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I made it through Vet School!

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Guess what!! I am now an official DVM/PhD from Tufts! That's why I have not been around much - studying, finishing my time at the small animal hospital and now am working at Tufts ER facility in Wampole,Mass. I LOVE it.

My quandary is I am offered two positions I have decided on. (There were many - so many places need vets I guess, I did not know there was such a need!) - one here in Boston not far from the university where I could always take extra courses and be near my mentors and another near my home town in Vermont. I am leaning toward the first because I love Boston but it's tough. Any input is welcome. Oh also, the one here is a cats only clinic who has a vet retiring in mid September and I could work here until then.

It's been a long road- but I am glad part of my goal is reached. (I still want to open my own cat hospital and I have my own ideas about that.)

Thanks to all who supported me in the last year!

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Congrats!!!! That is wonderful news!!!
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Congrats!! I am In Salem MA. Go Go and do the goodness for the animals.
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Congratulations! How exciting!
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Hooray! Congrats!
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Congratulations! How wonderful. I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you.
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Congrats! I've actually been thinking of applying myself this next year. I'm 10 years out of my B.S. program so I don't know if I stand much of a chance, but figured it would be worth applying for anyways.
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Originally Posted by Siobhan View Post
Guess what!! I am now an official DVM/PhD from Tufts!


Congratulations Dr. Siobhan!!

So far as the jobs go, which position would allow you the biggest opportunity to learn from your colleagues that you will be working with?
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Congratulations, that's awesome
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Dr. Siobhan,


Do you want to be a city vet or a country vet? Yes, I know that there are cities in VT, but Boston is Boston.

If I were you, I might weigh the cost of living in one vs the other, especially if there are loans to repay.
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Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, That is a fantastic accomplishment...
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ah, what to do what to do.....

I would lean toward boston - there are LOADS of people who would kill to work there...vermont will always be there and I'm sure that there will be tons of opportunity later for that state...........

I'd choose Boston for the time being.
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Congratulations Dr.Siobhan!
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Congratulations! And bless your heart for all the care and kindness you'll bring to your work.
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Wow, that's great. CONGRATS
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Woo Hoo! Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

I subscribe to Catnip...which I'm sure you know is a newsletter put out by Tufts University.
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That's wonderful news, congratulations!

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Congratulations! If you were looking to specialise in the long-term, there is a huge shortage of certified avian vets, given that birds are the 3rd most popular pet after cats and dogs the world could be your oyster! If you like birds that is
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That's fantastic news! Congratulations!
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Fantastic news!

Congratulations..Dr Siobhan!
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Congrats! Well done and Tufts no less.
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Hey , thanks everyone!! I am so touched by your support - and have been thru the last sometimes difficult year of school!

tamgirl99, it is NEVER too late and even if you do not have all the prereqs - but with a BSc, you prob do - you can always make up courses. Experience these days is often looked at as important as are grades! I know people from Harvard whop told me they would never have made it to grad school if they had not so much life experience. Universities want people with experience and not merely good grades. So I say go for it! Ten yrs from now, you will be asking yourself, why didn't I?

Natalie, I would have more support in Boston - and I do think as a new vet ( I still feel like I am playing a role in some ways, still look the other way when someone says Dr, lol, like who, me?) - my mentors are there and if I run into a problem they are5 there to help. The fact that it is a CAT Clinic is a big plus.

The cost of living is obviously more here (Boston) than Vt but I managed to get through school on scholarships and a bit of help from my grandparents so I owe very little- tho I do worry about what I do owe. That'll also be a banner day - when they are paid off!

However, living outside the city makes it easier - it is more expensive to work right in the city than it is in the burbs and there are more cat owners (acc to a survey done here @ Tufts) in the burbs so that helps. I worry I may not like the way they operate the place tho it does look good. (I wish one could try out a place for while, lol) I have a pt job at the clinic here if I want it and you know for the first little while, I will keep that just because ER work is like critical care for animals and you have to really be on your toes and it is excellent experience! (Clearly, I won't have a social life for awhile but oh well ..I'll get to see lots of cute kitties and other animals so that'll make up for it.)

It would be great to go home but most of my friends are long gone- they are scattered across the country and even in other countries by now. My family is there but even my sister - who I am admittedly not as close as some sisters are - lives in Kentucky now.

I am leaning toward the cat clinic and your comments have helped me. Thanks again for all your support!!!!
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Well done and congratulations. I think the cat clinic in the city would be a good place to build your confidence and am glad you are leaning that way.
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Congratulations Siobhan!
That's great that you have a couple of job offers.
It sounds like you will be taking the job down in Boston, it sounds like that would be best since you are just starting out and will have your mentors nearby.
You could always come back to Vermont after you get a couple of years experience in Boston.

(I got an e-mail saying you tried to PM me, I have cleaned out my PM box now if you want to try again.)
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Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment!
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Wow! Congratulations!!!
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Congrats, what an accomplishment!
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I would go for the Cat Clinic also.
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