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Its been a bad week

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It started with Monday. Callie had been drinking and peeing a lot so I knew something was up. Turns out she has diabetes. She's been doing really good and letting me give her her insulin shots. She's such a fighter and a survivor! Yesterday I noticed that Hallie wasn't being herself and drinking a lot and hardly eating. I took her to the vet this morning and she has at least 75% kidney failure. She is now at the vet getting fluids. I love my babies and I can't help but blame myself for them having this. Callie loves to eat and I should have started her on a diet like I said I was going to do. The vet sort of made me feel better when she said that a fellow vet has a cat with diabetes and that renal failure doesn't show up until at least 65% of the kidney has lost its function. We will get through this. I will do anything for them. I need a job and I trust that God is going to send me the right one. Thank you all for listening.
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I have a cat with Crf also.
If you need help just ask.
There are a lot of treatments they can do.
Sorry your cat has kidney failure.
You can join the Crf group they help a lot.
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Oh I am so sorry many many good for your kitties health and recovery!Hand in there!
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Mews2Much, I'm sorry that your kitty has CRF. How is he/she doing? Do you do your fluid treatments at home? The vet said something that my kitty may be able to go 6 months without having to have fluids, but maybe I misunderstood her. What I'm reading they get them done every day or other day. Which support group are you apart of?

Proudmamiof4, thank you for your kind words and vibes. We will get through this.
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Oh, my gosh, I am so very sorry you have had such bad news about your babies. These are hard things to deal with but you can get through this.

My Bailey was just diagnosed with diabetes (2/7/09) and my Baby was diagnosed with CRF last August. And we found out last week J.R. is hyperthyroid!

When Baby was diagnosed she weighed 6 lbs 12 oz, now she weighs 8 lbs 7 oz. We have only had to give her fluids once, at the vet's office. She is eating the Hill's KD and any canned food I can find, that she will eat, that is low in phosphorus with moderate protein.

Bailey is on Vetsulin 1.5 units every 12 hours. Are you home testing? Diabetes is the most hands-on type of condition I've ever experienced with my cats.

Many supportive prayers and thoughts are being sent your way!
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I am doing fluids every other day.
It is easy once you know how to do it.
Can you post your cats numbers?
I am in these groups

She gets Azodyl,Aluminum Hydroxide,Famotidine,Baytril Miralax,K/D,Royal Canin Renal lp, and Norvasc for high blood presure.
Is there anything you need to know about crf?
Ask the vet what treatments would be good for your cat.
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Jessiecat, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitties. Its great to hear that they are doing good. I'm not doing the home testing. I took her in 2 times last week to get her sugar checked and will take her back Friday. Sooner if I need to if I notice any changes. Many hugs and kisses from my babies to yours.

Mews2much, she didn't tell me the numbers, just that they were really high. I'll see what they were when I pick her up tomorrow. I plan on asking a lot of questions tomorrow. The vet called and left a message that Hallie is doing really good. Eating good and peeing a lot. That's my girl! I miss her and I want her home already!
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I hope she keeps getting better.
Ask thm for a print out of the numbers with the values.
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I'm so glad your Hallie is doing so wel and that you get to bring her home tomorrow! My vet told me Baby had about 25% kidney function, but then again the numbers don't start showing there is a problem until the kidney is about 75% damaged. Still, many cats live for many months, even years after being diagnosed. Mews2much, along with others on this board, have a lot of knowledge and experience with this disease. The yahoo group is very good, I understand. I joined it but I find it hard to navigate. Maybe Mews2much can give me some tips!

The Feline Diabetes Management Board (FDMB) is also a wonderful place for help and support for your Callie. One thing I have learned is how important it is to home test, at the very least before giving the insulin. Also, there is a link to a very helpful spreadsheet where you can record her numbers and note anything else going on with her.

Continued prayers for you and your babies.
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I have a diabetic cat who is controlled totally by diet. But the crf could complicate that. The site that helped me is The vet that wrote the book "Your Cat" has this site. Abundance of information and support. I was so overwhelmed, but found so much support and information there. Wish you and your kitties the best. We love them so very much.
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Very interesting site. It gives me much to think about. I did realize dry food is not good but she really has a way of bringing that fact home! Yes, a lot to think about.

