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Hi all, thought I would add a couple of new pics of my little girl. I haven't been on here for a little while as we had a terrible end to the year. My one grandmother passed away suddenly at the end of October then just a week later my other nan went into hospital for her gallbladder removed and got told that they found cancer there. Further tests showed that it had spread to her liver and there was nothing they could do for her. Sadly she passed away on December 21st.

Christmas was therefore very quiet but Willow was great, it was as if she knew something had happened and she was more affectionate than normal bless her which was comforting. She's not one for a big fuss and she usually just lies on our chest for a couple of minutes when we are lying on the bed but this is all on her terms. However over the past few weeks she will lie on us (still on the bed) but has been purring for over 30 minutes and she will do this a couple of times during the day

We bought her some gifts for christmas and her favourite was a cheap tent although it was flattened in less than 30 seconds We still manage to get it back into some sort of tent but she usually flattens it again then sleeps on top of it

Anyway here are some pics of her and I will post some more soon as I need help to pick a photo for this months contest

Just waking up...

Eyeing up her new toy.....

Got it!!!

This is what I did to my tent.....

I much prefer to sleep on it rather than in it!!

All whiskers...

Tired out

Thanks for taking the time to look
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She's adorable. I'm so glad she's been a comfort to you. Don't you just love purring kitties?
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Very beautiful! Love the close-ups!
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Willow is such a pretty girl. I am sorry you have had such a hard time . I wish you a happy and healthy new year
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Oh my goodness! She is such a beautiful girl. I love her poofy white feet

I`m sorry you`ve been having such a rough time of it It`s so sweet that she senses you are upset and is comforting you
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Awww! She's so pretty! She lays like my Gus did, on his back with "bunny feet". We used to tell him "I'm a bunny wabbit" in the Elmer Fudd voice all the time!! LOL
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What a nice looking cat.
So sorry about your bad luck.
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Oh dear! My condolences on your losses.

The experts say cats purr to heal themselves so I guess she is sharing her magical healing powers with you to mend your broken heart.

ETA: I know I have said this before, but Willow is a STUNNING girl!!
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My, Willow has such beautiful fur. I just want to run my fingers thru it.
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I'm sorry to hear about your 2 nans. I know what its like, to lose someone this time of year. My dad passed away 23 Dec 3 yrs ago.
Willow is absolutely gorgeous, she could be Blossom's sister.
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Thank you all for your kind words

Kara_Leigh it's funny that you say that about 'bunny feet' cos we always say that she looks like a bunny when she's on her back! She curls her back paws aswell and it looks like she is going to get up and 'hop' off

We have been trying to get pictures of her on her back with her belly showing for this months contest as she usually curls her paws in and covers her belly. I've managed to get a few so will post a couple to see what you guys think is the one to enter. Once again, thank you all
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Originally Posted by Kalikat View Post
I'm sorry to hear about your 2 nans. I know what its like, to lose someone this time of year. My dad passed away 23 Dec 3 yrs ago.
Willow is absolutely gorgeous, she could be Blossom's sister.
Thank you, it's hard any time of the year but as you will know Christmas is such a horrible time for it to happen, it was also on my fiances birthday so he didn't have a birthday to remember. Anyway is that Blossom as a kitten in your siggy? She is beautiful and does look like our Willow

Here is a picture I found of Willow as a kitten

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Willow is stunning!

for the rough time you have been having
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Those tent pictures are great, my cats do the same, sleep on it not in it

I'm sorry to hear of the rough times, cats have a sense for things when your down or sad, willow knew this, and is looking after you
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