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We paid for Sashas laparoscopic spay and Cocos medicines.
We also paid some credit cards off and took the truck in for service.

We also saved some for our property taxes for April and Nov
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Im getting about a grand. So here it goes

1. Getting Mr Jinx fixed

2. Getting a new DVD drive for my XBox 360

3. Getting a tune-up for my Honda

4. Putting some in savings

5. getting a new video game

6. taking my parents to dinner
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We won't start working on our taxes for at least 3 week as we don't have all the needed information. And I haven't closed my books for 2008 yet-just dragging my butt on that.

Last year we got our first ever federal refund but we also had to pay in to state for the fist time so it may be a wash again. We still have to put monies in Roth IRA yet.
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Ughh I owe like $4 to the state hope they dont spend it all in one place!!! lol my job over summer i guess didnt tax right so now i have to pay....I am also getting like $80 back lol Hmmm what to buy??? Will barely get me a tank of gas!
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We took ours last Tuesday to a accountant and he is still not done with them

I am pretty sure DH will owe and I hope to goodness I get something back-I have several bills I need to pay on/pay off....
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I got $1,035 back...700 of it went to paying off a credit card and whatever was left I put to savings.
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I just finished ours last night. we get $937 back. I netfiled so we will get the refund in about 2 weeks. Since I am pay $5000 on Thursday to get braces put on my son's teeth. I will still owed $2500 . I will probably just sent it to the orthodontist. I would like to spend some on a new comforter for my bed. Gus has pulled most of the stuffing out.
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Originally Posted by JuneBugBear07 View Post
Ughh I owe like $4 to the state hope they dont spend it all in one place!!!
LOL Maybe they can pay me part of what they owe me! I have no idea when they are going to release the funds for those that are getting a refund
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I am supposed to get about $1100 back. I have about $6500 in credit card debt from moving last summer so guess where my return is going?
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With Federal and State I think I'm getting about $1100. I'm paying off my last 2 credit cards(WOO HOO!!!!)and my wedding dress. If I have anything left it will go towards the wedding
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I received my check today!!!!!!! It was almost double what I was expecting!!!!!! Now I can take care of what I wanted to without feeling guilty!
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Last year I got over $2,000 back singly, I'm hoping to get AT LEAST that this year. We're also filing jointly this year, hopefully to get a little bit more. H&R Block's tax estimator is telling me I should receive about $1,303 this year filing jointly, but I am not sure how to enter Rob's self-employment-whatever-he-claims stuff and I guesstimated on my income and taxes withheld because my W-2 is in the car. We're going to a tax place to get it done. Last year Rob had to pay $120 to federal, and received a check for $121 from the state

We read something online about 2009's taxes, when we file next year, we should be able to get $8,000 back for purchasing our house at the beginning of this month (and its not a loan like that $7,500 one for 2008's) That surely would be nice.

When we get the return, we'll probably put it away in our money market account. Then we'll either save it to spend on house stuff (driveway, carport, gutters, etc) or put some extra on our mortgage in addition to the extra $200 we already put on each month.
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We haven't even started on our taxes this year, but I doubt we'll get much back, and that'll go towards Jamie's prescription cat food, which is really pricey.
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ahh you lucky lucky people who get refunds. Since I own my own business I end up oweing...alot. SO I am one of those people that wait to the last minute to do taxes....drives my fiance nuts...
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well lets far:

i got a triple aaa premium membership- it includes free tow up to 200 miles wich is perfect for me, now i dont have to worry when i go to dc!

bought the cats a bunch of toys and some food

bought BF a carton of ciggies

payed a stupid speeding ticket

took Sabastian for a vet checkup

got my oil changed and fluids topped

got birth control pills

So far all i got is like to treat myself to something but isnt it funny how when you have the money you cant think of anything you want?
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I just figured out our taxes. Between federal and state, we'll net a refund of about $650. I'll get the federal refund before I wait to pay the state on April 15th. Kansas has the worst tax rates of any of the 4 states that I've lived in. Almost makes me want to move.

We desperately need some roof repairs before the spring rains hit. I'm sure the refund won't cover it all, but it will put a dent in it.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Kansas has the worst tax rates of any of the 4 states that I've lived in. Almost makes me want to move.
move here - better weather, NO state income tax!
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