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Those poor Cats. I hope something helps them. Stripe was not with me when she was Sick because my Place didnt except Pets.
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I dont know if BooBoo is going to make it through this anymore... even though he's eating he's throwing up clear fluids, the vet doesn't know whats wrong either.. We thought it was a URI, but now the vets not so sure! The vomiting is worrysome. He had extra fluids tonight, which perked him up for a little while, but not very long. When he got the fluids his eyes also looked better?!? Im not sure what that means at all, but I thought it was weird. You would think that he would throw up the food and not just liquid would you?? His third eyelids are still showing and getting worse, theres fluid coming out of his eyes and nose as well. We'll keep fighting it. Tonight Im getting up every couple hours to give him extra fluids, it seems like they just go right through him!

The other two kitties are recovering nicely, Eek and Jax both played today.

So now its BooBoo that we're praying for!
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Those are horrible news !
I really wish that all get well soon, i cannot understand what the problem is if it looks like and URI but now all the vomiting... i am sending for all of you
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I hope he will be ok.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Lots of vibes for your kitties. I have been taking care of a very sick cat, Alex, for over 2 weeks, including syringe feeding him along with liquid meds and pills. I cannot imagine all of my cats sick at the same time! Keep up the good work....I hope they are better soon.
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Thinking and praying for you and Boo Boo.
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lots and lots of
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Well your must of worked because today BooBoo is up and about and moving around! I havn't seen him throw up yet today, so thats good! He's still sneezing but that I can deal with! The other 2 cats are starting to come near him again too! I think that has to be good news!
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I hope he keeps getting better.
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So far so good! He jumped on the counter just a few minutes ago to drink his water out of the sink!! He hadn't done that in days!! It was nice to see BooBoo drink something! I mean, through the whole thing he has been eating, just not really drinking much of anything. He still hasn't thrown up today, and biggest step forward he made today, he decided to come out of seclusion and up on the bed with us, where he belongs!! So maybe, just maybe Ill be able to pull this kitties through this! I think that Jax & Eek are feeling tons and tons better, and BooBoo is obviously feeling better too! He ever lets the kittens get near him again!! They so loved each other, it wsas so sad having to watch BooBoo hide because he didn't have the strength at the time to show them who's boss! Hopefully everything will get better,,,, reallly SOON!!

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Oh what a relief! When I saw you post at 3 in the morning I was worried!!!
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I'm glad to hear things are finally going in the right direction! It is so hard when they are sick. Jordan's herpes flared up so bad last summer I didn't think he was going to make it through. It is always a good sign when they start behaving in their normal ways again.
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I am glad they are better.
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I havn't had a sneeze or any vomiting yet today!! Plus when I came home all 3 of my cats were laying in a kitty pile!!! I havn't seen that in a while!!

Now if I could only find someone who wanted to help rescue a pit bull.... Anyone??? Need a pit bull??
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Glad they are better. can not help with the dog.
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BooBoo Obviously is not dehydrated anymore!! He is starting to play again, they all are, and they have stopped sneezing for the most part and their eyes look so clear!! I really thought that was the end of my BooBoo, so I appreciate all the vibes you guys have given me through this!! They were in a kitty pile on the couch earlier, then they moved to the bed to cuddle with me and I had them all there. For about a week they seemed to have seperated, BooBoo was in hiding, Eek didn't want Jax near him, and normally my cats are one big family so I knew something had to be really wrong! But now they are back together in one clowder!! I also havn't had to give fluids today either! Its amazing that they got sick so fast and sooo sick, then they got better just as fast! I had to give BooBoo some total of 400ml's of fluid the other day because he was at least 15%-20% dehydrated, but after that and the l-lysine and the clavamox, he perked right up! Right after I gave it all to him he started to move around again, I dont know if I just hadn't been giving enough Sub Q fluids to help him recover or what, but the vet told me to try to get close to 500ml in one day, and I did it slowly, 100ml at one time and he started to get better! His third eyelids are gone too! And they're extra hungry!! Im so happy my boys are better again! I just wish they could have figured out what caused it in the first place because that was one nasty sickness!!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Im so happy my boys are better again! I just wish they could have figured out what caused it in the first place because that was one nasty sickness!!
I suppose it might have just been a virus. Maggie had some strang virus a month ago. She had to spend 24 hours in the vets office to bring her temp down. They have no idea what caused her to spike a 105 - 106 fever for 3 days. She got better & is now back to her sassy royal self. It is not fun to have sick kitties. More vibes for their continued & complete recovery.
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