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Thats My Baby! Please Read!

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OMG! I have been contacted by Thats My Baby from Animal Planet!! They want to do a story about my kitties! I have 2 litters due and they want to show the births on their show! Please send me calming thoughts so I can function! I'm a wreck "seeing" how much I need to do to make the house more TV friendly! I have wall to wall carpeting through out the house and it is a yucky green color. I'm hoping we can get most of it shampooed and re-do the cat room to make it more people friendly.
Any suggestions from those of you that are more experienced? The room is very small 10 x 10 and contains the litter boxes, tree, toys, food, dishes etc. There is also a small closet behind the entry door to the room and a sliding glass door so they can watch the birds, squirrels, and seasonal changes.
I tried to make a diagram but it didn't turn out well.
Sliding door is north, entry is south east, entry door hits closet door on the wall next to it when opened fully.
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Teresa that is exciting! How did they get your name any idea? How about going out and buying a fairly inexpensive area rug that will cover most of the green? Is that possible?

This is quite an opportunity for you! Congrats!!!
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What little i do know is that the camera wont pick up the small details that you can see; like stains on thecarpet, scratchs on the walls, ect. But what it does see is clutter and big patterns like a print on a throw rug, curtians and your clothing and such. I would think the producers and camera men/women will help you.
How exciting! But how are you going to get the queens to birth on que?
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They found my web site! I will be sure to mention The Cat Site and Meow Whoo and try to give you folks a plug or two. I hope they won't edit it out! I wish you guys had posters or something I could put up in the room! That way there would be a visual as well! T shirts even for me and my helpers to wear while cleaning the kittens... some thing to get the word out about this site and rescue sites!
Suggestions here would also be welcome!
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just three days after being contacted! My male went right to work, which is very unusual for him. He is very sercetave when mating. I think they heard they could be on TV and jumped at the chance. (So to speak!) I have let them know the approx. date they are due and will confirm who took ect. in a couple of weeks.
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Oh but thecatsite.com does have tee-shirts! =)

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I could put my cattery on one side and the cat site on the other! Now to scrape up the cash to afford about 8 ex large T's for everyone, and get the design created for my site. I think it's time for a garage sale! LOL
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Woah Teresa, how great is that??? I'm sending calming thoughts to you! Oh, I can't wait to see it! Make sure you let us know when it's going to air if they tell you!! Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself now... first the babies must be born....
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JUst remember BIG PRINT. That is so cool. What breed do you have?
(ijust noticed your URL, never mind)
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ohhh that is awesome!! you need to get a big sign that says go to princesspurr.com
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Make sure that you let us know when it will be on.
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Wow! Congrats!!! keep us posted about WHEN!!
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If any of you guys want to be noticed send me some posters with your web site and I will put it on the wall for all the world to see! I would love rescue sites and spay/neuter type things too. Thanks so much!
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Oh Teresa, that is great!! I love that show, especially when it is focused on our furrballs. Oh that is just so great, I echo the rest, let us know when it will be on. Congratulations!
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What a great surprise Teresa!!

If your room is small, get a cheap throw rug to cover the green carpet. You could also paint the walls a warmer colour but I don't know where you would put the cats in the process!!

Does animal planet just surf the net for websites? It will be interesting to know if they found you by chance or someone directed them to your website!


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OMG - that is so exciting! Good luck!
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to direct them to this site as a resourse in locating breeders! I know it would make their job alot easier! I can't wait to find a rug to cover the floor. I'll also be looking for a birthing box. Any suggestions?
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Teresa how exciting!!! I don't have any ideas, but I can send calming vibes to you.
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That's so great! I've watched this show a bunch of times and don't always agree with some of the things they show on there. I have known other people on this show as well.

It's also a perfect time to give your insite on how to care for cats, aka anti-declaw, spay/neuter etc.
I'm so excited for you!
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Congrats, Teresa!!

i am so excited and happy for you! This is such a thrill!

Oh, would you doing your hair and make-up, and putting on something casual and chic?

Cheers and congrats again!
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exactly what I'll be wearing other than The Cat Site T's. As for hair and make-up...I seen to be delivering kittens in the middle of the night so I'll be looking rather desheveled I hope I can get alot of info about declawing spay and neutering as well as rescue into the show. Wish me luck!
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Originally posted by pohchoowan
Oh, would you doing your hair and make-up, and putting on something casual and chic?

I was laughing while thinking about this quote. I can just see Teresa coming out in front of the cameras wearing a strapless ballgown with high heels and her hair all done fancy.

Isn't this what all breeders where when expecting a kitten delivery?? It's your 15 minutes of fame Teresa, live it up!

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Thats great!!
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don't forget the tiaria what is a kittening without the tiaria
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Forgive me Teresa!! I'm not up on the latest birthing fashions!

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Oh Teresa, this is so exciting! I know you've been through some rough patches recently, but this is just great news! It's so wonderful each time I read something worth smiling about, especially these days. Congratulations!!!!!

BTW - I'm sending LOTS of calming thoughts your way. You've got a little time here to take care of things and "get set." :tounge2: ...I guess I should put together a poster for Save Samoa, and I should get my butt in gear and get the content of www.straypetadvocacy.org up too!! The Save Samoa site is all about rescue, and has links to lots of resources, especially for spay/neuter.

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What an exciting opportunity! You will do great!
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Yeah.. i agree with Kass.. this is your moment.. live it up ,live it up!!


p.s. Teresa, don't forget to tape it.. smiles!
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You send the poster and I'll put it up in the kitty room. This goes for anyone who wants their site to be seen on TV. Send me your posters!
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when you see this will you email me please? thanks!
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