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No, I'm not at "home". I live in Texas now, but am from Wisconsin.

What I miss most about being home is my son & granddaughter. What I don't miss is all that snow & cold!
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Yea, i was born in about 10 miles from here, Many here already know why i came back to ohio. not a real fan of being here, All but 2 of my friends are gone from here.
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I`m only a 2 hour train ride from where I grew up but I don`t really miss anything. Infact I would hate to go back and live there
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I live about 10 minutes away from where I grew up, my mum still lives in that same house. I went away to Canada for 5 years and I'm so glad to be back home again.
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No, I live in the armpit of the South, Jacksonville. NC. It is a crummy place, and I hate it. We are barely scraping by, and it was a money spot for tattooers when we came here the first time. If we can get the money together, we are discussing going to go back to Augusta, GA-North Augusta, SC area. My daughter, granddaughter, and all our best friends are there.
We really wanted to go to Austin, TX, but that is looking out of reach.
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I've lived all over the place, but where I spent the majority of time growing up was Alpena, Michigan and that is where I consider home. I'm currently in Detroit, almost 300 miles away. I love my hometown, and I end up spending a few months a year there still. Fortunately DH is from Alpena as well. It's small, lots of lakes and rivers, countryside, snow, trees, and has the "everybody knows everybody" type vibe. I hated it growing up there, of course, because there was "nothing to do". Now, I go home every change I get. I drive all the way up there to go to the vet, get my hair done, etc. The problem is there are NO jobs there (it was previously a factory town, 2 of which closed completely, the other 2 half less than half the employees they did 10-15 years ago) so we will probably never live there again. We'll probably be moving to Asheville, NC in a couple of years. We're looking forward to the mountains.
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I've been in the same state my entire life. But have been in about 5 houses. I was a toddler when we moved to our longtime home, so i call that my first home. We were there 19 years. I miss knowing every lump and bump of the backyard, being able to walk out there at midnight to look at the stars, knowing i'm safe, having all our outdoor kitties huddle around me. I miss how much work we put into the front yard covering it in mulch, old logs, tree ferns (we went and had a look at it a few months after we moved, and they scraped every inch of it off and turned it into a blank canvas). I miss the small vegetable garden we put up (even though we have a huge ready made one here). I miss that we had many kitties buried there, all the ones i grew up with. The only thing i miss from the house we were in for 19 months was that e had to leave Jasmine behind. I do like this house, and i think we'll be in it a long time, but nothing is quite the same as where you grew up. I do miss having multiple kitties. While i love Cleo and Timmy when i visit Tristans home, and i absolutely love my Charlie, i miss having a whole bunch of them to play with, having them outdoors with their freedom. So much has changed =(
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I was born in Washington (state) and just moved to Maine about 10 months ago. In WA my house burned down when I was 9 and my mom says it damaged me (emotionally) so anyhow, I dont feel like anywhere I've ever been has been "home". The only thing I miss about the place I lived in WA (after being there for 16 years) is our Italian plum tree that produced like crazy. I dont really miss anything, especially the heat.
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I'm still in my home state; but I am four hours south of where I was born and grew up...

I miss the fact that I had 'room to roam' as I grew up in the country...I don't like the city life, in the least...If I could, I would move back home in a heartbeat...
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Still in the same state, just 2 hours away
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I am not home

I was born and raised in Hopatcong, New Jersey. My parents decided to move when I was 17, which meant I had to go too. We ended up in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Then I met the man who is now my husband, and I moved to Summerville, South Carolina a year after leaving Jersey.

I miss Jersey terribly! Most of my family still lives there. I loved the snow, the beautiful weather in the spring/summer/fall, the trees changing color, the places, being close to NYC, and just everything about the state. (Though I could do without the crappy places ) Unfortunately Rob never wants to leave SC I said we need to compromise.

I really dont think there is anything I dont miss. I even liked the traffic and driving with the nutty Jersey drivers!!

Every time I go back up there, I end up in tears when it's time to leave. But I just love going back and feeling like I'm truly home again.
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Nope. I was in Connecticut until the seventh grade, when I moved to Massachusetts. After high school, I went to Vermont for college, and after college I moved here to New Hampshire.

I don't miss CT or MA. Where I grew up in CT, has really expanded. There are so many new stores and shops there, and it's not the quiet little town/city it was before. I actually kinda enjoyed where I grew up in MA though. It was a small town, where people knew each other. It was nice, kind of like where I live now. Except I'm closer to stores here than in MA.

The only thing I do miss is that I have no family or friends around here. I have 2 friends that we hang out with sometimes, but no one else. All of my family, except my parents and brother, are in CT too, and that's about a 3-4 hour drive for us from NH. I miss my little cousins a lot, they are growing up so fast.
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Well, what I mean is, do you live where you grew up?


If not, what do you miss most about your home area?

I miss the mountains and the oceans and the coffee and the seafood and the crazy people and the nude hotsprings up in the mountains.

What do you NOT miss about your home area?

I don't miss the way people refuse to pay taxes on things that are really necessary and also the high cost of living (mainly caused by people from a different, more affluent state coming to live and driving up prices of property and everything but refusing to pay for stuff like schools and law enforcement).
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I've never lived more than 20 miles from where I was born. I've moved several times since leaving home at 19, but I haven't moved far. I can't imagine living anywhere else and have no desire. I live in Paradise!!!
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