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Being AWOL for a week

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Some of you may be aware of my recent health issues of the last few weeks (suspicious mole, cold, etc). And I think I mentioned last week about having a fever and shoulder pain. Well, that escalated.

I realized Wednesday night that the shoulder pain wasn't just simple pain from cutting fabric at work. my neck and the area leading to my shoulder joint were very swollen. I called the next morning and made an appointment for the doctor. The doctors were confused and sent me to blood work and ultrasound. The next afternoon, I headed back for the follow-up, with a different doctor in the clinic. She took one look at my white blood cell count and my neck and shoulder and told me I'm going to the hospital... NOW. My WBC was very high and she was concerned there were abscesses needing to be drained.

I headed over to OHSU (major teaching hospital here... top notch doctors) and waited to be called in to the ER. At 8pm, I was called in, looked over. Everyone was concerned... so I was sent to the considerably quieter Observation Ward. One night there and it was decided that I was to stay a few more days... I was officially admitted to the hospital.

Before heading to CT scan (before admission) they gave me two painkillers, so I could lift my arm for the scan... needless to say, I have very little memory of the rest of Saturday. I do remember a couple times, on the bed I was just transferred to. Apparently I called my friend (who has been taking care of my cats and has my car) and mumbled a bunch of things and somehow managed to give her my father's phone number.

It all comes down to a few diagnoses... My shoulder/neck has a case of Cellulitis (nasty inflammation under the skin, this one was also deep in my muscles). I also has a mild case of Pneumonia. I was in for nearly a full week, only getting out today...

I'm exhausted, primarily due to lack of sleep. The nurses were (mostly) phenomenal. There were a few overnighters who weren't exactly the best, but the good ones certainly canceled out the negative ones.

It also turns out that my Oxygen levels drop a bit low when I'm sleeping or resting flat on my back. I needed my oxygen far too long... but I've been mandated to see a Pulmonary Doctor once I'm better...They found a possible murmur as well... gee, nothing like having a semi-mysterious illness (no clue how I got the Cellulitis) and a long-ish stay in the hospital to discover some issues. And some of these could explain some of my lack of energy issues.

So, the coming weeks... months... may deliver some answers I've long needed.

And thus is my reason for not being around the last week. September is now over... I got a decent birthday present: Discharge from the hospital.

Now I get to rest...

I had something else I wanted to mention but my brain is still on vacation... maybe tomorrow I'll remember it.

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OH MY! How scary and overwhelming that must have been. Well, between the painkillers anyway.

Sending many, many healing vibes. Remember to take care of you as best you can.

I have a heart murmur - the docs tell me it isn't a big deal.

Could the pneumonia have caused the low oxygen levels?
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^Of course, if your lungs have fluid in them they're not going to be as efficient. But there could possibly be a sleep problem that should be checked out when she's well, if she and her doctors decide that's worth pursuing.

The heart murmur could be caused (or more noticeable at this time) by the fact you've been sick and are probably dehydrated. Some people will have heart murmurs that seem to come and go related to blood volume - when you're a bit low, valves don't fit as well. A few things can cause one later in life if there wasn't one ever originally there.

I hate being stuck in the hospital, I have a paranoid GP that stuck me in at the end of August because of a high white blood cell count.

I hope you get to feeling better soon and get some answers.
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Geez, I knew about the mole, but that's it, I hope you are back to normal soon. So sorry you had to go through all of this
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Omgoodness i so hope you get a speedy recovery and things sorted FAST

Bet your kitties are glad to have their mum back aye

Take care

Jess x
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You poor thing, you've really been through the wringer! I'm so glad you're home again... and I hope all your issues can be put right easily and quickly. Many good vibes for you...
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I have my first follow-up in the morning. I'll ask her about the murmur and the breathing stuff. I also want to ask for one of those things you attach to the inhaler that diffuses (unsure of what it exactly does) the medicine.

The swelling seems to be going down... I can't tell... I just got off the floor from a couple hours of reading to my friends' son... while she was upstairs bathing a sick kitty. It still does hurt considerably. But it's not so much the pain I'm worried about... it's more the lightheadedness.

So, more sleep tonight and then off to the doctor in the morning... my friends likely won't let me loose until they know I can handle being on my own... and that means driving... etc... so we'll see what happens...

Off for now...

Thanks everyone, for the well-wishes and vibes...

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