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Can you touch the tummy?

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The January Photo Contest got me thinking, Can you touch the tummy?

I'm ALL about kitty tummies! Seeing all those pretty kitty tummies and knowing you can't rub them makes me sad. But I have one too. I cannot touch Ophelia's pretty white tummy and keep my fingers. Sometimes, but only sometimes, she will let Daddy pet the tummy if she's really relaxed with him.

Annie was like that when we first brought her home. I don't blame her - she was living in the forest and that's a vulnerable spot. Between me pushing the subject and her gaining trust with us, now she not only lets us pet that pretty little tummy, she LOVES it!

Ginger is the same way...she's just now (after 2 years) allowing me to pet the tummy. I'm SO happy!

Mojo still isn't too sure. She used to, but now she thinks it's play time and wants to bunny kick.

Trent has always loved to get his fluffy tum petted. He begs for it. It's not even a guilty pleasure for him - he feels no guilt about it!

How about your kitties? Are you allowed to touch and pet their cute little fluffy (or nekkid, as the case may be!) tummies?
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it all depends....sometimes its a no go, then sometimes they let me pet the tummy for a little bit but then they usually start going nuts on my hand
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Abby demands it at times. Often I am walking down the stairs and Abby will hear me and will have already flipped on her back for tummy rubs.
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Brandy is the only cat in my household who does not like belly rubs for a long period of time, normally after a couple of minutes he flips back over and growls at you to say he has had enough

The other two are pretty docile when it comes to belly rubs, they flip over and stay there...Arwen nods off after so long
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My cats are all different, Sev, you can do ANYTHING to him and he doesn't care Sophia, don't even think about it Lucia Loves tummy rubs she rolls over the minute you come near her. Joey loves to show his tummy but I think he's ticklish Mario is tolerant to a point
Pepino is just wild, period, but he likes to be touched on the belly
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Even after 15+ years with Katie, and nearly 10 with Gracie, I'm still at risk of losing my fingers if I touch the tummy. What's interesting is that my feral "kittens," Pete and Claire are much more accepting of it. Pete's very open to have his tummy rubbed if he's in a particularly mellow mood. Claire's always up for a tummy rub. I often find her laying on her back like she's just waiting for it. Or, if she's laying her tummy and I reach under her to tickle it a bit, she'll flip over to give me batter access.
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Well, Punkin loves it, Sterling likes it sometimes, and Ella is a little nippy sometimes.
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Stanley loves it, even requests belly attention when he gets his "brushies". Bella is not crazy about having her belly touched. She will begrudgingly allow it if she's sitting on your lap provided that you also rub her head to distract her.
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My 3 love tummy rubs, they sit next to me and roll over then yell at me to rub their tummies.
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All 5 of mine love tummy rubs and tummy kisses.
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Scarlett dies for tummy rubs.

Most of the rest won't tolerate it but I get in the occasional rub when their mood allows me.

Pinky would bite my arm off if I tried it with him.
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My girlies sometimes enjoy tummy rubs on their own terms
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Not unless I want to lose some fingers.

Wally was feral until 6 mos. of age or so, so he didn't get used to it early enough, or maybe he just naturally dislikes it.
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Damita lived for tummy rubs.

Eden adores tummy rubs. Lily when she deems it appropriate is OK with them. Twitch has a big "udder/spay sway" & she always gets pissy when you rub her tummy. Dory doesn't like tummy rubs, but tolerates them. Both Molly & Ophelia I can rub their tummy, but am guaranteed to have at least one scratch from the deal.
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Bandit, no belly rubbing, Tuffy likes it on his terms, Piglet will eat you for lunch most times if you touch the belly, and Scuddel...he lets me do damm well what I want to him. He is Mammas boy.
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Tummie rubs only when Speck's very sleepy. Otherwise, he'll think it's playtime and I'll draw back a nub!
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Mine all love it. The only problem is that Sherman gets a bit worked up sometimes and will try to grab you - but as I've mentioned, he still acts kittenish.

All three will automatically flop and roll over for a rub, too.