Thanks for posting that, farleyv.
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Jessiecat, I think the reason why I'm not checking her sugar right now is that her sugar is 369, probably lower now since last time her sugar was checked. I'll ask next time about checking her myself. I will definitely check out the link you posted. Thank you so much for the prayers. They mean so much to mean. Your kitties are in my prayers.

Farleyv, I will check out the link that you posted, thanks! And thanks for the well wishes.
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Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers for my babies!

Bailey's BG is usually right around 369, too, just before his shot. It's interesting to see how the BG fluctuates 2 hours, 3 hours, up to 6 hours after the shot. He's gotten all the way down to the 100's 3 times and more times in the 200's. But he is usually right back up in the 300's by shot time.

Hoping all goes well when you pick up Callie tomorrow. Keep up posted!
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Callie is home with me now. She's my diabetic girl. Hallie is the one I pick up tomorrow. I went past the vet today and blew her kisses and told her I loved her. Yes, I'm crazy about my girls.

Its crazy how the BG can be up and down like that. What type of food is Bailey on? I'm slowly getting Callie off of c/d cat food that she took to prevent crystals in her urine. She has problems when she was younger. Today I mixed 50% c/d cat food and 50% m/d cat food (her diabetic food).
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Jessiecat, I forgot to mention that I was sorry to hear that your J.R. has hyperthyroidism. I will keep him in my prayers.
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I'm in tears right now. I called the vet and the results of her blood work after 48 hours of fluids wasn't good. Her labs didn't drop much, if at all. I feel so bad for her. I love Hallie so much and I miss her. I'm going to go ahead and do another 48 hours of fluids just to see if they will drop. If I don't do it I know I will beat myself up. I'm so sad.
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Is Hallie the Crf cat?
There ar a lot of treatments you can try.
I got to go to the vet in a few minutes to pick up Cocos fluids and iv set up.
I hope your cat gets better.
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Yes, Hallie has CRF. We are doing another 48 hours of fluids. I went to see her and she doesn't look good. The poor baby was laying in her litter box. I put her on my lap and my parents came to talk to the Dr. I put her back in the cage so I could with them and she climbed back in my lap. It broke my heart. I love that girl. She is my first cat. I was petting her and she was "wagging" her tail. I don't want her to suffer. What else can we do
mews2much if the fluids aren't working?
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It depends on what her numbers are.
Do you know how much fluids they are giving her?
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I believe they are 1 liter bags. She is getting it continuously over 48 hours.

How is CoCo doing?
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Coco does not like to eat to much anymore.
I just gave her 150 ml of fluids.
If you join the crf group they can help.
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I'm praying for CoCo. Eat pretty girl!

I can't help but blame myself for Hallie going through this. I should've picked up on things. Such as, she peed outside of her litter box on occasion, but I contributed it to her being older. I made a bad decision in not taking her to the Dr. earlier.
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I hope something helps your cat.
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Ah, no...I'm so sorry Hallie is not doing better (sorry I got the names mixed up). It took Baby a little while to get going with the fluids, too. Let's hope that's all it is.
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Its okay about the names. I'm hoping that's the deal with the fluids. Many prayers are going up for her. She is very loved and in the end I don't want her to suffer.
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Here is the lab work for Hallie before she went on 48 hours of fluids:

BUN: >130
Creatinine: 8.8
Phosphorus: >16.1

After 48 hours of fluids:

BUN: >130
Creatinine: 7.2
Phosphorus: 10.1

I went to visit her today. She seemed alittle bit perkier, but not Hallie. I don't like seeing her like that. It breaks my heart. If only I had taken her sooner.
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It's good she seems a bit perkier. I know how hard it is to see them not being themselves. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Even if you are super vigilent you just can't see everything. Remember, generally by the time cats start showing something is wrong, it's pretty wrong! They are masters at hiding any illness. As you said, she is very much loved and she knows it. Give her some time.

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