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Well, the meatloaf never happened last night, because by the time I got home, there wasn't much kitchen energy left. So I pulled some ravioli from the freezer and dressed it with bacon, mushroom, onion and a little parmesan and we were happy as clams. Meatloaf tonight maybe, though if the energy level is similar, I may order pizza -- haven't done that for several weeks.
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Tonight I cooked! I'm doing pork tenderloins with thyme, rosemary, and mustard. Then I got one of those little pie pumpkins and am roasting it with garlic, thyme, and maple syrup. I've never roasted a pumpkin before, it took forever to peel and chop. I hope it's good!
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tonight was breakfast for dinner we had pancakes, home fries, and sausage links.
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I ate leftover chicken salad as a sandwich that I made for lunch today with some potato chips and a cup of strawberry banana yogurt. Probably not the most nutritious thing in the world but I really need to go to the store and already had canned chicken and some eggs in the fridge I've been needing to use up.
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Getting ready to grill some Tuna steaks. I marinated them in Zesty Italian Dressing, didn't have a lot so I added some Raspberry Walnut Vinegarette. Hope that turns out ok!
Corn on the cob from the produce stand.
Haven't decided on salad or a rice or pasta side dish. Salad is probably the best choice...calorie wise. Also got some farm fresh tomatos at the produce stand. Probably will be the only time I can grill until the week-end. We are expecting rain for a few days. YAY!
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