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How much wet food does your cat eat in a day?

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If you have an adult cat who eats wet only, how much do they eat in 1 day?

My cat was a stray who I know was outside at least a month (eating who knows what) When I took her in she was 7 lbs (she's 1-2 yrs old). The vet said she is healthy, just small.

I've had her almost 5 months now and she's 9 1/2 lbs. Of course I was only feeding her Science Diet dry before I found this website.

She loves Wellness CORE and Wellness grain free wet food. So I've been giving her wet food twice a day and I'd say total she eats 1/2 to 3/4 of a can per day (5.5 oz can). I've been putting a little of the dry food in her dish each day- like less an 1/8 cup and she doesn't finish it.

The Wellness can says a 6-8 lb cat should eat 1 whole can a day- that seems like a lot. My cat likes Wellness she just seems to eat as much as she wants and walks away to go play. I would love to go 100% wet but I'm worried she isn't getting enough food.

How much wet does your cat eat in a day?
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When I fed Wellness Grain-Free cans, I fed 2-3 small (3 oz.) cans a day between two cats. I left dry out, but they didn't really touch it on the days they got three cans. So that would have been 4.5 oz. a day per cat if they both ate the same amount.

Kitty eats 6 oz. of wet a day now, but that's because she is refusing to eat anything but lower quality shredded in gravy foods.
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Albus gets one 3 oz. can of Nutro per day. I'm wondering if it's enough- we feed him in the morning and by the end of the day, he acts like he's close to death....in that overly dramatic cat way, not literally! And by the time we get up the next morning, oh, it's the end of the world.

I would bump it up to the 5 oz. (5.5oz?) can, but right now he's at a really ideal weight and I'm afraid that might change if he gets more food. He always has dry food out and it takes him about 2 days to eat a scoop of it (about a cup, I think.) He's about 4 years old and fairly active (we only have him, so about as active as any young-ish cat is without another cat to chase around.)

Cats just get overweight so easily, so I'm afraid to give him more. I don't know if he's really hungry, or just very food-driven.
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I put out 8-9 oz of canned every day for Nabu. He and Stimpy split a 5.5 oz can for breakfast, again at dinner, then around 7-8pm I give Nabu a pouch or 3oz can of wet food. He doesn't eat dry food really, so if I cut him back to 2 meals he loses weight/is hungry. Since he's 11 yrs old, he gets what he wants.

Stimpy eats some dry food, so he gets 5-6 oz of wet. Depending on flavors and his mood is how much he eats.

Nabu is 9 lbs and Stimpy is 17 lbs.
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Bijou and Mika share one 5-oz. can per day - half in the morning and half at night supplemented with 1/3 cup dry (Orijen). Bijou actually eats most of the wet as Mika prefers dry food. Mika does have a nibble of the wet but not a lot.

Bijou is our butterball so he definitely is not starving. Mika is slim but very healthy. She also gets extra food in our daughter's room overnight which Bijou has no access to thank goodness.
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My 5-year-old male was 13 lbs when I brought him home from the shelter about 2 months ago. I make dry available, but he doesn't eat much of it. In the beginning, he was voracious, but now that he seems confident that this is a reliable food source, I feed him two 3 oz. cans per day, and that seems fine with him. Sometimes he doesn't finish it entirely, but he usually does. He only "nibbles" on the dry.
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Jordan is on strictly wet food. He eats 6 - 9 oz a day. He would probably eat more if I let him. I am working on feeding him 9 oz every day. I think it depends on the cat & on the food.
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Ours gets dry in the morning and canned at night. I feed them about a 1/4 - 1/3 of a can (6 oz) each. I kinda split the can in half, then in half again. I don't really measure - its about 2 1/2 spoonfuls each.

Charlie weighs about 11 lbs. Ling about 10 lbs.
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With 8 cats, we free feed Nutro Dry with 4 bowls around the house( so the new ones can have peace eating) One can of wet is spilt between all 8 at night and I use 9 lives. I know, junk, but the only "junk" that was not on the bad list. I have tried both the nutro wet. Wellness well and one call Orangic wet. My oldest one won't even come near any of them and he is going on 14 yrs old. So for us, 9- lives or tuna only. And trust me, no one is "staving" here... tho my Figgit would complain she is not getting enough "human" food. I have lots of friends on chicken or fish night around here<G>
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I've been a bit concerned about the change in Alpine's eating lately and this thread helped me quite a bit!

Alpine was a stray, who when we brought her home, used to eat 6 oz of wet and 1/4 cup of dry a day. She ate voraciously, quite understandable since she didn't have a reliable meal schedule. Now, after 4 months, she still eats her 1/4 cup of dry, but only manages to eat 3 or 4 oz of wet--actually leaving wet behind, which is a huge difference from her arrival. I guess she's calming down and realizing she won't starve? Or she's a healthier weight and doesn't need as much food as she used to? She started at 5.5 lbs, and is now 8.5 pounds--we think she's about a year old now. Has anyone else seen their cats eating decrease in a similar situation?
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Jaffa eats all wet food and he eats approx 300g per day. I think that is about 10 oz. He eats mostly good quality, high meat content food but there is a little junk food in there too (he likes his felix so I allow that a few times a week).
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Well mine are free fed dry, but they get canned every night. And I use a total of about 12 cans for all 23 cats.
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We've had to cut back since I originally posted in this thread. I now give two 5.5 oz cans per day and they can still graze on the dry food. I increased their dry food ration when I cut back on wet.
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My female cat weighs about 10 -11 lbs. not sure, she is due for a vet visit.
I feed 1/4 Cup dry and approx 3 oz. wet, over 2 -3 meals.
That is plenty, she is not skinny, but not acting she is starving either as long as she gets her meals on time.
I have been cutting 1/4 Cup dry to a little under, she does not get
a lot of excercise since she does not have a four legged companion.
I think it also depends on how active your cat really is. I just try
to keep a eye on her girth and try to get in some feather excercise,
and "I'm going to get you" excercise - she loves that.
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Our new cat, Buddy, eats two cans of wet per day; depends on the size if he eats exactly that much. He was a stray and has a very healthy appetite! He does like the dry which I am trying to wean him off; my brother fed him that when he first found him and he was so ravenous at that point he would have eaten just about anything. I'd rather he stick to just the wet food.
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Alpine...I think kittens not only want more but need more and eat more. That could be why she's slowing down.

My 3 have access to dry 24-7 and they split about 14 oz wet spread out over 3 meals so about 4.5 oz each a day. My youngest eats the most. My oldest eats the least( he prefers dry) None of them are fat.
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Hi, can you tell me how old your cat is and what he weighs?  Mine is 11 months old and is always hungry.  I have added 3 more ounces to his daily intake 'of 6 oz. hoping the 9 oz. total will keep him more satisfied.  He is very slim and I plan on weighing him to see if he is gaining/losing with that much food.  I don't want him to have an obesity problem!

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I've a skinny ten 8-10 pounder who ears between 2-3 3ounce cans of Fancu Feast Pattae wet food. He oscillates between 2 cans to three every other day _dry food is always available too.
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I feed my cat 3-3oz cans of wet a day

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