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How have I missed this thread? Linny, I'm so, so sorry to hear this. Treasure every moment you have with your sweet boy and know you have done everything you could for him and given him every chance to beat this -- and be gentle with yourself.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Oh Linny, I am so sorry I know you must be devastated
Continued prayers for your little man
enjoy the time you have left with him & i'll be sending & that he is as comfortable as possible - plus some for you...
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I am so sorry to hear the diagnosis. Others have said it best, just enjoy every precious moment.
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I'm so, so very sorry Linny!

Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
.......We're here on this most painful part of the journey with you, and offer hands to hold, shoulders to cry on, and tears to join with your own.

Sending many out your way and to help you both through this time.
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Sorry to hear about Kitty. I know how you feel.
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Our hearts are with you Linny.

Sending love, light and peace to your beloved Kitty.
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Oh no! I was really hoping for better news!

Hang in there, spend time with your special boy, and give him a kiss on his milk ring face for me!
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linny i wanted to tell you that through all of this you have been an absolute rock to kitty. you have given him more love and compassion than any creature could possibly need.

stay close to your boy until he tells you he needs to go. your love will help him across the bridge and his love for you will seek you out in days ahead.

i'm so very sorry. be strong and remember you are not alone.
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I've just come back to this thread after a few days absence. I'm in tears after getting to the part about Kitty's diagnosis.
I'm so, so sorry. You've put everything you could into trying to find out what was wrong with Kitty. It's just not fair that it should end this way. Cherish every last minute with him & store all the happy memories you have shared together.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Linny i'm so very sorry Know that you you've done everything you can do and more

Spend as much quality time as you can with your little boy and treasure every moment of it

Remember, were still here for you if you want to talk, so don't think you have to walk this path alone

Calming stressfree for Kitty

Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Oh Linny

Bless his little heart If only he knew just how much love is surrounding him now
I'm sure he knows! May his journey be as peaceful as possible for you both.
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I received a text at 1.25 this afternoon from Linny asking me to post to say that Kitty crossed Rainbow Bridge at 1.35.p.m

Linny's spending some time holding her little boy right now to say her last goodbyes, and then she's going to see Maisie.

I've asked Linny to kiss and hug Kitty from all of us here at TCS, so i'm going to close the thread now until Linny is strong enough to come and put her baby boy in the bridge

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