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I think that is why I love these paintings so much, they are so primitive and folk-art looking because of the way they have to be made. Just put up what you have come up with! I can't wait to see it!
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
I have been trying to make a picture all morning but all i get is a scribbly mess!
Tamara, throw your pride out the window and display your scribbles!

If I can post my pic titled The Gargoyle (or as Hissy mentioned - a constipated looking cat) then you can easily post your scribbles!

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LOL! Now Kass- I changed it to "squeezed" more purrlitically correct! LOL
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this is binky
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Aww - Binky looks great! So happy with his big smile!
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That's GREAT Tamara! Love the smile!
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Tamara! That is too cute!!

Lhezzza! Awwwwwwwwwww!

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This one is from Rock&Fluff'smom AKA Kathy...

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All the pix are so cute!!

Here goes nothing =)

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Here;s one
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LOL Cute you guys- hey Sherral? Is that mama kitty looking to escape her kittens? LOL
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Oh Ya,They are driving her nut's!!! They are in my bedroom closet and everytime someone walk's in they come out running to be petted and to have their belly's stratched,she let's them out for a couple of minutes and then starte's carrying them back in,as soon as she get's one in and goes back for the next one ,the frist one is back out!I end up feeling sorry for her ,I help her get them in and put of a gate!They are getting real cute,pretty soon,I will want to keep them all,but I live in a 2 bedroom mobile home in a mobile home park. and I have 5 now. And Ted said no more,[he does't like the litter box's]and does not clean them. Thats my job,He has to clean any puke,that makes me sick!! Good trade off,I don;t mind cleaning the box's.
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I like that picture of Roxy GoGo. It's so cute!!!!
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Lorie that would make cool wallpaper for a bedroom- and for a desktop too!
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aww those are all so good!!!!
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Hissy, I never even thought about that, I think I will put that one on my desktop!
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Here's my other creation! I call it "Kitty Towers"!

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You're very artistic Tasha!
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Hey, thanks for posting mine cocoa....mine is so lame compare to some of yalls here..Great work everyone!!!!
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No way, your is not lame! I like it alot. It is perfect.

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thanks lorie I had to use my sig pic for reference, lol..

aww tasha your "kitty towers" is so cute!
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Thanks! All of the kitty drawings are awesome!
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funny cat face
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and very patriotic too!
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another one!
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My daughter's entry. I passed all artisitic talent I possessed to her in vitro.

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tell your daughter she is wonderful! I love the humor there!
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