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Why did you join TCS?

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Here's another question that pops up every so often, but since we have quite a few new members, I thought I would ask again.

How did you find TCS and why did you join?

I found TCS through a google search in November of 2004 when we were having problems with Molly. I only lurked then and after she was PTS, I didn't visit again until May 2005 after adopting Abby. I joined them because Abby has allergy issues and I had questions.
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I joined to find like-minded people to hang out with.
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I stumbled across it when searching for info on FeLV, in 2006. I was fostering a litter of cats, 3 of whom were diagnosed with it. I got such a warm welcome here, I stuck around! I love TCS!
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It was the Health/Nutrition forum that drew me in.
In Jan 07, Wally had a health scare which resulted in going to the e-vet for the first time. It was a bad reaction to his food. I wanted to see if people had similar experiences/advice- I'd had good experiences at other forums (computers, music, etc.) so I Googled "cat forum" and found TCS. I'm so glad I did!!
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I had a run in with FeLV in my household and my feral colony and needed help to work thru what to do about it. I've been a member for about 5 years now.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Here's another question that pops up every so often, but since we have quite a few new members, I thought I would ask again.

How did you find TCS and why did you join?

I found TCS through a google search in November of 2004 when we were having problems with Molly. I only lurked then and after she was PTS, I didn't visit again until May 2005 after adopting Abby. I joined them because Abby has allergy issues and I had questions.
I used to hang out on the so called AOL cat site. Unlike TCS, there apparantly were no moderators whatsoever. In fact, there were more cat haters on there than cat lovers. I had just got Persi as a kitten and I had never had a kitten before so I wanted to know how to rear him. I lamented the fact on the AOL cat site and I found a post from a member of TCS advising me to come over here. So I did. The very first thing I found out was that Persi was far too young to leave his siblings and mother (7 weeks). Despite this he has turned out to be a well adjusted cat.

Perhaps our other members know of other cat sites and could just post a note over at that site, advising people of TCS, just like happened to me.
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I initially found TCS in May of 2004 when we first brought home Harley and Monster and were bottle feeding them. But, I didn't actually become a member until later that year when Monster got poisoned and started having seizures and I got so much help and support it was a god send!

I didn't come back for over a year due to a VERY hectic life, but popped back on sometime in 2006 and I've been hooked ever since.
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We'd probably had Cotton for about a month when I started googling 'Cat rescue' just to read up on what it takes to rehab a cat in his condition. I lurked here for probably a year reading threads before registering to ask for some advice concerning Cotton's teeth. Usually I don't register fo foums, but I wa so happy with the welcoming response here and the fact that peopel try to honestly answer your questions. It was easy to stick around.
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I googled it back in 2005 and joined. My cats are strange, so the behavior section is what caught my attention. JoJo has a thing for metal. She licks it... and that was my first post, in the behavior section. She still does it, the little stinker. She just likes licking metal objects.

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When Bella got sick, we were destroyed and just looking for answers or comfort, whatever, to help us through it, and My DH found this site and it has been a Godsend to me He loves to take credit for it too
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One site of kitten pics had been taken over by trolls and so I started looking elsewhere. Somehow, and I don't remember how, I came across TCS, lurked a bit, and then joined to start adding my wit to Caption This.
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Having never owned a cat before I spent the next several months after getting Gizmo doing internet searches. At some point I stumbled upon TCS. I found the information here to be very helpful and the people to be quite friendly so after lurking around for a bit, I finally joined.
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just its a nice place to go where i can share stories about my cats and talk with other cat lovers like myself.
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I was excited to find a place where i could share with others who loved their cats
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I joined March 17th 2007, which was the day I lost my cat Flip to kidney failure. My first post was in Crossing the Bridge as a way of paying tribute to what a great little guy he had been. I had came across the site via a search when Flippy became ill looking for information. Unfortunately due to his age and the possibility that he had been exposed to tainted food (one of his favorite foods was one that pulled from the shelves 2 months later) there wasn't anything that could really be done for him.
However, I really found comfort in the site and stuck around.
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I think I just had 2 cats then - Twitch & had just added Lily. Look at what this place did to me, my family has expanded greatly since then!
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i had just got flash and i googled cat forums so that i knew i was doing everything right, the best i could, and have enjoyed everyday since
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I was on a couple of other cat sites that didn't have Moderators, so the troll attacks were unbelievable!

I googled cat sites, found TCS, and loved the way it was being run so joined up straight away in December 2003

It sounds corny, but after reading what used to get posted on the other sites by the trolls i felt safe with my cats here
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I joined when Kismet was really sick, I was desperate for help, and I got more help and support then I could have possibly imaginged. Now kismet is still here with me and I am hooked on TCS!
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I joined looking for info when I needed to make a decision about my RB kittie Tommie.
Posting at my job at the time several times a day.
Alas I'm in the land of dial up here at home so I use the version without signatures due to load time. One about once a day usually early morning!
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I found TCS on a search and liked the format. I was looking for other people who love cats...sadly something I am lacking at my work place. I have not been disappointed; the conversations and people here are great!
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I don't remember how I found the site, but I lurked for several months. I didn't join until someone mentioned that they were misting their leopard gecko with water - along with mentioning a few other problems with the care they were giving it. Since these mistakes can kill a gecko I felt the need to join and help the person correct their care.
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I was searching for info on general cat behavior when I stumbled on to this site. I was and still am a volunteer for an animal rescue here... and people would ask me questions about their cats behavior, nutrition, litter etc, and I don't like saying "I don't know."

So I lurked for a while to see what the tone of the site was and like it alot... and joined... hmmm... a year ago last October (2007).

The site has been a joy and a godsend to me. I have learned SOOOOOO much that has helped me with my rescue work. And I have made a few friends along the way .
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I found The cat site, when I found my girl Lucky on my front lawn. She was an hour or so old. Abandoned by her mother. I read on how to care for her. I joined about a month later, when I needed some more help with her. I don't know that Lucky would have survived without this site.
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I was surfing. Googled something or other to do with cats -- I haven't the slightest idea now what, as I was not on a mission, just curious -- and found TCS in the first few hits. Dropped in, looked around for a couple of hours, decided it felt like home, registered. Was not disappointed.
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I found this site in August 2005 after I was presented with 3 kittens by Sissy, the pretty tuxedo punk rocker cat I had at the time. We called her that since instead of a pink nose, she had a black nose. The parents were b/w and the kittens were colorpoints. I had done a search on kitten care and came here.

I had to re-home Sissy and the others when I lost my house in 2007 and didn't have a place to keep them. They have all been adopted out now!

Now I have my 2 sisters, who are with me forever!
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I found this yesterday when I googled cat forums. The Finnish cat forum which I normally use is under maintenance and I thought this would be a good time to look for a foreign site to get more information as things can be very different in other countries. It's good to have as broad perspectives as possible.
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I joined after googling for info on cleaning cats the night I found Persil. She was under a car, thick with motor oil. I loved the helpfulness I found, the honesty and humour, and the special ways we all support each other. It is the only forum I have stuck with.
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I joined in December 2006 when Alley was sick.
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I joined in August 2005 when we brought Harley home I think I just did a google search for kitten care, and TCS came up along the lines, I searched around a bit and then joined straight away Been an active member ever since
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