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Well she already called my vet so I dont think she can deny it now.
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True. Good Luck! When were you last in communication with her?
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HI ALL First of all I wanted to thank everyone for their advice. I spoke to breeder yesterday and..........my cats mom tested positive for feline coronavirus and breeder is sending me my money back. I will also be getting a new baby, she is blue and I have named her Belle, She will in no way take the place of Mr.Jinx but she will ease the pain I am sure of it!
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That's great I'm glad you got your money back and a new kitten


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What did you do with the sick kitten? Did you have to put it to sleep?
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Yes I had no choice. He was very very sick. Here is my new one I havent gotten her yet.
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Wow pretty..
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Owwww I'm so sorry about Mr Jinx, He was a gorgeous kitten.

Belle is a cutie as well but I understand how she wont replace MJ

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I'm so glad you were able to have a resolution to this whole thing. hopefully your new kitty is from a completely different cattery?

Wishing you ALL the best with you and Belle
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Belle is coming from a different cattery located in Ft Worth, she is 5 months old, the lady was nice enough to giver her to me, I just have to drive down and get her. I dont think she is a pretty as Mr. Jinx, but I am sure I will love her just the same!
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Awwwww. .. what a great story! Somehow the universe always evens things out, y'know? It's been a long haul for you. So glad to hear someone had a kind and good heart.

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