We can actually put our faces in Sho's belly and blow raspberries. I don't suggest anyone try this with their cats. Sho's a very very tolerant and calm cat.
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Cindy is my belly-rub addict. She never shows her tummy, but there's a skritch routine, one phase of which is the settling and adjustment to direct the hand to the belly and hold it there with the back paws. If the hand is removed to give attention to some other part of the body, the back paw comes looking and brings it home to the belly.

Fawn is more likely to show a tummy, usually when she's doing her "I'm cute " pose, but it doesn't fully expose the belly, and she's less likely to accept a rub than her sister. Both send the hand packing with a couple of well placed bunny kicks, but that happens a whole lot sooner with Fawn than with Cindy.
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Jamie likes tummy rubs from mommy, but anybody else who tries it risks losing a hand.
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Yes all three of mine love their bellies rubbed.

One actually likes to sit on my lap as a child would, while I am typing on the computer I will be rubbing his belly at same time. It's very tricky. He also loves to be scruffed by the neck which is really weird. It relaxes him. Hence I call him "My little weirdo".
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i voted for every choice!
Pixel LOVES tummy rubs [as did her littermate, Mouse]; Java will occasionally let me kiss her tummy; Cable will begrudgingly let me stroke her a few times; Chip - depends on his mood; Firefox - NEVER!
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Yep...Kizmet loves his tummy rubbed.

My Gysmo, however, did not... after he was neutered, you'd lose fingers trying to play with his belly.

wonder if Kizzy will get like that after he's neutered. Hope not...I love his belly.
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SP. (Snow Princess) loves her belly rubs. She is very demanding of them actually. She will flip over on the stairs when she knows I'm going down. One of us ends up falling down the stairs though.
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Nora loves having her belly rubbed, especially when we get home from being gone for a while. She will throw herself down onto our kitchen floor and arch her back real far and ask for belly rubs and you can get the whole from back legs to chin rubs then and she just loves it. When she was little (she doesn't so much anymore) she liked to be held like a baby on her back, and she would fall asleep if you rubbed her belly.

Gus would bite your hand off if you even THOUGHT of getting near his belly. His was so soft and pink also. lol If he was dead asleep and laying on his back you could sneak a rub in, but normally you couldn't.
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We've had Jack since he was 10 weeks old--he's bitten ever since if we touched it.

Harley doesn't lay on his back often but if he's on his side you can rub his belly, he doesn't bite, but he doesn't really seem to long for it either.

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Sometimes Harley's tolerant of me rubbing her belly, and other times, she wants nothing to do with it and takes a swipe (or a nip) at me. It depends on her mood.
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Yes, she 's it
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With my 3 current kitties - it depends on the cat in question.

Kuce (our 15 yr old) loves tummy rubs. A day doesn't go by she doesn't ask for one.

Lil' Jag (our youngest) likes tummy rubs but on her terms.

Luvbug (our middle cat) - despite loving attention - will NOT let one touch his tummy (unless you want to lose a hand).
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Twitch has a big "udder/spay sway" & she always gets pissy when you rub her tummy.
Our female cat Leenya has the same thing, its actually two flaps of skin at the front edge so when she is standing there is actually a hidden pocket. She doesn't like her belly rubbed as much as Jack, Jack will sleep on his back in between us, he's totally trusting, the vet always comments on how easy he is to "work on".
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Tailer doesn't ever like his belly touched. He'll put up with it briefly if he MUST.

Forest is a complicated situation, though. You see, after years of study we've figured out that he's actually three entities in one...Forest, Belly, and Tail. Sometimes Belly DEMANDS a rub, then you must stop everything and obey the command of Belly. Other times, though, Forest wants a rub, but Belly doesn't, so when you go in for it Belly runs away. Sometimes both Forest and Belly want rubs, but Tail doesn't and will hit you while you're trying to rub Belly. It's a very complex situation.

Even though Forest LOVES to have his picture taken, Belly is very camera-shy, so I'm not sure I'll be able to get a shot for this month's contest.
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