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Sunny can sleep wherever he pleases, however he will NOT sleep in the expensive cat bed that I bought him. He doesn't like to sleep on anything made out of material - he prefers hard surfaces. At night he sleeps on my nightstand and during the day he's happy to sleep wherever my DBF or I have left our shoes. We tried to get him to sleep with us, but since we don't sleep on a cold, hard surface - he's not interested.
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Kaeli and Abbey sleep wherever they want, usually at night its in bed with me. DH doesnt appreciate that quite as much as I do, he mumbles something about wanting to have his side of the bed back.
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Mine sleep wherever they please. During the day, they'll sleep various places, sofa, our bed, spare bed, behind the drapes, on the side of the bed, etc. At night they often sleep in our room, sometimes Swanie will sleep on the dresser, sometimes on the floor on DH's dirty clothes pile, or on our bed. Cindy will sleep on the floor next to the bed, in the hallway by the stairs, or on our bed. This morning Swanie decided to get on our bed. So, he started up around my waist trying to find a solid enough surface that he could get to the middle between DH and I. He finally found one down around my knees (I was on my side). That was loads of fun (he is a BIG boy). Then about half an hour later, he came up behind my head on my pillow, and started messing in my hair like he does sometimes.

I've found they sleep on our bed more often in the winter than in the summer. Sometimes I would wake up with Cindy sleeping on my side. Fortunately, she's a petite little sweeting.
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During the day Mattie sleeps mostly in my sister's room--her bed or cat jungle.

Myrah sleeps where ever I am. On the couch, on the floor right next to my feet, on my bed at night... On my head (she love's hair--that a good thing because my hair is almost down to my hips ). Mom's always afraid though that she will take my breath sleeping on my head! LOL
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I have just registered and the first message read was from Thread. I have always owned a cat and at present I have Darcy,a chocolate Burmese. His attitude is that he sleeps where he likes. Usually it is on my bed but if he is annoyed with me I get the cold shoulder and I find him in the washing basket.
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During the day, she sleeps under my computer chair ; and during the night, she sleeps on my bed.
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As close to me as she comfortably can!
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Tucked up against my back, under the bed, or on his kitty gym in front of the window (usually on top of it, on his back, sprawled out most indecently. )
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Mine have free run of the house day and night. Before we got Mittens i used to lock Monster upstairs with me at night, since i was worried hed get out while i was sleeping (because it had already happened). they sleep where ever they want, but they have "spots" where you know they will most likely be. like Monster, he has a spot in the kitchen window, my bfs moms room, or in her spot on the bed & in the bottom hole of the cat jungle gym that we have. You can usually find Mittens in the bathroom window, or anywhere in the bathroom for that matter, its her favorite room for some reason. other than that, she can usually be found sleeping at the foot of my bfs moms bed. They both also love sleeping under the bird cages. at night, they both sleep in the bed with my bfs parents.

However, sometimes Monster just plops & rolls onto his back in random places, such as the middle of the living room floor..
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They both sleep on my bed or under the bed when there's a lot of people over
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my cat's sleep in the lounge! hehe, they slob all over the sofa's day/night!
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Sometimes on top of a crate.
Sometimes in my bed.
They go where they want within reason.
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We used to keep him in a separate room, because at about 3-4am he decides to start hooooowling and it gets pretty annoying, haha.

But when we got a puppy 2 years ago, we kept her crated in that room, and since she cried and barked all night we didn't think it was fair to Jinx to lock him up with that all night, so we gave him free reign of the house. And it's been that way ever since.

He usually just sleeps on the couch or at the top of the stairs.
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Wherever they feel like! I can have anywhere from 0 to 3 cats on the bed. I'm not sure where they sleep when they are not with me, but they seem to be close to me.
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Hi Ashro,
I noticed your black short hair. He or she looks so much like my Tut. My Tut has Siamese in him for sure. Unfortunately I don't have a picture yet. Once I get more techno I will post a picture. Do you have a full picture of your black cat.
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My cat has free run of the house, but he chooses to share my bed with me at night. (He had stopped for a while, but started up again after I recently spent a week out of town... I guess he missed me!)

When he naps during the day, he likes to snooze in my walk-in closet, under my clothes.
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Sassy generally sleeps with me all the time. Linus likes to sleep on the top of the bookshelf and Pixie likes the corner of the couch...
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Where do my cats sleep? Wherever they want to!
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It depends on the weather really.

I have a water bed and leave the temperature of it constant throughout the year.

In the winter both cats sleep in the bed with me. Chynna usually at the foot of the bed and Abby either midway down the bed on the right, or on my left near my pillow.

In the warmer months, Abby will sleep either in the closet, on the dresser or in the living room. Chynna will come in for about 20 minutes of cuddles where she will cat nap on the pillow next to me while I give her paw massages, chin scritches and ear rubs. After that she will either go to the foot of the bed or into the living room and sleep on the back of the couch, or in the closet in the hall.
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Ours sleep wherever they want. Some are on the bed with us, some sleep on the computer desk, some on the computer monitor, some on the dresser, and some sleep curled up with a dog or two on a blanket on the floor.
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Ripley's favorite place to sleep is in my bathroom SINK!!!!!! When my sister or I find her sleeping there, we say "Ripley's in sink"

Cali, on the other hand, usually is getting into too much trouble to sleep . Since she is usually getting in trouble in my room there are MANY nights where I get VERY little sleep because I have to keep getting up and getting her out of trouble . But when she DOES sleep, she is usually sleeping on my neck!!! She doesnt sleep on anyone elses neck but mine.
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They have their own room, but only because we are staying in a family member's house for the summer and we don't want them running all over the place. They are in their room 24/7. (It's a huge play room).

Where we used to live, we had to shut them out of our bedroom. Mostly because Chloe has a thing for feet and would keep us up all night.

As for favorite nap spots, Mattie's current favorite is on top of a chair that we put a pillow on for her. She also likes the window. 9/10 times I go to visit her in 'her room', she's on top of that chair. Chloe is less picky. She likes to sleep in the lid of the Sleepypod but I find her in various places.
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Our kitties sleep with us in the bedroom, Pepino sleeps in my hair and neck, Joey and Mario sleep at the end of the bed, Sophia sleeps in her bed, Severino sleeps in the cat tree in our room and Lucia sleeps at the bottom of the cat tree
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Riley used to always sleep in his little bed in our bedroom. Now that I have Xander they don't sleep!
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