsome cat - you did so much for him!
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Awww! Look at that. He's king of the hill!!
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Just read this entire thread even though it's mostly from last year. What a brilliant job you did Dan. I'm very sad you couldn't end up keeping the kitten and I hope you can visit him often.
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Thanks for the comments.
I do get to see them both at least a couple times a week. The old cat and I are now buddys. And they both get lots of love from my brother in law. An all around good solution.
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