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And Zoe.
Now I'm done. Really...I swear...
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OH Alexnell!!! :angel2:

Sweetest, sweetest babies!!!! Have you found homes for them all...You seemed to have loved them so so much! Trust me, when my kitty had kittens, I kept them...hahaha :laughing2

I couldn't part with them, but, it was so weird because my neighbors all love my kitties and they wound up at different homes!! I guess they chose that it was too crowded here! :laughing2 However; the wonderful thing about this is that I see them all everyday, they all interact with my others with no problem because they grew up together...what a beautiful little pride we have here! :laughing2...

Take Care & God Bless...
Love C.

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Oh, AlexNell; Please DO NOT EVER REFRAIN from posting "cute Kitty pics" ! "uuh" We love to see pictures of Elliot (That Orange Terror) and all the others as well. How is he doing at his new home? Do you hear from the adoptive parents? Also, how are the Adoption Fairs at the Pet Supply Store coming along? Did you get "cage curtains" made?

Catarina; Like you, my neighborhood is full of cats that started out as kittens from litters at my house. A lot of the close neighbors who adopted one (or in some cases more) of my babies bring them arund for a visit. I don't care how old they get: I can still recognize on of my "babies" AND Maybe it is "wishful thinking", but I think they still recognize my voice. . . . Especially if I talk "baby talk" with them like I did when they were younger.
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Alexnell, what little cuties they are! Nora looks so petite, is that her adult size? I'm going to try the nose tap with Sparky. We've been trying the time outs, but we have so many people here right now it seems like there isn't a good place to put him so it hasn't been very effective. I just don't want my 5-year-old to be hitting him in the face, she gets a little energetic with discipline sometimes . . .
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sunlion--Yep, that's Nora's adult size, about 6.5 lbs, I think. She's dainty, delicate looking thing. Its hard to believe she carried 4 kittens, unless you've seen her wrestle Nell (8.5 lbs. and growing) to the ground.

Catarina and TLK---All of the kittens have homes now. We haven't heard from the adoptive families, which means the kittens have adjusted well. We usually only get calls if there's a problem. It would be nice to hear the success stories more often. Ruth will call them at the 6-month mark for the neuter/spay reminder, though. I hope she remembers to pass along to me what the families tell her.

We haven't made cage curtains yet. The cages sit on the floor, so most people are looking down through the top at the cats. Covering the tops could be counterproductive unless we can find a way to raise the cages to eye level. There isn't any empty shelving we can use, and we can't put anything permanent in the aisle. I thought maybe we'd use my card table, but the card table is going to be too flimsy for the weight of the cats plus the cages. It seems like just when I think I've got a problem solved, I get booted back to square one. That's life, I guess.

The ladies who own the pet store are real angels for putting up with all the hassle we cause. Gayle and her mom Berniece are just plain wonderful. We'd be lost without them.

We haven't had a single cat adopted in the past 2 adoption events. Not even the kittens. Everybody is getting their kittens from people they know or free kitten ads. It's pretty depressing. We've had some adult cats in the system for almost 6 months I think. At least Prince will be going home with someone in a month or 2, just as soon as the darn pet deposit is paid. IMHO, $300 is a completely ridiculous deposit for such a tiny apartment(half of it tiled)--especially when the pet in question is a litter-trained cat who has never had a single accident. There's what, 50 square feet of carpet? Oooh!

TLK, I'm glad youre not sick of kitten pics. I'm getting a momcat next week. She may or may not have given birth by the time I get her. You've been warned....:tounge2:
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Thank you for sharing those lovely photographs! I, too, never tire of seeing images of cats. You're doing a wonderful thing for the homeless cats, in fostering them so they can find good "forever" homes.

Yes, "pet deposits" are indeed ridiculous! It's a racket, rather like those exhorbitant fees banks charge for every little thing. Sadly, it's the Golden Rule: those with the gold make the rules!

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You think a pet deposit is ridiculous? When we were living in CA not too long ago, we had to pay an extra $125 per cat per month in pet rent! Although the lady upstairs did NOT have to pay for her dog . . .

Now I kind of understand the deposit issue - some animals can be destructive to carpet or baseboards, and some cats do spray which costs extra to treat between tenants - but it's not like this is an on-going expense for them! I think it's people who are afraid to say "no pets" because they are greedy for the rent but really don't want you to have an animal in the apartment.
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Dear Alexnell :angel2:

It just breaks my heart to hear that all this effort that you and your friends have been putting into these adoption days have not been as successful as we would like them to be. I really wish I had an answer for you. :confused3:

These deposits that condos, apts..and homes require are astronomical; but then again, historically, pets have created some damage...but to tell you the truth...I think humans leave the biggest mess I've ever seen! UGH!

I'll be thinking about ya...your last post seemed so sad...and rightly so...

Good Luck Sweetie...& chin up...things will get better; you'll see.

Love, Peace &

PS...You're such a sweet lady to take care of these babies...God Bless You and thank you.
PSS We'll never get tired of your pics!!!!
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Ohhh!!!!!!! These little babies are sooooo darling! My little Blue is a biter too! He'll gnaw on just about anything.

Aren't kittens the sweetest things?
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You're right sunlion, that really does take the cake! Is that normal in CA? I'm glad the monthly extortion idea hasn't caught on around here.

Thanks Catarina. I was sad when I posted, but I'm more hopeful now. I'm trying to take the perspective that even if no true catlovers have appeared, we haven't had to deal with the jerks and idiots ( who we wouldn't adopt to anyway) wanting cats, either.
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Dear Michelle......ahhhhhhhhhh...your name! :angel2: I didn't realize if you had it posted on there before, I was so used to calling you "AlexNell"

Well, I'm glad you've put this in perspective, sometimes it's so difficult to see the positive before the negative side

I'm guilty of that myself most of the time. It seems like the more I practice that it does get easier, but I'm still far off for getting it right on all the time...gee..I guess that means I'm not perfect..:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2...(not like our little angel kitties anyway!)

Not to mention, you are absolutely right, because the last thing in the world you want to see is some jerk adopting a kitty. RRRRRRRRRRR.... Nothing would inflame me more as I'm sure any of us here on the site would agree.

Good luck in your next adoption day. I'm sure things will work out Michelle, I'll be thinking and say a prayer for ya...that never hurts

Love, Peace & :angel2:
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